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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Richter Di
  2. eliwankenobi
    That is the idea, yes. But perhaps calling the Sxfi a “source” was not correct. The idea is PC -> Sxfi amp -> Thx amp.
  3. Sentenery
    I'm using the superxfi with Kodi but unsure of the settings to make Kodi
    output 7.1. It shows up as SXFI AMP - Analog and SXFI AMP - SPDIF

    With the Analog option when I choose 7.1 there's no sound, with the
    SPDIF option there's no 7.1 option. Sound comes out but I can't tell if it's
    true 7.1 or upconverted stereo.

    What are your settings?
  4. Moebiushaydn
    I purchased the SXFI AIR today and I must be doing something wrong, because it sounds abysmal with Super X-Fi turned on. Instead of improving the spatial qualities of the audio, it seems to squash everything into a narrower, more confined space. And it adds an obnoxious amount of reverb that is extremely noticeable when watching movies, as though the speech was recorded in tiny rooms with metal walls.

    Suspect something may have gone awry during the 'personalisation'/head mapping phase. Has anyone experienced a dramatic difference just by performing a new round of head mapping?
  5. eliwankenobi
    something that helped me was to rescan my head. First time I did it doing a selfie. Second time I asked someone to take the picture and center it carefully and it was much better the second time around. Hope that helps
  6. obiwon

    Any chance u have the air connected to the amp creating double SXFI? I did that and the sound was too much. Once I took out the amp it was great.
  7. Moebiushaydn
    Thanks for the quick and helpful replies. I performed the head mapping with the help of someone and made sure it was done in good lighting. Re: double amping, nope—have tried both Bluetooth and USB connections. Both sounded equally terrible... unlistenable.

    Edit: What I’ll do is attempt the head mapping again. Hopefully something changes.
  8. obiwon
    then probably a defective unit. i would contact their customer support. they were really responsive for me.
  9. Richter Di
    Like @eliwankenobi I did the first round myself. When I got the help of a second person, we did several re-shoots careful examining the way SXFI created a meaningful grid over my ears. And yes, when I listened to my first go and the second one, there was quite a difference.
    eliwankenobi likes this.
  10. Moebiushaydn
    I've performed a new round of head mapping with the help of a colleague who also owns the AIR. And sadly, nothing much has changed. I guess the SXFI effect just doesn't sit well with me. Instead of experiencing the purported expansiveness of sound, I get a strong sense of claustrophobia. The only saving grace is that the headphone is somewhat decent with SXFI turned off.
  11. Cevisi
    I dont like the sxfi for music but its mighty in films or games try it
  12. Moebiushaydn
    Yes, I purchased it specifically for movies. It sounds dreadful to me—the heavy-handed reverb blends everything into indistinct mush.
  13. Cevisi
    Did you try whit a different headphone ? I use headmapping whit the casual headphome pre set on flat eq whit my dt 770 250ohm and its alot better then dolby atoms
  14. Moebiushaydn
    Unfortunately, I’m using the SXFI Air and not the amp, so changing out headphones isn’t an option.
  15. Radical_53
    I had the same issues with the amp. Instead of feeling spacious I only had extreme reverb and distortion.
    I tried it back and forth and never found a setting that I really liked.

    I’ll wait a while and check back where they might go with this tech.
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