CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

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  1. proedros
    guys , are you shopping from another dimension ?

    F3 = 525 euros
    Katana = 2100$

  2. subguy812
    Guys? There is only one of appears Greece is in the other dimension ... straight from Noble please let me know if I am missing something, as I am sure you will
  3. proedros
    since F3 is custom , i looked for the custom Katana price , which is 2100$

    also , Noble customs are no longer being reshelled by Noble if bought after 01/01/2017 , so one more minus there

    happy new year to all :gs1000smile:
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  4. msiekkb
    Best answer told you @piotrus-g. Because he listening Katana, know very well :wink: F3, he write you pros and cons.

    I thinking about Katana, but when I talked about Katana, he told me Katana are more bass than H8.2 but the bass is clear and very well controlled, highs not sparkle like FIBAE series. I have F3 now, and this is for me best CIEM/IEM, I love this signature, resolution and fast attack and decay.
    BTW. In FIBAE3 if you change cable, signature changes this, they are very susceptible to cable.
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  5. kubig123
    I absolutely agree, this is a earphone that change completely character based on the cable, I was not impressed with the EOS, but now I'm listening to the F3 with ares +, and this is good!!!!
    What impressed me the most is the the midrange, extremely bright, vocals are reproduced with huge amount of details, it's a really fun iem to listen to.
    Compared to the other 2 ciems I listen the most, the F3 is not as dark as the SE5U or bright as the Encore (especially the treble) and the soundstage is not as wide.

    For $500 dollars this is an amazing earphone.
  6. subguy812
    I found the same regarding the F2 and the cable.
  7. davidcotton
    Had my refit fibae 2's back from Piotr for awhile and sadly still no good. We now think there must be an issue with the impressions, despite looking ok. The strange thing is the problem isn't in the canal area where most peoples seem to be but in the pinna/concha area. My ciems seem to slope down at a diagonal angle which is odd to say the least making it difficult to get a good seal which obviously affects the isolation (main reason for me getting customs in the first place), they also don't sit flush in the ear. The impressions were done according to instructions on the CA website so we are both a bit puzzled as to why there are always issues with mine with most other peoples turning out fine each time. It's a shame as I do like what I hear when I can wear them briefly.

    Piotr as ever has been awesome to deal with whilst trying to sort the issues out. Going to get the christmas period out of the way and go to a different audiologist in the area as that is the only thing linking each time I have had ciems done, and each time it turns into a major pita. I've also been very good and given my ears a real break by not having any iems in over the week or so that I've had off from work to give them a chance to really settle down.

    I'm persevering with customs as universals just don't fit my right ear. Small tips are too small, and medium is too big and starts to hurt after awhile. Can't wear headphones much at work as I need to wear glasses whilst at the computer that I'm sat at for about 7 hours a day!


    PS Happy new year to all CA staff and happy customers!
  8. knopi
    It does not make much sense as you own Zeus which is for around $2300, no good price ratio as well (no matter how it plays), it is still only sound :D.
    But I agree mainly last two years prices of headphones very crazy, but suprisingly people still buy it and support it.
  9. crabdog
    Sounds as though the parts of the outer ear weren't filled fully with those impressions. Now that I've had several done myself I know what a good impression feels like while it's getting done. I also found the expanding foam/silicone seems to give better impressions than the solid silicone type. Hope you can get it sorted so you can enjoy your CAs.
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  10. alpha421
    I read "ER4SR, Stax, Pro330v2" in context with the FIBAE 3. If those three traits are rolled into the FIBAE 3, it sounds like I may have found what I'm looking for - finally.
  11. msiekkb
    FIBAE3 is upgrade ER4SR, because higher bass and mids is very similar to body, but F3 have more body on subbass and extended highs like Stax, she also better layers, quality, sparkle highs and wider scene with very good resolution and holographic. Are the fastest like Stax.
    Pro330v2 is darkness with sweet mids and vocals, FIBAE 3 more like Pro330v1 than Pro330v2.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
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  12. alpha421
    Thanks for your impressions. A little more bass quantity without losing the ER4SR bass quality when called for and air like Stax stage and details sounds sublime. Loved my Stax setups when I owned them and absolutely adore my ER4SR.

    I didn't get a chance to audition the Pro330v1, but preferred the Pro330v2 out of the Custom Art line up when I had them during a tour. Found the vocals and treble extention best on it, but wished for the Harmony stage width.

    I just want to make sure the FIBAE3 isn't crazy sibilant when trying to portray the upper Stax like registers and ER4S/R treble extention. I was close to it with Tzar350, but the sibilance was just too much.

    I'm so close pulling the trigger.
  13. Deezel177
    The FIBAE 3 isn’t a sibilant IEM, because its top-end accentuation occurs in the upper-treble rather than the upper-midrange. I haven’t heard the ER4S/R, but the F3 certainly does emulate the Stax sound. Its most defining trait is its ultra-fast decay, and although Stax headphones are generally more transparent with an even blacker stage, that’s pretty much a given considering the discrepancies in form factor, technology and price. If you’re looking for a lean-yet-musical interpretation of neutral, and you don’t mind losing a bit of vocal depth and warmth in the process (though both can be recovered via aftermarket cables), then the F3 is certainly a great bet.
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  14. daulagiri
    None of custom art’s ciem is sibilant :). Nor harsh for what its worth.

    Trust me I’ve treble sensitive ear I can hear high pitched sound from company’s office phone no one can hear.

    That’s why I’m Piotr’s loyal customer
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
  15. ostewart
    Just another beauty shot :D

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