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Darkvoice 336i & 336SE Tuberolling PartII

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by heatfan12, Jul 31, 2008.
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  1. sennfan83261
    How did the '57 D-getter work out for you? I recently received a '50s Westinghouse 6SN7GT Reliatron that I was looking forward to trying out, but I noticed one of the heater filaments being more dimly lit than the other one and sure enough one channel was out ($7 and supposedly tested well). I also had bad luck with a NOS NIB 1942 RCA gray glass 6SN7GT that I found for $8 (the cheapest one I bought before was ~$20). As for the 1960's Westinghouse 6SN7GTBs that I bought for pretty cheap, they have quite a massive soundstage like you mentioned earlier. However, they are a little dry sounding when paired with a '50s RCA 6AS7 black plates. I remember feeling that they sounded better paired with the Tung-Sol 7236, but it has been a few weeks since I last listened to that pairing.
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  2. JKDJedi
    Yes the 60's Westinghouse scale as the power tube does, like any preamp tube really. But more so with the Westinghouse. The 57 D getter worked out great, overall tone is outstanding. Because of the narrow inherited soundstage of the HD6XX I'm liking the 60s Westinghouse more, by a slim margine. I have in my mail box an early 1953 Sylvania Chrome Dome. And a Sylvania 7236 that I'm anxious to check out when I get back from my vacation.
  3. Slade01
    I also just got a Westinghouse 6SN7GT Reliatron, and it really does open up the sound stage, it is a great sounding tube...except for that damned hum. Also my first NOS with the humming issue. Aside from that, i'm also liking this tube very much. Friend of mine also gave me a Shu Guang Black Treasure CV-181z which also sounds (wide sound stage, increased clarity) really really good except for the hum again. It's a drag because waiting like 3-4 days to enjoy the sound is really sucks.

    BTW Sennfan83261 where are you getting such cheap tubes for less than 10? Those are some crazy cheap prices.
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  4. sennfan83261
    I shop where everybody else shops here (ebay); I found others like etsy and reverb to be more expensive typically. As for ebay, it takes patience and discipline to find such deals. I found the ones I quoted after already having a supply of 6SN7's that I was happy with, at this point all I am looking for are deals (I set a hard limit of $30 per tube, except for the 7236 at ~$35). Also, I tried to target a few estate sales in my area (deceased were audio engineers, worked in the music industry, etc) only to find the house to be largely picked over by the time Saturday arrives (they usually start on Friday and I'm not going to skip a day of work for them).
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  5. JKDJedi
    And I'm back (from vacation)!! Just got up from my power nap and raced to the mail box, the Sylvania 7236 is the shortest power tube I own now (has some weight to it, for its size, Pictured next to the Tung Sol 7236) At first glance it's plates are straight and parallel to each other vs the boxed shape of the Tung Sol, also as mentioned above the upper double halos.. sound impressions will come within 48 hours.. might do an immediate impression if I can hear anything that strikes me quickly. My C Wings 6H13C tube also has a double halo design (lower) so I'll compare that tube as well with the three, I'll be using the newly acquired Chrome Dome Sylvania, both Westinghouse tubes (50's & 60's) with a bonus Shu Guang Black Beauty CV181-Z as Preamp... I miss my Darkvoice!! :)
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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  6. JKDJedi
    I did a write up but changed my mind on posting... I need to burn in the Sylvania real good like I did the Tung Sol for a fair comparison..initial impressions the Tung Sol with most tubes has the better overall pairing, yet with that one tube (Black Treasure )the Sylvania was wow... a huge surprise. I have a feeling with the burn in we might have a little powerhouse here :)

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  7. sennfan83261
    Sorry for the late reply, I asked this question in Massdrop, and someone chimed in:

    Reference post (also read the two followup posts):
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
  8. ecapsretliab
    Wow thank you, you're a saint. I'll read through that thoroughly, should be a great help. Cheers!
  9. sennfan83261
    Thanks. Also, check out the massdrop link, as the author added a few additional observations since their reply post.
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  10. Slade01
    I see. I'm just unlucky with my timing on ebay and rarely see such finds on tubes, except for now of course where there are some offering like a random grab of 6SN7s for under 10...a surprise if you will. Could be interesting though to find a diamond in the rough.

    I'm kicking myself now though that you mention estate sales and such. A few years ago, I had a neighbor down the street who had to downsize his house, and I was helping him box things up for the move, but he was donating alot of his things, and I now remember coming across in his garage, large boxes of tubes, as he was a television and antique radio repair guy. I wasn't into this hobby at the time, but now always wonder what he might have had. It was such a considerable amount too. My neighbor was very elderly and to him, it was just yesteryear's junk probably. Oh well.
  11. JKDJedi
    You'll find a couple, don't kick yourself. They're not gonna run out anytime soon.
  12. Slade01
    Oh no doubt. I'm actually at a good place, in part thanks to you. The Westinghouse and RCA Gray Glass are kind of where I want to be right now. Like Sennfan83261, I think now it would just have to be a good deal at this point. But it is fun to experiment with the sounds. The Darkvoice has exceeded my expectations for sure in sound and hobby.
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  13. sennfan83261
    The latter is an excellent choice, as is the former with the right pairing. As for those grab-bag type sales on ebay, I haven't personally bought any from there myself (too random for me), but I did notice a few where you pick which remaining tube(s) you want to buy.

    More often than not, the too-good-to-be-true deals are just that. For example, my purchase of a busted, purportedly NOS and NIB, untested 1942 RCA gray glass 6SN7GT from my earlier post. On the other hand, I struck some gold (e.g. 1949 Sylvania 6SN7GT chrome dome precursor). In my experience, only two tubes out of the 30 or so I bought from ebay were unusable (1 was tested but arrived with a busted heater filament [returned] and the above RCA sounded like it was attacking my HD6XX). Anyways, so long as your tubes are music to your ears (when seated), be happy with what you have but always be on the lookout for some good deals :wink:
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2019
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  14. JKDJedi
    BASS On these CHrome Dome Are BallZ SicK.
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  15. Slade01
    Well said. Perfectly stated. :L3000:
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