1. hauntingtheholy

    DarkVoice 336e vs. Little Bear P8 - Near identical Chinese amps?

    Minus the exrta small tube on the Little Bear, are these amps super-close in quality? I've heard reviews of DarkVoice, but not litlte Bear p8, so if anyone has heard that one, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Here are some links to the two for sale, Mass Drop not active yet for DarkVoice, but...
  2. echo1

    Darkvoice 336 arrived in 110 voltage.

    My darkvoice 336 arrived today. I bought it from a factory autherized dealer in Nanchang. China. I said I would post the information once I recieved the amp so people would have a source for this amp.His info is as follows: Name: Jian Liu email: ljra2@hotmail.com Phone from usa...
  3. kramer5150

    Running two amps in a dual mono configuration?

    Something I have always wondered....   Can I use two separate stereo amps to power one headphone?   Using a Darkvoice 336 as an example, because I am familiar with its bigger brother 337 having owned it for a couple years.  The 337 I think is just two 336 circuits running dual mono in the...
  4. NaziAudioSnob

    Advice on BeyerDynamics DT 990.

    Would you recommend them and are they good for $300 new with tax from a authorized reseller?   I plan to buy them at the end of this month. I want headphones that durable but also that have very good sound quality for $300 bucks.   I just ordered the v-moda m-100 and they lack in one...
  5. Takahashi

    MINT: La Figaro (Darkvoice) 336 Classic Tube Headphone Amplifer

    SOLD I'm selling/trading this mint condition La Figaro (Darkvoice) 336 Classic tube headphone amp for something more travel friendly and portable. I recently bought this from another head-fier who put about 25 hours on the device, and I myself have probably added on another 10 or so. In...
  6. cws5

    Darkvoice 336 - one channel dead and buzzing and low plate voltage

    I received a DV336 from a fellow head-fier last week, FedEx dropped the box (which broke a 6AS7), and the right channel is now dead except for buzzing.   I took voltage readings. I'm hoping that one of you tube amp DIYers with more experience than me can give me a few ideas as to the source...
  7. andychen

    Mint Darkvoice 336i + Signal Magic Power cable + extra tubes

    I've got an Darkvoice 336i in mint condition for sale, bought it to use with my HD650, but soon I switched to speakers system and pretty much stopped using all my head-fi gears. The amp is in perfect working condition, and the body is in mint condition. I have the original package so you know it...
  8. Graphicism

    FS: DARKVOICE 336i + Excellent Tubes

      I love this amp but I simply aren't using it any more. It is in pristine shape and functions perfectly. I'll get more pictures up later if there is interest.   With the included tubes this amp is hard to beat at any price!   Amp: DARKVOICE THA 336i OTL Tube amp - Includes original...
  9. joe_seattle

    Darkvoice 336i Headphone Tube Amplifier

    IT'S BEEN SOLD!   Darkvoice 336i amp for sale. I bought this three years ago and have enjoyed it immensely with my Sennheiser HD600 phones. It works 100% correctly and the only flaw the amp has are a few paint chips that were there from the factory. The amp has a couple of nice upgrades...
  10. mrAdrian

    Darkvoice 336 Mod - need help

    Hi, after reading posts on this forum as well as rogrotto, I have decided to swap the output caps, and am wondering which should I order?   http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/120951594174?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_500wt_1052  ...
  11. mrAdrian

    [AUS->World Wide] Darkvoice 336i OTL amp with updated tube list

    For sale is a Darkvoice 336i that I have bought 2nd hand from a friend. The amp is in good condition particularly if you consider its age. Fully functional of course, and will come with a dozen of different tubes I have tested it with.   You must not miss out on it if you happen to own a...
  12. Rayce185

    Damaged HD600's... time to switch, or fix?

    Hey guys! This is my first post here, so take it easy on me please ;-) Alright, so I inherited the Sennheiser HD600's from my dad. They're really nice... but I don't have much to compare them to, as I'm quite literally a "noob" when it comes to audio stuff. I bought myself a "La Figaro" 336...
  13. littlewhite

    problem with cd player and cable

    hi all, i plan to buy a K701 and DARKVOICE336i , i just dont know how much that i need spent on the cd player, and how much that i need spent on the cable :(, so can anyone help me with that ? and do i need DAC for the cd player ?
  14. kenwood1

    Help: Would the Darkvoice 336 be a good fit with the AKG Q701? (would the Matrix M-stage be a better fit?)

    Hi all,   Would the Darkvoice 336 be a good fit with the AKG Q701? (would the Matrix M-stage be a better fit?) My dac is a Rega (on the dark, analog side of sound) with Kimber PBJ cables.   Thanks.
  15. kenwood1

    AKG Q701 with the Darkvoice 336 be a good fit?

    Hi all, Would the Darkvoice 336 be a good fit with the AKG Q701? (would the Matrix M-stage be a better fit?) My dac is a Rega (on the dark, analog side) with Kimber PBJ cables. Thanks.
  16. avilamillar

    Portable amp for Grado SR80i

    Hi, i just bought a Grado SR80i and im using it on my ipod, would it sound better if i use an amp? i dont want to spend too much money. something like this: Amazon.com: FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier: Electronics Thanks
  17. k3oxkjo

    FS: Darkvoice 336 tube amplifier

    For sale Darkvoice 336 tube amplifier. Works great but surplus to my needs right now. Good condition, see pictures.   Price: $225 plus shipping
  18. BlackWaterPark

    Buying Advice: MacBook Pro + USB DAC+ DarkVoice 336C => HD 650

    I need some expert advice, in getting a good home use (or portable) DAC; Something that would compliment DarkVoice 336 and HD 650. My setup is going to be MacBook Pro + USB DAC + DarkVoice 336C (not purchased yet).   I am looking to drive my HD 650 and Denon D2000. I must add that I do have...
  19. keph

    Darkvoice/La Figaro 336c or the 332c, 332s

    hi guys im planning to buy a new headamp for my sennheiser hd650 which one will be better for my hd650..?ive seen a lot of people using these amps the 336c, 332c and the 332s..it gets me messed up and confuse and i need a conclusion which one to choose for the HD650..   which one do u guys...
  20. Skylab

    REVIEW: Four 6AS7G-based home tube headphone amps reviewed and compared

    Introduction After getting a fourth tube headphone amp which uses the 6AS7G power triode, I decided it was time to sit down and do some comparisons. A little background: ever since getting a Darkvoice 336i (not part of this review), I have been enthralled with the sound of this tube. I prefer...
  21. acameron56

    Finding headphones for my brother.

    Hey,   So my brother - without having any idea what he was getting into - approached me about getting some headphones. Now, normally I'm the one trying to get other people to put down their mainstream, sub-par audio equipment, so naturally I jumped at this chance. Before anyone gets the...
  22. Cloud9Blue

    New guy here, suggest me some upgrades!

    Hey all, been lurking on this forum for almost a year now, but finally decided to join the community.  So here are some of the gear I have right now.   Desktop Setup Source:  HTR Music Streamer II+ USB DAC Amp:  Little Dot MkIII with M8100/CV4010 upgraded driver tubes, a pair of Voshod...
  23. Penchum

    Review of Little-Dot MKIVse

    I posted this review over on the LD site a few weeks ago and several folks have asked me to post it here as well. This review takes you from ordering through burn-in and tube rolling. You will see time breaks, these are from additional postings that updated the review as I went along. I freely...
  24. BackwardPawn

    Little Dot Mk II vs. DV 336 as first Amp

    I'm trying to figure out what to buy as a first amp.  It'll be paired with DT880/600s and will be used for music, gaming, and movies.  I really have no point of reference, since this is the first headphone amp I'll have used.  Pricewise, I prefer the Mk II, but have noticed a few comments about...
  25. gurnisht

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 vs other tube amps

    Hi. I recently got in a trade a Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 amp (traded for E9). I use it with HD600 and Beyer dt880/600 cans. The amp sounds ok, but not significantly better than the inbuilt amp of my external sound card. I am trying to decide between selling it and buying Darkvoice 336i or...