1. TeaLyPeeLy

    Darkvoice 336SE for HD600 or Atom Amp + HD58x?

    I use my HD600s for sound engineering, and I want something a bit more enjoyable to listen to. Theoretically, if at the moment I could either get a Darkvoice 336se (with stock tubes), or an atom amp and an HD58x (because it has a more lively sound and more bass). I'm worried the Darkvoice might...
  2. D

    Darkvoice 336SE alternatives and a "medical" question

    My DV 336SE is strange. After it gets hot (20-30 mins) it causes my lungs and throat to get sore. I know it sounds funny, but it isn't as it must be evaporating something that irritates my breathing (based on my research I guess it might be epoxy resin). I have a question - did anybody else...
  3. yrun26

    (SOLD):Darkvoice 336se w/tubes

    (SOLD) Gently used Darkvoice 336se with extra tubes. It's been a great stable in my headphone amp collection powering my T1's. I've splurged on some other audio gear recently plus I broke down and spent a pretty penny on a new puppy for the wife this Christmas...so something has to go. This...
  4. yrun26

    Darkvoice/T1v2 tube recommendations

    Looking for some suggestions. Currently running my Darkvoice 336se with a Sylvania Jan 6SN7WGTA up front and a black base GE 6AS7G in the rear and listen exclusively with my Beyerdynamic T1v2's. While I enjoy the sound, the bass tends to feel inside my head and can be fatiguing particularly with...
  5. G

    New to tubes is this one busted?

    I received my DarkVoice 336SE today, and it sounds like there is broken glass inside the bottom of the tube, is it busted? Might need to turn volume up to hear it.
  6. EmojilessPsykop

    Next step DAC AMP recommendation for HD6XX

    Hi, new beginner audio enthusiast here. I've been fairly happily using my new Sennheiser HD6XX and am looking for the best dac amp solution within 500EUR that is "reasonable" (if I can have 95% the quality for 250EUR, why pay 500 for the last few percent). Generally from what I read the...
  7. Robinhook

    [For Sale] Darkvoice 336SE and a Set of 7 Tubes - Amp and 2 tubes SOLD, 5 more tubes to go!

    Hello All, Here for sale is a Darkvoice 336SE in mint condition, purchased from Massdrop in Feb this year. Estimated total hours is 150-200 for the 9 months that I own it. The condition is excellent, almost like new, still have the original box and will be shipped in it. No mods, no hum from...
  8. Old Dirty Puppy

    *Sold* Dark Voice 336 SE with upgraded tubes

    Hello, I am selling my Dark Voice 336 SE headphone tube amp. The tube amp is in excellent condition and I upgraded the tubes from the stock ones. It has a Sylvania 6SN7 GTB and a Sylvania 6080. pictures Product info Price: $200 US Paypal Only Buyer takes care of any paypal fees Free...
  9. Amish

    Mass Drop: Dark Voice 336SE - sale ends in two days.

    I did a quick search and didn't see this posted anywhere. Thought I'd mention it.   Mass Drop has the DV336SE at the moment for $219.99 + $14.99 shipping. (Normal price is $299.99)   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/dark-voice-366se   I was tempted for a few minutes but this isn't really what...
  10. hauntingtheholy

    DarkVoice 336e vs. Little Bear P8 - Near identical Chinese amps?

    Minus the exrta small tube on the Little Bear, are these amps super-close in quality? I've heard reviews of DarkVoice, but not litlte Bear p8, so if anyone has heard that one, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Here are some links to the two for sale, Mass Drop not active yet for DarkVoice, but...
  11. plainbagel

    DAC and amp recommendation desired

    I'm planning to get the HD - 600s, as I enjoy classical music most as they seem to be highly rated, in my budget, and I have liked some of their more affordable headphones in the past.  I have about $400 I could spend on an amp and possibly a better DAC if it is recommended.  I plan to use my...
  12. phandrew

    Best headphone amp/preamp under $250

    I'm looking for a solid state headphone amp/preamp under $250 as I'm moving away from tubes (336SE).   What options are out there under $250?   The priority will be the preamp performance over the headphone amp but would also like the headphone amp to perform good as well.
  13. prot

    E100, a pretty tube headphone amplifier from china (6080, ecc88, single ended)

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281345614556 Looks very good and the internals seem clean and well organized too. Plus, the price is *very* good. Did anyone test this device?
  14. W

    Suggestion for tube or tube/hybrid headphone amp

    Hi ! my friend  is planning to buy tube or tube/hybrid headphone amps for his ATH WS-77. He usually listen soprano metal and classical music. He is kind of more favour to bass. Any suggestion ?   His budget is around USD 100-150.
  15. acidogio

    Need advice for upgrading amp, Sennheiser HD600

    As the title says, I am a proud owner of a nice pair of the classic sennheiser HD600. My actual set up consists of: hd600 > schiit magni amp > pre-amp > thorens turntable or hd600 > magni > modi > pc I feel as the magni is a tad on the bright side, and that I could really improve the sound...

    Audio Grade Fuses

    Last year shortly after I got my Darkvoice Figaro I replaced the stock fuse with one from ISOCLEAN POWER. I could tell a slight difference, a level of clarity. The Figaro went up in smoke a few months ago and so I have a few cool parts to salvage from it and one is the Isoclean. OK, a couple...
  17. charlie875578

    Cheapest Amp to Drive HD600

    I'm on a budget but want to get some Senn HD600's. I'm not so nieve to believe I don't need an amp with a little power, but I'm realistic to know I can't spend more than $200 on an amp. I currently have a Fiio E10, but would this be enough. I know Fiio is cheap so how about the new E12 or the...
  18. kansei

    Darkvoice 336se with the Fitz mod + tubes for rolling

    Selling a Darkvoice 336se in excellent shape, with the original box.  I see no scratches or other issues except that one corner of the transformer may have been retouched with paint.  The paint there looks a bit rough, but it is not very noticeable unless you are staring at it (see pic).  ...
  19. critic

    FS: Darkvoice 336se

    Hi everyone,   I have a practically new darkvoice 336se. Comes with original box, stock tubes, paperwork, EVERYTHING. I purchased this unit roughly 16 months ago. I am the Original Owner. No scratches, no blemishes.  Has only had a bout ~50 hours through it. Was using it to power my...
  20. joeyjojo

    Modded Darkvoice 336SE + tubes + Tung Sol 5998 (UK/EU)

    For sale my modded Darkvoice 336SE tube (valve) amp.   As far as I know I am the third owner. You can see this little chap's previous sale threads and pictures in these links: http://www.head-fi.org/t/524316/fs-darkvoice-336se-modded-by-adamus...
  21. Takahashi

    MINT: La Figaro (Darkvoice) 336 Classic Tube Headphone Amplifer

    SOLD I'm selling/trading this mint condition La Figaro (Darkvoice) 336 Classic tube headphone amp for something more travel friendly and portable. I recently bought this from another head-fier who put about 25 hours on the device, and I myself have probably added on another 10 or so. In...
  22. zibra

    Darkvoice 336SE

    I would like to buy that tube amp in very good condition and good price:) I prefer buying from EU. Trade for Matrix M Stage possible
  23. zenpunk

    Modded Darkvoice 336SE (UK)

      For sale is my Darkvoice 336 SE modded by Adamus (forum regular); mods as follows:   Elna Silmic II cathode bypass caps – reduced feedback generated by the cathode resistor, increases gain and generally opens up the sound.   Removed cheap chinese output caps (non branded… and...
  24. cws5

    Darkvoice 336 - one channel dead and buzzing and low plate voltage

    I received a DV336 from a fellow head-fier last week, FedEx dropped the box (which broke a 6AS7), and the right channel is now dead except for buzzing.   I took voltage readings. I'm hoping that one of you tube amp DIYers with more experience than me can give me a few ideas as to the source...
  25. bixby

    WTB: Darkvoice 336 SE - Very Good condition

    Interested in obtaining Darkvoice 336 SE in very good condition.  PM me with specifics on your amp.   Thanks