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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. x7007
    go to the firmware tab above on the top
  2. pokerlife
    Is there any way to roll it back in case i dont like the update? Im pretty happy with how it already sounds
  3. x7007
    not that I know..

    but there is no way the firmware will make it sound worse. the update it to be better . anyway my friend is like you, and then he updated and he's happy
  4. stavros.m
    I am so on the fence of getting the amp for purely gaming not competitive game i prefer more of the fun sound and occasionally watching a tv episode. I am currently trying dolby atmos for headphones how does it compare. Also thinking of getting the mobius headset.
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  5. Cevisi
    I love itbfor gaming i buy it just for gaming too but now i use it whit sxfi off for music on my phone too

    Games sound natural and real you whitout its like there is somthing in central of you left and right and whit sxfi its like front above ceter left above inbetween there is somthing in you back its very nice for gaming
  6. x7007
    Guys,, after the firmware update from SXFI Control do you have this 2 device in the device manager that keep coming every shut down after removing them ?? restart doesn't bring them back , but only shutdown .

  7. RPGWiZaRD
    Will have to give this another try soon again if things have improved with couple of firmware updates, mine has been sitting on the shelf since I got it and gave it some testing. For me the sound quality with SXFI turned on was the biggest letdown, it had too much of a negative impact on sound quality (muddy bass and lacking 10kHz+ presence so bad the frequencies sounded like they were almost deleted completely) that whatever positive aspects it tried to bring didn't outwin the negative sound quality hit. Waves Nx software solution for example brought a noticeable less negative hit.

    But then again I belong to the odd exception that adores recent Realtek onboard soundchips (1150 and more importantly 1220 due better isolation on the PCB so it's free of noise from other components) for the specific reason I haven't been able to find another DAC which gives me equally "around-the-head" / wide&deep soundstaging out of box when using 5.1 speaker setting without any hints of a "processed sound" like all these various surround algorithms tends to add. The SFXI chip sounds I'd say "reasonable" (somewhat on the crisp side of neutral) with SFXI turned off but there's a big difference in sound staging between the two, the Realtek simply provides me a much more natural more clear soundstaging, it's more out-of-the-head sounding especially when 5.1 speakers are used but with the Creative DAC it's significantly more boxed sounding, like there's no comparison and it doesn't matter how I configure speaker settings either. But the same can be also said with for example my ZXR and STX II, I simply prefer how Realtek does the soundstaging that seems to do it in some unique way in the drivers somehow in regards to how it handles the HRTF for 5.1/7.1 speaker settings (I slightly prefer 5.1 over 7.1). Best explained it sounds more like sitting in a concert hall but without added reverb in comparison to a living room listening experience.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
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  8. Moebiushaydn
    This has been my experience with SXFI as well. After three rounds of head mapping with no discernible difference in quality, I’ve come to accept that the SXFI signature isn’t for me. Still unlistenable with the effect turned on, and with zero out-of-your-head benefits to boot. Am scratching my head as to how it has garnered so many accolades...
  9. eliwankenobi
    I would get in contact with Creative. As this might mean that the calculated HRTF based on your pictures needs some working on...It's all about the HRTF thing.

    My goal is they would come up with in-ear microphones so we can then send the data to Creative for them to create HRTF based on the pictures AND measurements. Then add headtracking as well!

    The shortcoming is that in doing measurements.. you measure the room and depending on how good the room is and the sound system used, your HRTF would be based on that. Perhaps adding capturing your hrtf using over-ear headphones on top of the mics? to help capture your ear's impulse response and work with that in addition to the picture? Just rambling here.

    If they come up with these, the SXFI tech could be so much better, and it wouldn't necessarily mean to re-do all the hardware as this all pertains to making the HRTF. Once that is done, it's just a matter of sending the profile to the SXFI device..
  10. Moebiushaydn
    Thanks—yes, I’ve reached out to them to enquire if they can assist with my head mapping. No response as yet, but I remain hopeful.
  11. Cevisi
    In my head mappings there are big changes
  12. eliwankenobi
    Yeah, Creative needs to work on improving their photo based HRTF calculations.... Funny thing is that YEARS ago! on the Home Theater Geeks Podcast (RIP) Scott Wilkinson interviewed David Chesky (Chesky Records) right about when Binaural+ recordings where starting to be released on HDTracks and he specifically said "In the future it's all gonna be easy, you just take a picture of your ear and they calculate the HRTF and they are working on it now"..... The future is here now. This is what got me excited to for this thing. Now Creative needs to improve it!
  13. Cevisi
    Its work nice for me the setting for my friends sound for me not so gooe like the settings with my ear
  14. Falkentyne
    I wss in communication with Creative extensively about the 10 khz sine issue for many weeks and after several exchanges with engineers, we found that its working properly. I verified this with my 5.1 Klipsch setup. (I am just a poor gamer on a fixed income, keep this in mind--I do not have access to super expensive equipment like some of you guys do, so please no comments about people with $5,000+ hi-fi systems--that's not helping; your target is the Smyth Realiser A16). The SFXI is made to recreate a speaker surround sound room, not headphones. If you do the 10 khz test on regular satellite surround speakers, when sitting at -normal- distance from the speakers, you will also hear nothing distinct until unsafe volume levels (or volumes that can get you arrested in an apartment for normal sound playback). The only way you will hear anything otherwise is if you put your ears right next to your speakers, and you don't do that with 5.1 setups. The X-fi is recreating this perfectly. The problem is, with regular headphones or X-Fi "off", yes, of course you hear it perfectly (10khz+), because there you are going right back to speaker next to your ear mode. The GSX-1000 does this also-the directional cues are there, but it still sounds on top of your head rather than out of it (like surround speakers or x-fi on does). If you put the X-FI on khz test at volume 60+, then yes you can then hear it, as that's unsafe listening levels, just like the surround speakers. Creative asked me to verify this test and I verified that they are correct.
  15. Voodooman
    I just got mine today.
    I do not consider myself a die-hard audiophile, I just want to hear my MP3s and FLACs reasonably well, that's why use an LG G6 handset and a set of Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 80 Ohms.
    First off, The Aurvana SE included in the bundle are not very bad. I also tried a pair of Nokia by Monster and the Aurvana is much brighter, although a little weaker. Beyerdynamics do sound better than both.
    Now, about the Amp. At first I used it simply as an amp and, compared to the quad DAC of the G6, is much more powerful, G6's amp is not even close. When I turn X-Fi on, the sound is completely different. I'm not sure it's better all the time, some songs benefit from it, some lose. The thing is that it can be very fun sometimes, Hans Zimmer's Live at Prague opening medley sounds just great.
    I do not remember very well, but I have the feeling that I could achieve similar results with Viper4Android, back then, when I had a rooted Galaxy Note 4. But phone rooting is getting less and less necessary and for me it's not worth the fuss anymore, so these extra effects are nice to have.
    Bottom line, I'm glad I got it. The amp alone is really good and I will definitely need it when I'll buy new phone that won't have a good DAC like LG's. As fot the X-Fi, it surely deserves to be turned on at least once in every song, just to hear how it sounds. I just got a feeling that this little thing really drains my phone's battery.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
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