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Creative Super X-Fi - Matches for headphones not on the list

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  1. Richter Di
    The Super X-Fi has a relative small list of headphones it supports directly.
    So we have to find for our headphones at home those who fit the best to the ones on the list.
    The idea would be to add your preferences as a comment and I would add it up here.
    So lets start.

    Headphone at home -> From the Super X-Fi list
    Fostex Massdrop TH-X00 Ebony -> E-MU Walnut or Aurvana Live! @Richter Di
    Massdrop x Noble X in ears -> Shure SE846 @Richter Di
    Ultrasone Edition 9 -> Creative Aurvana Live!2 @Richter Di
    Hifiman HE-500 -> Hifiman HE400S @Richter Di
    mitchell & johnson MJ2 -> Shure SE846 @Richter Di
    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80ohm) -> Sennheiser HD 280 pro @Richter Di
    Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro 250 Ohm -> Sony MDR-XB950N1 @Richter Di
    KZ ZSA inEar -> Venture Electronics Monk Plus @Richter Di
    iSine 10s -> Shure SE846 @Ripley
    Sennheiser Momentum in ears -> Shure SE846 @Cevisi
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  2. Richter Di
  3. Richter Di
    Now the Ultrasone Edition 9 was a difficult one.
    I really tested every possible solution and I have to say to my surprise a close contender to the final vote, the "Creative Aurvana Live!2" was the Nuforce EDC3 in Ear. Which was surprising. The Edition 9 headphones - while over the ear - are very close to the ear, so it makes sense that an inEar profile could also work.
  4. Richter Di
    Not a big surprise: Hifiman HE-500 -> Hifiman HE400S
    I tried the rest of the list, and especially the Sennheiser HD 569 and the HD 598 produe a bit more forward presentation, but the HE 400S profile is more musical.
  5. Richter Di
    Next on the list, the mitchell & johnson MJ2.
    A great sounding headphone with a good price value.

    The best fitting profiles were the Audio Technica ATH-AD700, the Sennheiser HD 569, the inEar Shure SE846.
    I prefered the claritiy of the Shure SE846.
    The A to B comparison makes clear, the Super X-Fi adds a lot to the musical experience Such a great device.
    I really wished i could do my on inEar measurements like with the Smyth A16.
  6. oferpo
    Could you recommend an IEM (sub 200$) that will work well with the SXFI?
    what should I look for? soundstage and imaging?
    Thank you
  7. Richter Di
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  8. oferpo
    Thank you, these looks amazing, but are too expensive and might sound a little too flat to me (i mostly listen to EDM/TECHNO and prefer big sound with sparkles and fireworks).
    here are the options i was looking at:
    Secret garden
    Denon ah-c820
    Future Sonics Spectrum Series G10
    Pioneer SE-CX8
    MDR 7550 (if i can get a used one)

    out of these, which would you get for the sxfi experience?
    thank you!
  9. FLIR
    Great idea!

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80ohm) -> What would you recommend?

    Thank you!

    Btw.: Do you know how to set the "Gain" on the SXFI-Amp (16,32,300,600 ohm)?
  10. Richter Di
    Sorry, I do not own any of these. So no idea.
    I asure you the massdrop x noble x is not flat (in a negative sense). Only natural in the best sense. Got mine used for a very fair price.
  11. Richter Di
    To my own surprise it is not the Beyerdynamic DT 880 or DT 990 profile, but the Sennheiser HD 280 pro. Now the Beyerdynamic profile have a complete different volume, so you have to crank the potentiometer really hard down or up when comparing them.

    You have + and - button for volume control, but you can not set the output impedance of the amplifier.
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  12. FLIR
    Thank you, that is very helpful!

    The DT 770s are closed-back, in contrast to the 880s and 990s, maybe thats the reason? The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro are also closed-back HPs...

    Btw: You have the DT 1770s? Are they good for VSS (especially compared to the DT 770s)? I like the 770s for VSS, because they are very "transparent" and I need closed-back HPs for "privacy". Maybe I should upgrade to the DT 1770s...
  13. Richter Di
    You are very welcome!

    I guess you are totally right.

    Yes, I own the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro 250 Ohm and they are just great headphones.
    I am not sure if they are especially great for virtual suround sound, I will have to wait for my Smyth Realizer A16 to find out.
    With the Super X-Fi, I will need another day to test them.
    Also, Super X-Fi just updated the Firmware today and sound changed a bit with it in my opinion.
  14. FLIR
    Thats great to hear. I will get the amp on monday - cant wait to finally try it out!
  15. Richter Di
    Hope you enjoy it!
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