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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. x7007
    just performance improvement
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  2. tan1415
    How does the sxfi compare with the audioquest blackdragon purely as stereo amp
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2019
  3. x7007
    u can't compare cause they different tech
    the sxfi is more like out of your head like 7.1 speaker without echo and calibrated sound to your ears.
  4. Cevisi
    You can use the sxfi amp on the go whit your android phone and its better for games becouse the out of your head surround you can disable it and listen to normal mode like the dragon fly get the sxfi
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  5. illram
    What is the latest firmware number? When I try to check for updates on my phone is just searches endlessly and I have to unplug it to stop it, anyone else experienced this?
  6. eliwankenobi
    On the PC it found an update and was rather painless. Don’t remember what was the latest version now though... can update later.
  7. x7007
    you can't update firmware from pc. on pc it's sxfi control center or something 3.39

    latest is 1.34.01 or 1.34.02

    make sure u have updated sxfi app at least 1.10 I think just get the newest 1.20.01
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  8. masterstroke
    Has anybody experience of the bluetooth version of SuperX-Fi & if it will be a good fit for Apple TV?
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  9. Cevisi
    Dont think so
  10. masterstroke
    After further investigation have discovered that because of bluetooth latency issues movies etc can only be watched on PC & Mac via USB. OK for music though.
  11. ochdx
    And so, right now I have the following devices.

    Sound blaster ZxR
    Sennheiser GSX 1200
    Schiit Magnu 3 headphone amp (just got it, paired it with the GSX 1200)
    Creative Super X-Fi amp
    Sennheiser HD6xx headphones

    Some feedback for those who care.

    1) The GSX1200 and ZxR have roughly the same amount of power, and clearly not enough to drive HD6xx at full potential. Even at 100 volume there isn't enough kick. Super X-Fi has a lot more power, despite its tiny size.
    2) Super X-fi blows ZxR and GSX out of the water when it comes to spatial sound effects, as well as Windows Sonic and Dolby headphone. GSX has better spatial effect for games, but ZxR has better spatial sound for music, at least to me.
    3) GSX paired with Magnu has about the same power as the Super X-Fi, which is once again very astonishing how such tiny portable amp can output as much power as a big desktop unit. However at full blast GSX+Magnu provides much cleaner sound, while Super X-Fi starts to have minimal distortions, that are only noticeable if you compare it directly against GSX-Magnu. That said, at full blast both these setups can make you deaf, and if you keep them under 80% both provide clean sound.

    Basically for $150 I think the Super X-Fi is awesome. I can only imagine how good SoundblasterX AE-9 is going to be if it supports Super X-Fi and uses audiophile quality components.
  12. eliwankenobi
    That will inevitably happen. But I am saving my pennies to get the Massdrop THX AAA 789 amp with the Sxfi AMP as a source. Also feeling the itch to upgrade from my HD600, but amp is first.
  13. Yh173088
    Which headphones should I choose if I am using a Sennheiser HD 600 ?
  14. pokerlife
    Im confused.. You are going to plug the Sxfi into the THX amp ? What do you mean use the Sxfi as source.
  15. ochdx
    I don't know if its such a good idea, you should wait for AE-9 and then pair it with another amp if anything.
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