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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Ripley
    The Super X-Fi works on the PS4 and Switch, but can only receive a stereo signal from them. (Not surprising for the Switch, but disappointing on the PS4.) The device will still enable an out-of-the-head effect, making it sound like you're listening to a pair of speakers in a room, but the only way to get a 5.1 or 7.1 signal to the device is through the PC.
  2. stavros.m

    Hey thanks for letting me know it works good for gaming
  3. stavros.m
    thats what i was thinking, that it was only for pc to get the full effect Would you have any recommendation amp or headset

  4. Cevisi
    Creative G6 whit your 990
    Or arctis pro whit game dac

    I would take the first one
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
  5. stavros.m
    as a noob why the G6 over the sxfi amp for gaming just curious since they are roughly the same price in CDN
  6. Cevisi
    Cuz it is 7.1 on playstation got 24\192kbs instead of 24\92 in the sxfi

    The g6 is made for gaming the sxfi is more a portable solution if you want to use the amp just for gaming i think the g6 is better

    How i said i got the sxfi cuz i use it on my phone and pc
  7. Zenvota
    Heh, the advice is correct but the facts are a little off... 24/192 7.1? nope. It can accept lossy dolby digital or dts 5.1 via optical and output binaural stereo using sbx surround.
  8. stavros.m
    Hey thanks for the input so you also recommend the g6 over the sxfi amp. Just curious i see in your signature you have the Audeze Mobius how do you like that. i was also looking at that

  9. Zenvota
    If your goal is surround sound via a console, tv, etc. not a pc, then yes stick with an external soundcard or mixamp that specifically states optical toslink input with dolby/dts decoding(accepts an encoded bitstream of 5.1 dolby digital or dts, and decodes the audio) and sbx / dts headphone x / dolby headphone / etc. surround(converts the decoded 5.1 stream to binaural stereo using hrtf convolution).

    I like the Mobius alot, but its also 5.1/7.1 over pc only, I use mine almost exclusively as bluetooth headphones.
  10. Gorhug
    The 96kHz option should be enough to distinguish them, but you can also check driver info and look for the file usbaudio2.sys which is the class 2 driver.
    voidPtr likes this.
  11. Cevisi
    Did someone now if the delivert cable is a 2.0 or 3.1 usb ?
  12. eliwankenobi
    Do you guys know if the Sxfi can be used in conjunction with Waves NX headtracker dongle? That would be awesome...
  13. Zenvota
    no... but you can use waves with the waves head tracker (・。・) well, you could use waves and sxfi together
  14. musicphotolife
    I would say, for convenience, go for SXFI Air headset as it supports Bluetooth, USB Audio, 3.5mm and even microSD source. But the headphones are heavy on treble, so you need to run through EQ. Use the SXFI app and EQ which will be saved into the hardware, thereafter any inputs will be EQ.




    SXFI Amp is more versatile as it allows you to use your own headphones, but it only works with wires. If you need audiophile quality, then the Amp is definitely a better option.

    I also own the Mobius, and when plugged to PC, the DAC instantly supports 7.1. When I plug SXFI Amp, I need to go to sound settings to change to 5.1/7.1 before I can hear better surround. I like that the Mobius is fun to listen to with the sound localisation, but they are heavy and less out-of-the-head.

    I now prefer listening with the SXFI Amp over HD650 at low volumes. It really make me feel as if I am listening from speakers in the room, and keeps me engaged with my family since HD650 is open-back. For movies and more immersive experience, Mobius works better for me.
  15. Cevisi

    I think my sxfi amp does nothing change on the sound quality any more i can just go higher volume did you now why ?
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