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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. perky
  2. audio123
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  3. taffy2207
    lolz wow, the evil side of ebay rears it's ugly head. That's crazy. I really like the Dignis one over that one anyway. But I think anything over £20 is too much. Someone really needs to make a Silicon jacket. I dropped my old C3 down the train platform steps whilst commuting a couple of times and it's still mint.
  4. pat1984
    I had a big problem with my PD today which I finally fixed but with a lot of headache involved. I had recently bought a 128GB Sandisk MicroSD card and put it in my PD. Yesterday somehow the card got corrupt and the PD could not read it anymore. I had to reformat the card and I tried to test with some other cards I have. Even with other cards I was getting stuck on database update screen on the PD. I decided to downgrade the firmware and try again. I was on 1.11 and went back to 1.10. To my horror, the folder play and song info were also messed up. Everytime I played any song on the SD card, only songs on the internal memory would play instead. I reformatted many of my SD cards but the problem persisted. I decided to go back to firmware 1.11 to see if that would fix it and lo and behold everything is fixed now. The sad part is that now many of my SD cards are empty and I need to again copy a lot of songs on them which would take a lot of time.
    Can anyone tell me how to downgrade the firmware to 1.10, should I delete some of the system files or something? Thanks in advance.
  5. miniskipper
    This has probably been asked already, but nevertheless:
    Is it possible to avoid the annoying "Database upgrade" at every start without switching standby-mode on?
  6. DanMUC
    Put it in sleep mode.
  7. miniskipper
    Hello DanMUC,
    question was if this could be achieved without activating sleep/standby (to avoid battery drain).
  8. DanMUC
    So it was, sorry - I skim read.
    But it's the best way - on my device, in sleep mode, the battery drains FAR FAR slower than if I start it up everytime and the database upgrade routine happens. Bizarre, but true!
  9. adraabi

    This PD sounds good both with pfe 232 and flc8s. Somehow I prefer PD sounds with all effect off :/
  10. audio123

    this is too much of a coincidence. I listened to both songs on plenue d with flc8s and the 122 ( close enough to the 232)
  11. adraabi

    Wow friend. Same taste of music here I guess :D
    Could you share the setting on your PD??
    Quite sometimes playing with PD's eq but in the end back to "normal" setting.
  12. audio123

    just normal haha
  13. jmills8

  14. audio123

  15. jmills8
    More like this - https://youtu.be/C4bU0Pj4Rs4
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