Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Erik Garci
    Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography



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  2. mbyrnes
    Nice! Not exactly the Smyth Research Realizer A16, but a nice, inexpensive option for the masses. Hopefully it performs much better than current VSS options.
  3. Richter Di
  4. Moochibond
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  5. jgazal
    No looking angles for interpolation and head tracking...

    @pinnahertz, you may want to check this one too.
  6. LajostheHun
    I'm a A 16 backer from 2016 but I also want this for mobile use, wish it had BT built into the dongle though, don't like wired headphones for outdoors anymore.
  7. richard51
    I am very interested in that... But my question is this dongle will be compatible with any headphones? my headphone of choice is a hybrid vintage one the AKG K 340..... I suppose that this dongle will be between the dac and the headphone am I right?
  8. Moochibond
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  9. LajostheHun
    The dongle is DAC/Amp plus the SOC that does the processing, they said any headphone will work with it, but they recommend headphones that are "certified" by them meaning there will be a built in correction curve in the phone app for them so the X-Fi processing can do a better job. They said that the list of those headphones will be growing as time goes by.
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  10. richard51
    Thanks pretty much.... I dont think that the use of the vintage AKG K340 that is already difficult to drive by any headphone amp. will be possible then....Alas I am in love with them, and this dongle will only do for cinema with an other headphone.... Audiophile listening necessitate amp +dac of the higher caliber.... For the price this dongle will be a marvel for sure,but not for audiophile music listening... For cinema... The Smyth Realizer is the only route then for audiophile music listening I think... No audiophile listen with a phone....
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  11. LajostheHun
    if you watch the video made by Mark of AVS forum you can see that this is for music as well, his impression was that the image was moved front of him the same way speakers are in a room, which is one of the chief goals of any "out of your head" processing. As far as the "audiophile" thing I use that more of a "knock" than a "badge" :wink: also you can't take the realiser with you, I'm looking at this a mobile solution strictly.
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  12. richard51
    Thanks....I will probably buy one.... The Smyth is way too cost much for me....This dongles seems very interesting anyway....I will throw off my badge for that, please dont knock me....:ksc75smile:

  13. froes
    I don't believe that this can reach the perfprmance of the Smyth system, but it could be exactly what I'm looking for: a small portable device that enables surround for headphones.
    I had two current candidates
    and this could be a new one, as my usage scenario is music, not gaming.
  14. Jearly410
    Are you also considering the Creative E5? Same thing as G5 but more portable.
  15. halcyon
    Any words on latency?

    The CEO says "the first incarnation will be on USB dongle", so clearly they have more products coming out. Apparentely at least integrated to headphones (licensed?)

    I wonder if they will let 3rd party professionals to do at-ear-canal measurements for better accuracy. That pinnae / head photo doesn't sound very promising to me, regardless of what they claim (you can't really photograph inside the ear canal and a lot of resonances are created there, it's not just a standard width/length tube).
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