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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. SweetEars
    anyone got the 1.32 firmware app? it removed away the 96 khz option format i cant choose it ...
  2. SweetEars
    i updated to the 1.33 firmware and the sound sucks now... the option to choose 96khz is gone...creative sucks
  3. x7007
    I still have all option with latest firmware 1.33.01 . 96khz and the sound quality is great. I just watched a movie in auro 3d sound mix. movie salyut 7.
  4. Cevisi
    Sound feels likeit got bader whit every update
  5. daid1
    IMG_20190310_175129_HDR.jpg :ksc75smile:
  6. Cevisi
    Did you get it new how you think about it
  7. daid1
    Did you asked to me about the sxfi?
  8. Cevisi
  9. daid1
    so yes, I bought it new from the official site with the free SE headphones, to me it worth it to have some that can make any headphones sound different, with the EX1000 I lost some details and some definition, and the timbre is different but my ears accustomized to it in less then one minute, but with the SXFI I like to be a spectator and not "in" the music as usual, is two different way to hear the sound and I like them both
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  10. Cevisi
    Yes same as i get the sxfi new there was much more detail as whitout after all these updates they are gone
  11. Gorhug
    I've run into this a couple of times, from what I can tell there are two things going on here:
    1) after updating the SXFI firmware, Windows sometimes thinks it's seeing a new device it hasn't seen before and installs drivers for it again
    2) because of a Windows bug, whenever Windows installs drivers for SXFI, it sometimes installs the old USB Audio class 1 driver instead of the new class 2 driver the SXFI also supports. If/when this happens, you can fix it by uninstalling in Windows the driver for SXFI and unplugging and replugging the device. Windows should install the correct driver on second try. 96kHz option and all channel layouts should work again after that.
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  12. SweetEars
    ok managed to resolve it yesterday after upgrading to windows 1809 , and some post update resolved it. .. windows crappy driver management is the cause.

    yes the windows bug has been there forever... it is the cause of low quality audio in windows 10 .
    basically a loss in reverb effects especially with conexant sound card and also an external connected sound cards
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
  13. voidPtr
    Thanks for sharing this, how can one recognize which driver is installed? Is the 96kHz option a sufficient indicator? Is there maybe some string in the driver properties one can look at to see which class is installed?
  14. stavros.m
    Hey Everyone,

    I went through the last few pages and couldn't find an answer. How is the amp or the sxfi headsets for gaming. I was either debating on buying the air c or just the amp and use by dt990' any recommendation on the best route. Also does the 3d sound work for PS4 and switch also or just pc.

    thanks in advance for the help
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  15. Cevisi
    I use the amp for gaming whit the dt770 250 ohm and i love it the surround sound is increadible and it gets loud enough i use it on 50% whit your 990 it should be better

    BUT if you just want to play maybe the G6 could be better i never try it

    I get the sxfi instead of the g6 cuz i want it use on my phone on the way too
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
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