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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. eliwankenobi
    yesterday I was watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, very dialogue heavy episode by the way... Was using the AMP and with the SXFI ON I did notice the reverb at first, in about 5 mins I completely forgot about it. Occasionally I would turn it OFF and the whole image would collapse to my ears. I would put it back ON and it went back to what now I felt was a more "natural" presentation. Definitely much more enjoyable with it ON than OFF. I hope they work out the reverb soon though, but after last night, I realized that at least for me, it is not such a big deal. So far I had been using it for gaming only and then I used my LH Labs Pulse X Infinity for music and movies. It was a pleasant surprise.

    EDIT: Forgot to add, I am using the Senheiser HD600 with the HD598 profile as it supposedly has a sound signature very similar to the HD600. So far its sounding good. I get the surround effects and the front image feels in front of me instead of an arch above me, which is always nice!
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
  2. FLIR
    Same here, I bought the SXFI amp in January, absolutely hated the SXFI effect (too much reverb, bathroom sound, etc), but I use the amp (SXFI off) in combination with WavesNX and am very satisfied. The sound quality of WavesNX is simply great: transparent and clear...
  3. Cevisi
    How did you get waves nx and sxfi amp work toghether i just can activat waves nx tru 3.5 directly on my laptop
  4. x7007
    for me it's perfect, in movies truehd dts MA , flax songs,games. comparing to on and disable is something impossible to think I can do without it sounds like real 7. 1 speakers and the sound coming from 7.1 speakers in headphone it sound like that because it sound like it's 7.1 outside ur head, in ur room. that's what it meant to do
  5. FLIR
    The Waves NX app lets you choose the "Output Device" (in "Settings"), I just select "SXFI amp" and thats it...
  6. FLIR
    I also get the "out of your head effect" with SXFI, but there is too much reverb for my taste...
  7. illram
    I find the reverb too much for movies and music but I find it acceptable in the first person shooter games I play, mostly because the positional cues are just so accurate and precise that I can overlook the reverb.

    For whatever reason I definitely do get used to the reverb if I leave it on long enough, but I just don't like it enough initially that I don't want to get used to it.

    I am curious to see if the new firmware that I can't seem to get on the device makes the reverb go down a peg.
  8. Radical_53
    In FPS it always felt like clipping or distortion.

    The combination of ZXR and my headphones (Ultrasone HFI 780) already has very nice positional audio (both heading and height) and doesn't feel like everything was "in your head".
    They'll surely update their list with more headphones and improve the ear/head scanning in the future.
  9. x7007
    New firmware 140.07
    you can update now using the SXFI Console app from windows .
  10. Cevisi
    Any noticeable changes ?
  11. x7007
    going home back from work I did the update through TeamViewer. I'll update when I am home
  12. x7007
    Still Hear perfect :D

    don't know if better , but there is maybe more bass , I am not sure.

    and a bit more separation

    I am using 800s headphones so I also use +2 on the bass EQ . it gives me enough bass overall .

    But it seems this +2 has more bass without blowing it out

    My guesses and hearing are correct, my friend also just updated from 1.32 and and hear exactly the same differences .
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
  13. Cevisi
    More bass ? Ok there wad enough bass for my taste but i will test out when i get home
  14. Moebiushaydn
    The Out Of Your Head effect is what I crave, but I’m not experiencing any of it. Ironically, turning SXFI off does a better job. Have reached out to the Creative folks to see if they can help with my head mapping because there’s something I’m doing wrong, based on the stellar reviews I’m seeing here.
  15. pokerlife
    How do you update in windows.. Mine says its up to date and its Version: I click check for update and it says i have latest version here in USA
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