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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. muffins
    @thi181 I guess some people are better at certain games than others lol :p

    My impressions just arrived, looking forward to seeing how the design looks irl ^-^
  2. Wyville
    Yeah, Piotr and Kamil are great!

    I think that @Kerouac has used the Toxic Silver Widow with his H8.2 in the past, so he might be able to tell you more about the pairing.
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  3. JohannLiebert
    Does the Custom Art Harmony 8.2 sound in any way like the Shure SE846 but with bigger Soundstage and thicker mids?
  4. Rollk2
    Thicker mids, certainly, but they dont sound like SE846. They are more refined and liquid, the soundstage is quite big but I'm not sure that's a big difference with the SE846. They're clearly less sharp and sound mellow in direct comparison.
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  5. piotrus-g
    Not really, if you are looking for SE846-like sound please look into our Ei.xx (massdrop.com exclusive model) which is tuned in fashion similar to SE846
  6. JohannLiebert
    No, I find the Mids of the shure846 too bright and fatiguating. I want lusher, thicker mids - maybe more colored mids through bass emphasize. I think the 8.2 could fit the bill.
    That being said I got a good deal oout of a used one and I will make use of the ownership transfer =)
  7. Deezel177
    The H8.2 sounds like exactly what you're looking for. @piotrus-g usually has a spreadsheet with used units ready for reshell. If you can't find any in the classifieds, I'd ask him if I were you.
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  8. bartzky
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  9. piotrus-g
  10. dennistdk
  11. crossfire
    Any suggestions on whether to go with copper or SPC for an upgrade cable? I was looking at Effect Audio Ares II but I need a thinner cable since I wear glasses :\ so I am considering plussound x-series.
  12. Deezel177
    For what it’s worth, the Ares II pairs really well with the H8.2. I use glasses and they're consistently comfortable. If you do end up going for an X-series cable, I suggest you get the Tri-Metal; it pairs really well with warm monitors.
  13. crossfire
    Thanks. Think I'll just grab the Ares II due to the already positive feedback with the 8.2. The Tri-Metal is out of my price range and the price on the Ares II is just right. I never really liked the molded ear part but maybe I'll work something out.
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  14. Deezel177
    I believe you can ask Effect Audio to remove it for you.
  15. ezekiel77
    The older, cheaper Trimetal has been replaced by the newer, more expensive T-metal. I guess there's probably more gold in the wires.

    I've sold my old X Trimetal to @linux4ever who paired it with his H8.2, and the good news is, he reports it as a great combo. The bad news is you can't really get that cable new anymore.
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