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Constructive "Anti-Beats" headphone discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pinoypogiman, Jun 9, 2012.
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  1. PinoyPogiman
    I have heard Beat's headphones before.
    decided to have a feel for them again except at Target, because the rubbish display ones at Bestbuy are haha, Damaged(the SoloHD pair they have for display has its earcup removed)
    the Quality of them is very dodgy, loud sounds of creaky plastic when you move the Headphone around.
    Cheap feeling plastic too.. not the durable feeling ABS plastic you'd feel with sennheisers or most Headphones
    but the creaky plastic... dear god
    I wore the SoloHD and the Comfort is same to the Sony ZX100, which i would consider uncomfortable compared to say; Koss Portapros
    i didnt pay much to sound when i tried them on, i only came to feel the aesthetics. and the Quality control is very horrid...
    Grado's are all super/Hot glued all together and Handmade by Gradolabs; and they all still feel very well made especially for a good cost
  2. Lan647
    Mixrs are fine, the rest... nah. 
  3. Nestroit
    the detox? really? no clarity whatsoever... they may look fancy but the HD 518 delivers much more clarity, yeah, the HD 518 is not bassy but it's much closer to high fidelity than ANY Monster Beats.
    and I am not even talking about the Top Tier cans in the price range of the "best" Monster Beats... AKG K701? Beyerdynamic DT880?
  4. streetdragon
    their studio's noise canceling system gives me an instant headache, feels like im stuck in a pressurised cabin or something
    how the heck could someone actually USE them on a day to day basis with this head implosion feature??
  5. Ishcabible
    Try actually using a pair outside a store and amping them. We don't view impressions of other headphones from a store that seriously, why should we do that with Beats? 
    Just to fan the flames a bit, give me an amped Detox over an early production K701. (I've read the Q701 has improved on the upper mids compared to the earlier K701s, hence the specificity, since the only variant I've tried is an "EP" K701.)
  6. purrin
    Well I wouldn't say that. Met someone on the Metrolink with Beats and we talked about headphones. I handed him an AT W1000X I had on hand and he was like whoa! It's not stupidity, it just that people don't know about better stuff.
    And I wouldn't blame people for not wanting to find out answer. I once sent a friend here to HF who was interested in headphones, and all she said to me that that this forum was just a bunch of people arguing about stupid stuff rather than providing answers.
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  7. warrenpchi Administrator
    Metrolink?  I run the OC line down from L.A.  Surprised we haven't bumped into each other sooner.
  8. Ishcabible
    Well... [​IMG]
  9. Nestroit

    the hd 518 and the dt 990 and k701 had the same source so it's a fair comparison and I even plugged the beats on my sony a845 - I guess they are built to perform well on mp4 players- wait nooooo.

    The solo were the worst, I can't remember that even the sennheiser cx 300 sounded that bad.
  10. machoboy
    That describes every forum on the internet though. You WANT to think that some forum will just be people stopping by to exchange useful information (kind of what the word "forum" once meant).
    In reality it ends up being something guys open when they're really bored and resorting to going around posting "use the search function noob" and "thread necromancy!" then getting into a feud over detachable cables using the ultimate insult of "troll".
    From nigerian incest porn to forum hallway monitors, the internet is a true lesson in the dangers of boredom. Imagine a room full of 100 guys taking turns formally analyzing why Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are so overrated day after day for like 7 months with brief lunch breaks. Wouldn't happen.... yet BEHOLD the internet...
  11. purrin
    It doesn't happen on every forum, and it certainly doesn't happen on mine. It's comes down to leadership and setting a tone (and this doesn't prevent people from having fun either).
  12. Parula
    I've never heard Beats before and doubt I will but I did purchase a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 which are "basshead" cans that are supposed to be better than Beats. I didn't like them at all. Over-inflated mushy bass, a harsh midrange, and veiled treble. They were also very uncomfortable. I imagine from what I've read here that Beats are similar.
  13. Skoobs
    Every time i want to talk to someone who has beats, I remember that their ears have been subject to "brain-in" (like the opposite of burn in, where your ears and mind gets used to a sound signature instead of the actual drivers changing with use) and if they listened to balanced, or even quality "fun" headphones, they would hear them as anemic and tinny. 
    then i go cry in the bathroom for humanity
  14. streetdragon
    worse if they take your high end headphone and plug them into their iphone or whateverphone with 128 mp3 UNAMPED. then there will be little clarity advantages and no thunderous bass and they will think your headphones sound crappy
  15. Phos
    The noise canceling in the studio line adds too much distortion and hiss but doesn't reduce noise by much and can't be run without it, that makes these a 100% pointless headphone in my eye at most any price.  It's rather telling that this headphone's design went with the company that marketed it rather than the company that designed it.  
    I also suspect that a lot of the counterfeit Beats are just surplus production that the factory sells under the table.  Most "how to spot a fake" posts/videos usually boil down to esoteric properties such as marketing booklets, they appear to have been produced by the same injection molds.  You certainly can't spot a fake by sound quality.  We're talking about headphones where the Chinese Knockoffs (Noontec Zoro) is better than the original.  
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