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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. SHFT
    How is the production coming a long Piotr? :D
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  2. piotrus-g
    It's coming! Doing our best, trust me. We are now processing some last orders from December and started working on early Jan orders.
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  3. SHFT
    Great news! Thanks Piotr.
  4. t69p
    Hello received mine today, thanks Piotr for your amazing service
  5. jago
    These are truly getting better day by day....
    Absolutely stunning
    annasoh323 likes this.
  6. annasoh323
    If I may ask, about how many units (of all orders) are in process at one time? Does each IEM pass through a few different hands between inception and packaging? It's an especially interesting topic since you shared about the growth of your company so I'm sure consolidating and optimizing your company's workflow is a pretty hot topic.

    Anything new that you've noticed or stands out more in particular?
  7. jago
    I thinks it's appreciating the overall timbre of the blacks. That and the separation between instruments, even in busy tracks. There's a lot of detail in each section.

    They are very good with a wide range of music. I'll say it again, best audio purchase I've done in a long time.
  8. piotrus-g
    I'd rather not share specifics but the number goes into triple digits currently :wink:
    Yes, we are currently further optimizing our workflow, 3D printing changes workflow dramatically
  9. davidcotton
    Nice to see my impressions got delivered today. Think that's one of the quickest ones I've had. 4 days from uk to poland. Now the wait really begins :frowning2:
    annasoh323 and davidmolliere like this.
  10. annasoh323
    Phew, okay, sounds exhausting! What's that my boss tells me when we're busy, "job security"? hate it when he does that

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. CA is creating quite the stir lately!
  11. ustinj
    Out for a spin today :) I really like the sound of the Black with wide-bore small tips! I find that it helps to bring the treble up just a tiny bit without any shortcomings in the bass region.

  12. davidcotton
    Well there goes my "printed black shells must limit the design choice" and also goes to show how boring I am! Those look stunning.
  13. davidmolliere
    Ohhh my Black have shipped I am so excited now :D

    This is a review I am going to love writing... unless I get sucked in the Black beautiful sound and forget to analyze altogether which I suspect is going to happen given what I have experienced when I auditioned them :p
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
  14. davidcotton
    So you are going to spend the weekend spamming f5 on the tracking are you? The real question is are you going to be able to take the blacks out when you get the f4 eventually? :p
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  15. davidmolliere
    Nope delivery is due monday so I know when, it’s UPS and I’ll have to get it delivered to an UPS Relay.
    But yeah I am so very impatient!

    No doubt the Black will be my goto IEM for late night sessions, from what @piotrus-g wrote the FIBAE 4 is a much more dynamic and punchy signature so it’s not really a matter of one being better than the other, just different flavors. The few minutes I got when I auditioned the Black I was so smitten with them! It’s a unique signature and one that will rank very high against any IEM at any price point. It’s so very addictive, the mediums are to die for really... those babies are going to lull me to a deep relax state no doubt. It should be sponsored by health care as a top way to lower blood pressure really!

    I expect the FIBAE 4 to grab my attention and get me to tap my toe in rythm :D a very different signature and one I will also enjoy a great deal!
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2019
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