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Custom Art Harmony 8.2 - Flagship ciem reload !

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  1. Martijn W
    Yes it fits perfectly. Only thing is to watch out not to 'cut' the cables when closing the box.
    And the MK1 definately fits also when it is in the leader case. I'm not sure about the MKII. If I remember correctly the MKII is bigger..
  2. kendosperling
    I will try as soon as my case arrives.
  3. Panohm
    Careful if your customs are acrylic, i had my acrylic Ei.XX in a case with my dap in my backpack and they ended up getting cracked.
  4. Martijn W
    i'm not sure how sturdy they are but I would not expect them to break. There is not much room for things to fly around and the AK70 has a soft casing of itsself on which the ciem's lie..
  5. Deezel177
    Placing IEMs in a case where they're expected to bounce against any hard surface is quite inadvisable IMO. Although IEMs like the H8.2 aren't expected to break because of the silicone filling, regular impacts will eventually result in micro-scratches throughout the shell's lacquer - hurting lustre and shine in the long run.
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  6. piotrus-g
    That is true, on the other hand if the IEMs are pressed well against the case it should be ok. That said we have no experience with long term effects of storing IEMs with DAP in the case, and that's why it's not recommended.
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  7. Martijn W
    Thnx for the clarification Piotr.

    Yesterday I ordered this small soft rubber case. The idea is to put them in there before putting the rubber case in the pelicase on top of the AK70.

    I hope it fits so everything is tied up n in there nice 'n tight :)

  8. dennistdk
    You know... the best way to store your CIEMs is in your ears. :)

    No need for a case.
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  9. Martijn W
    Im not sure if the cops agree when they drive by when I'm driving home from work :D
  10. dennistdk
    They should. :) I think 30-40% of my CIEM time is when driving from/to work. I can recommend it. Makes driving more fun. I actually feel I pay more attention when doing it.
    Don't know for all countries, but it should be fully road legal in the EU (e.g. you are allowed to drive a car even if you are deaf).
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
  11. Martijn W
    Well I tried it but stopped almost immediately as it doesn't feel acceptable from safety perspective. I have a car that is extremely quiet and with the the CIEM's blocking noise and playing music in my ears I could here NOTHING from outside the car. Screaming pedestrians will not be heard. Even though 90% of my journey is on the highway that just doesn't feel safe at all.

    I don't know about the law, but I value my personal norms and principles higher than any law anyway :D

    But nonetheless I appreciate you informing me about EU laws as I live in the Netherlands.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2018
  12. subguy812
    Harmony 8.2 with QP2R

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  13. linux4ever
    Will Norne Therium be a good pair with CustomArt Harmony 8.2 IEMs? Anybody tried that combo? Thanks!
  14. Kventus

    I am planning to upgrade the stock cable on my 8.2 and I am deciding between Ares II and Eros II cables. Is Eros worth the extra buck?
  15. lhydavid
    Since getting the DX220, my listening experience with the H8.2 seems to have been elevated to a new level!
    I'm honestly very amazed by how this iem has scaled up. I moved from a DX90, then sold my DX90 in favour of LGV30+ that I still use, and then now almost exclusively on the DX220.
    The sonic level is really high and compares favourably to my desktop set-up!
    Nice. :L3000:
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