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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. muffins
    I paired the 8.2 with an AK70 (admittedly because of its gorgeous looks rather than performance :p ). It's a good match imo, with a slightly laidback sound that matches the Harmony's overall organic tone, and it drives them well beyond comfortable listening levels.
  2. linux4ever
    Yes it can. Even a smartphone can drive it nicely
  3. muffins
    I thought I'd post some updated impressions about my Harmony's since I've finally had some time to spend with them after my refit adventure; Mostly because to my ears they do sound a bit different than I remember when I demo'ed the universal version during the tour, and it differs from my informal review over in that thread a little. First things first, the bass has slightly higher quantity to my ears compared to the universal. In fact, this was my only real nitpick of the demo, because on certain EDM tracks it could occasionally lack some warmth and slam that I categorized as a "lack of a traditional mid bass bump in the tuning" (which was odd to me considering this is a warm and organic headphone). This isn't really the case any more, and I find that the custom version offered much of what I was missing. Piotr told me that my ear canals are oddly shaped, so it seems to me that that was perhaps causing some attenuation of the bass. With that said the overall signature is slightly altered due to this, and it seems slightly more natural sounding (though this isn't to say it didn't sound natural before) and a bit more linear - fuller to my ears. I was surprised by this, as I was told the customs should sound nearly identical to the universal. I don't think that the Harmony's are negatively affected, and impressions are just as strong as before, ie: not a massive difference, but enough. Since I'm going off of months old memories, it might also be that I hear the treble as slightly more laid back as well compared to initial impressions, but I'm not certain. Overall it seems to be even more organic and even-tempered than I originally heard, and they are just as great - perhaps even better now with a refit and some burn in. It makes me want to try more of what Custom Art has in their lineup to see what wonders are there :p
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  4. Martijn W
    Enjoy your newly/refitted CIEM's!

    My H8.2's will be shipped today if everything goes according to plan.. I can't wait to put them in. I also really liked the universal demo's. Bass amount did vary when using the different tips but they all sounded nice to me. I sure hope the customs will serve me well :)
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  5. subguy812
    What is your DAP budget?
  6. subguy812
    Might I recommend the FIBAE 3 if you want to try an exceptional IEM from Custom Art? I have the universal 8.2 in my possession and since I am finishing another review(not Custom Art) it has become time to really give my time to CA for critical listening and I think both the 8.2 and F3 are fantastic, I will gladly even throw the FIBAE 2 in the mix depending on the signature that you are looking for. Aside from the older CA models I have heard the three latest releases, except for the MassDrop version.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  7. muffins
    I was hoping to try/buy the FIBAE 2, but I'm curious about a cooler more detailed oriented signature. Most of my preferences fall into the warm category, and my top 3 favorite headphones right now reflect that (LCD-2, 8.2 Harmony, and TH-X00 respectively), so I'm a little hesitant because I'm afraid I might dislike them. I am very tempted though, thanks for the recommendation! :p
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  8. subguy812
    I generally prefer a warmer tone to my IEM's but I have found the F3 be be a wonderful blend of air, clarity with a delicious sub bass.
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  9. Martijn W
    About two weeks ago my H8.2's arrived. I am very satisfied with them.

    Last edited: Mar 25, 2018
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  10. subguy812
    Wow that all white looks cool
  11. kendosperling
    Mine arrived nearly at the same time. :) I really like the combo of AK70 MKII and H8.2

    The only thing left is deciding on another cabel...I don't like that memory wire...
  12. Martijn W
    The lime green colour of Muffins (previous page) inspired me. I thought they were white and i liked the thought of that! :)
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  13. Martijn W
    IMG_2028.JPG IMG_2030.JPG
    Nice! That AK70 MKII looks like a nice upgrade. I gotta say I also like the AK70 MKI as a DAP. Also because it fits in the Pelican 1010 like it's made for it..
    muffins and kendosperling like this.
  14. kendosperling
    :ksc75smile: you just made my day....i never thought of trying to fit the ak70 into the pelican...perfect fit:ksc75smile:
    muffins likes this.
  15. muffins
    Haha, I never thought to put my dap in the case! I guess you're gonna have to add me to the AK70 club :p
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