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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. davidcotton
    Audiologist went fine today. No issues with wax which I was thankful for. Just waiting for the ok from Piotrus before sending them in the post to Poland and then the wait really begins. Left ear was fine, right ear the audiologist wasn't sure if it had gone in deep enough so re did the right a second time and let me keep both to send over. Fingers crossed this time. If it doesn't work out I'm just going to have them turned into universals and use the custom tips with them instead. Bit more cumbersome but at least they work.

    . IMG_1050.JPG IMG_1055.JPG
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  2. davidmolliere
    So today I had a chance to audition (rather... preview, waiting for my customs...) the FIBAE Black (universal, those are so small btw) at the French community annual event in Paris and... oh my god, I love them! Of all the things I have auditioned (including Jomo Trinity) the one I love the most :)

    The mids are beautiful and the bass is pretty great as well, the high take a back seat but are very nuanced and beautiful as well. Such a romantic tuning :heart_eyes: Soundstage is not huge but coherent and doesn’t feel confined at all there is enough air and good separation.

    I know I am going to love them no doubt they’re everything I was hoping for :D

    Now I am even more eagerly waiting for their arrival... and I am definitely a Custom Art convert, FIBAE 4 I am looking at you now...
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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  3. jago
    They're good'uns!
    Hours and hours of non fatiguing pure enjoyment!
  4. subguy812
    I had a feeling you would feel that way
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  5. kubig123
    Glad you liked the Black, hopefully mine will be shipped next week, finger crossed :fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed:
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  6. annasoh323
    Neat! Custom or universal? Any unique face plate patterns?

    Good to see your impressions! Someday, I'll find a headphone/audio store down here... Maybe after this windstorm we're getting hit with dissipates. When did you get your payment confirmation? (I'm trying to see if we're in line at the same time :) )
  7. kubig123
    I always get customs, just went with black faceplate and my company logo ...
  8. annasoh323
    Oh yeah, that's right, I recall seeing you selling your ME's before which means that CA already has your impressions and all that. Good stuff. Do you own your own company? I couldn't imagine getting an employer logo on a CIEM if I worked for someone.
  9. kubig123
    Yes, but I sent a new set of impressions, the others were over 2 years long, and even if my fibae still fit perfect;y, it was time for a new one.
    Unfortunately I don’t own my company, but it’s such an iconic brand that I don’t mine.
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  10. annasoh323
    Ah, got it. How many CA IEMs have you had?
  11. kubig123
    That’s my fifth one...
    My first one was the EI.XX, it was my first custom
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  12. annasoh323
    Awesome. Really looking forward to your impression of the Black, then!
  13. davidcotton
    "Just" the three for me, start of as custom, don't fit and have them universalized. Got the Music Two, Fibae 2 and now the Black. Had been tempted by the massdrop a while back but a)price and b)fit issues put me off. It's only the 3-d printing that's tempted me back this time.
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  14. davidmolliere
    My confirmation actually dates back to December 19th... quite a while back in fact... still 2/3 weeks to wait apparently.

    I ordered custom, with the superb clear faceplate Piotr showed pictures of :)
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
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  15. dwang040
    Wow, Dec. 19th, that's quite a while back! Ordered mine "recently" Jan 14 with the blue/ purple fade (loved the color combo on the fibae one shop example). Went with universals, but might see if a reshell is possible in the future/ custom tips.
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