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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. eliwankenobi
    How would this work?. Is there a Waves software and that will output 7.1 to the SXfi amp? Is the software itself free?
  2. Zenvota
    o, i was joking, uhh i have accidently used 2 renderers(ooyh and redscape) at the same time though and it seemed to push everything out further but I never tinkered with it more.

    I suppose you would use waves for the head tracking https://www.waves.com/nx/mac-windows-app and then output waves binaural stereo to the sxfi, but theres no binaural 7.1 output ;]
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2019
  3. scully
    It was depressing to read that both the PS4 and PS4 Pro apparently only support stereo 2.0 over usb, until I discovered they are also working on a Creative SXFI TV Box that should have HDMI in and out with ~4 usb ports that will also purportedly support the current $150 SXFI Amp. That should make the current amp effectively work with everything with an HDMI out for what it's worth, but no release date atm. There seems to be very little news/buzz around this, so figured I'd add it here in case people have missed it, can't wait for this to be released:


    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
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  4. ochdx
    Bought one these, and I'm not sure what to think. Using it with HD598, and the amp delivers a lot more punch than both my Soundblaster ZXR and Sennheiser GSX 1200 amp. However, even at about 40% volume I start hearing distortions, especially with sxfi turned on.
  5. x7007
    did you update firmware and app? did you install the creative sxfi control software?
    did you calibrate using the phone?
    did you set the proper headphones in the sxfi control software?
    which audio quality do you try to playback which has distortion?

    I am using hd800s and 55% volume hearing usually flac, mp3 256 and above and movies truehd atmos or dts 5.1 didn't hear distorton only hearing on specific parts of some movies or songs which is how they did the mastering and those came through.
  6. ochdx
    Yes to everything. The distortions are heard pretty much on anything that has heavy base regardless of the source - youtube, flac, mp3. The distortions are present on PC, Mac and phone.

    I question the quality of the amp in this thing. Such a tiny unit pushing more juice than GSX1000 and ZxR - there's gotta be a trade off.
  7. obiwon
    Might be your unit. I have cranked mine to 100 and never had any distortion unless I was using a low quality headphone. Certainly my LCD-4 did not have any distortion.
  8. ochdx
    What do you think about HD598? Could it over power them?
  9. obiwon
    could you the SXFI amp power the 598??? it can pretty much power anything except a pair of stax.
  10. ochdx
    I mean could it over power them to the point of distortion?
  11. obiwon
    I don't know I have never tried them. I do know that the PXC550 easily gets distorted at higher volumes and they cost a little bit more than the 598. Why not take your amp to a hifi store and connect it to a high end headphone to see if the issue is with the amp or with your headphones. My guess would be that its your headphones.
  12. ochdx
    That is a good idea, I will try it with some different headphones.

    On another note, how is this little unit able to provide so much juice? Most headphone amps are rather large desktop units, and ever my GSX 1200 doesn't provide anywhere near as much power.
  13. obiwon
    Who knows. Maybe the other guys make their units so big to justify the price tag and house other inputs/outputs/features. But I have demoed the Amp against very expensive and large amps and there was no difference. IMO amps are mostly snake oil just like cables.
  14. Falkentyne
    The Amp seems to handle Bass differently than the Sennheiser GSX-1000.
    Go to the sound test in volume properties on the GSX-1000 and test the "Subwoofer".
    Notice how it sounds? It sounds like a drum, right?
    (My X-fi Fatal1ty also has the "drum" sound on the bass test, but see below).

    Now go to the X-fi and test it.
    It sounds like an actual subwoofer rather than a 'drum'.

    I noticed that on my old X-Fi Fatal1ty PCIE:
    If I set the creative console panel to "Headphones" (so it uses CMSS 3D, their older HRTF for 5.1 surround sound), the bass sound also sounds like a drum.
    But when I set the creative console panel to "5.1 surround sound", it sounds like an actual subwoofer..

    I'm guessing there is a lot of gain in the bass. Probably from it emulating an actual reference loudspeaker room with an actual subwoofer, and many headphones are not designed for a bass gain like that. My V-moda Crossfade 2 handles it quite well (tested up to 50% volume in something massively bass heavy---The Diablo 1 "Cathedral" map music...Probably try a different headphone preset and mess with the EQ.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  15. johnn29
    I thought the same thing with the bass - it really felt like a real room's sub response. With a 7.1 setup you do a +10db boost on the LFE anyway, but I've tried boosting other HRTF bass and it doesn't sound the same. The only other one that does is some of the OOYH presets.
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