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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. annasoh323
    Congratulations! If you have a camera with a macro lens, I hope you'll consider putting it to use for the common good. I'm also really scared of falling asleep with earphones in. I move around a lot when I sleep and would probably strangle myself. At least I'll die happy.
    I've been spamming F5 on this page to see when people are getting their pairs. Each time someone posts that they are getting theirs, I know we're getting that much closer...
  2. davidmolliere
    So my Black beauties have landed :D

    First, as usual for customs there is the big question of will I have a good fit and I can clear this right away : the fit is just perfect, in fact the best I had so far and my VE8 had a pretty great fit I just like the Black better as they fit tighter and that’s exactly what I wanted. Build quality is up there with the best and I am very happy the shell is smooth and very comfortable to wear. Kudos to Custom Art there!

    :clap: @piotrus-g :thumbsup:
    (and thanks to you and Kamil for bearing with my enquiring every week of when I would get my Black :p )

    Now sound, I had a quick audition of the universal and was smitten with them, the custom only builds up on the universal and I think it’s even better. Obviously get a bit more bass slam and while it won’t turn the Black into a basshead IEM, it doesn’t have a lot of sub but it has deceptively good mid bass very enjoyable with lot of details and texture. The rest of the signature is much in line with my memory of it, with beautiful mids that will require a bit of time to get into all they have to offer. I can already say that vocals are a special mention so very beautiful... this is the best portraying of James Blake « Vincent » I have ever heard just to mention one track that really jumped at me though my first 45 minutes with the FIBAE Black going randomly through a playlist right now. I think the mids is going to be a big part of my review for the Black, a lot is happening there. I like the treble very much as well, there is a weight to that treble, and although it’s not a highlight of the signature there is much more to that story than meets the eye. Sweet nuances are definitely there it’s just not sparkly :p

    I like to post very early impressions as they usually reflects what jumps at you initially... I am really impressed at the Black soundstage depth, it’s really very very good and overall the soundstage is highly coherent.

    This is really one of a kind IEM in terms of signature, I’d be hard pressed to mention a similar IEM, but granted I have never heard the Warbler Prelude and I’d be curious for a comparison.

    Anyway, I am on for dozens of cozy hours with the FIBAE Black and pretty happy at the prospect :D
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  3. davidcotton
    Post pics! This thread needs livening up:) About 2 weeks for mine right now I believe give or take.
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  4. davidmolliere
    I will, I will, just arrived from a 6 hour drive...

    Here is a quick very lousy one, I was waiting to have better pics

  5. Deezel177
    I'll do the digging. :wink:

    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  6. davidmolliere
    Now that you mention it, you already provided an answer indeed, thanks!
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  7. annasoh323
    Alright! Keep us updated on the status of your review. It's dangerous what you said though: I've been resisting the urge to request status updates and to hear you did it every week, well... I'll do my best to keep resisting the urge for Custom's Art's sake. I know Domino's pizza here has a "pizza tracker" where it somehow is able to tell you the pizza update (e.g. "In the oven!"). An IEM tracker would be neat but unnecessarily cumbersome... I think... <must... resist...>. What was your total wait time @davidmolliere? Did they already have your molds or did you have to send them?

    I know the feeling. I'm using people's reviews and reports to carry me through. I've re-read the thread a few times here too. I'm getting close to four weeks but I'm scared that some grizzled head-fier is going to come bursting out of the thread from nowhere and say, "Well, oh yeah!? I've been waiting EIGHT WEEKS and I'm still going strong! gEt oN mY lEveL!" and I'll shrink back in fear.

    I've been casually dropping to certain people asking about CIEMs. Our drummer at church, for instance, has an old pair of UE's. Our worship director is talking about getting a pair too. They're talking about scraping some kind of in-ear monitoring system for the on-stage band and fretting about costs and I'm sitting there pretending I haven't ordered a set of Custom Art's. I don't want to get into an argument with any preconceived notions they may have. I want to wait till I have my Blacks in hand (ear?) before making the big reveal. Doesn't help that we don't have a distributor here in Hawaii. (@piotrus-g, you may want to double-check the distributor page on your site. The USA heading has a link to a Thai store, unless they are the approved US representative).
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  8. davidmolliere
    Well I did ping every week for the last 3 weeks but other than that I was pretty quiet. I am of the impatient kind, I confess...
    From the payment confirmation (dec 19th) to the delivery (feb 25th) that was 9 weeks if I am not mistaken.

    Yeah well, the hardest part is the not knowing but I think now things are going steady :)
    Introducing 3D printer in the mix and new methods is bound to induce delays not to mention attractive launch prices, I am not complaining ;P

    Now the wait for the FIBAE 4 starts, 8 weeks but I have the Black to ease it :wink:
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  9. annasoh323
    True, Piotr did mention there were some early supply issues and you slot right into that time period. What colors did you order the Fibae 4 in?
  10. piotrus-g
    I'm so so happy to hear that! Enjoy your IEMs and happy listening!

    Ah yeah, we were thinking about implementing such tracker but to make it work at the scale we are we would need an integrated system with bar code scanner etc.
    I know about the US distributor technically BKK is somewhat present in US, so they are listed there. Still feel free to drop a direct order for any orders.

    The problem is that sometimes there's a last second issue that needs resolving so that's why it's so hard for us to predict 100% correct shipping date and it delays production. We are now working towards optimization and cutting build time to get back on track with 4week build time. Which at a queue going into a few hundreds is not an easy feat.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  11. shinbojan
    I will never be able to decide which model to order as I am not advanced enough to figure out the sound that I prefer.
    Do you ever attend audio fares in Europe guys? I could probably book a flight and try these out in person, if you have the schedule.
  12. annasoh323
    I know such a tracking system is probably not really worth it for just a tiny bit of piece of mind. Regarding distributors, I understand. Maybe I misunderstand the industry wording a bit: Would a distributor be a primary point of contact to receive demonstrations of the products? My church's music director, for instance, found someone who demos UE earphones and he's leaning toward getting those because he had a chance to listen to them and because of name recognition. I'd love to point him to CA but I just don't know how to get the name out there. (Interestingly, one of the audiologists I checked said they dealt exclusively in Westone products. Checking Westone's site, I don't see them listed there as a distributor.) I may just be mourning the overall lack of options for demoing audio gear here in Hawaii.
  13. piotrus-g
    AudioVideoShow in Poland in November, otherwise there's CanJam London, which I don't think we will make it and we don't attend pro-audio shows in Germany (yet... I guess) so, maybe it would be easier for us to send you a demo unit instead?
    Well yes and no, depends on the market - in Japan, HK and South Korea, we have an exclusive distributors so indeed that would be primary point of contact, for the rest of the world we don't have exclusive agreements in place.
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  14. davidcotton
    Get a universal solely to lend to your group? Or ask CA if it's possible to have some demo units over for a deposit on the credit card?
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  15. annasoh323
    I'll have to check our (his?) budget and kind of sound he's looking for. I didn't think that demo could get sent out for anything less than a main distributor or audio show. I'll have to go test the waters.
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