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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. ochdx
    I have no idea what ohm does, but with 598 the distortions start at 35-40% volume when there is heavy bass. But they are also twice as loud, if not more than twice as loud as the HD6xx, but only with sxfi. With ZXR and GSX they are about equally loud, and free of distortion.

    I guess something is not matching on the ohm rating that causes the 598 to rattle with the sxfi.
  2. ochdx
    Damn, playing more with Sxfi and HD6XX, and this is just utterly orgasmic!
  3. musicphotolife
    Totally agree. I'm using HD650 and because it's open back, it really feels like the sound is coming out of my ears. Many times, my ears were tricked thinking that the sound came from my phone speakers before I realised it is coming from the headphones.
  4. ochdx
    Do you wish they were a little more loud? The 598 were ridiculously loud with the Sxfi, felt like being in a club right next to the speaker, albeit there were a lot of distortions and rattling.
  5. Zenvota
    Tiny amps distort at higher levels, especially in sub bass frequencies, as do the sennheisers(although that shouldnt necessarily by audible distortion on the headphones so much as less clarity down low), theres no way to get around it. If I run a pair of EL8s on a dragonfly black the bass is a mess, if i run them on my desktop rig ultra clean 20-30hz sub bass rattles my feet.
  6. dragon5
    wow, "tricked thinking that the sound came from phone speakers" - sound quality is so bad?
  7. musicphotolife
    Haha allow me to qualify. It happens to me only at the start of the listening playback when the volume is low. I have the habit of lowering the volume when I change audio source. It probably won't be the case if you started playing with loud volume.
  8. Sunshinewelly
    can anyone confirm what would be the best unit to use with a 50/50 mix of movies and gaming on my pc / xbox.

    i was looking at the creative x6 , the x-fi amp or even sensinhers gsx 1000

    I own a pair ofHD599 headphones and audio techinca AD900 headphones

    what i really like is a sounstrack thats basically out of your head space.

    I tried a software solution the "out of your head" demo and that was very good. However there was a problem with latency and the software itself was just as expensive as the devices i have listed above
  9. Cevisi
    I love the sxfi for films and and games and i can take it outside whit my phone

    I think for games the g6 is the best but its not mobile so the sxfi is the best allrounder
  10. Radical_53
    Does the G6 use a different technology then ZXR or AE-5, for example?
  11. Zenvota
    OOYH, Waves NX, Redscape, and SXFI are the only options that are gonna get the audio out of the head, however, none of those can be used with an xbox, you'll need something like the g6 which can accept a dolby digital/dts 5.1 signal via optical, decode, and convert to binaural stereo using sbx

    no they all use sbx
  12. Zenvota
    OOYHs gaming preset is one time $25 and may have lower latency for you. dont forget to EQ your headphones flat when using these hrtf convolution binaural renderers.
  13. RRod
    Tested out a 40Hz tone to L vs a 40Hz tone to LFE and the latter definitely put out more juice (didn't get a good measure so can't be sure it's the 10dB standard). Boosting the LFE manually 10dB and then sending it to the SXFi results in waaaaaay to much bass, so that does't seem to have been their intention.
  14. eliwankenobi
    ok, so finally was able to properly setup this thing and play a bit. I like it a lot! The included Aurvana SEs are actually pretty nice! A little less cumbersome than my m40x with the 3rd party thick ear padding and headband. Wish cables were replaceable (what is this 1995??). They do work well with the amp. Played some Battlefront 2 and I was definitely hearing blast shots coming from everywhere. Very very nice indeed. Compared to HeSuVi though... it has an edge over it but not by much. Would love to have more of the certified higher end headphones. I wish I could afford some HD800, But maybe settle for the new HD660s and sell my HD600.
  15. Cevisi
    There was a new update cant find new patch notes did someone reconigez some changes ?
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