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Constructive "Anti-Beats" headphone discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pinoypogiman, Jun 9, 2012.
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  1. Phos
    A headphone doesn't need to distort that much for its own distortion to make whatever the amp is doing almost negligible.  The Solo HDs are well above 1% THD over the entire spectrum.  You're not going to be able to tell the difference between amps through those.  The regular solos aren't far behind.  
  2. LTTan
    I have not read a lot of constructive advice on the Beats by Dr Dre headphones. Yes, they are expensive but that is what you have to pay to get the original beats. Just like certain brand clothes. You pay a lot just for looks. You get positive acknowledgement from those who wear similar or those who want to wear similar.
    This is a world that went crazy. Nature gave bright flamboyant colors to the bird of paradise but the human is as bland as it can be. So we probably need some decoration and in this case its about the Beats by Dr Dre 
    Yes i listened to the Beats Solo HD but that is not what i should have done. I Should have picked a nice color and stand in front of a mirror and when it looks good, I should have bought it. But My friends would laugh at me.
    This headphone does not impress MY Friends (My DT1350 does)
    Something positive:
    The Solo HD is a closed headphone and it isolates some external noise. It has removable cable with iphone remote and microphone. And it probably works great.
    They truly sound excellent if you compare it to the original ipod buds. If your friends have beats headphones as well, You should too if you want to be one of them.
    Lee [​IMG]
  3. thedips
    ok ill play nicely.... 
    i actually think that beats look pretty neat ... and they come in a wide variety of colors.... which many headphones dont. and the packaging is nice looking as well.
  4. PinoyPogiman

    yes, they do have a original, fresh look and the Packaging is pretty well done.
    considering the many Colours, might not do well for the "colour demand.." which sacrifices profit a little bit. as one may like the colour but not the other
    Many headphones dont do that, because of the profit gain from selling ONE style of headphone, as less profit gets rewarded with having Multiple Hphones in different colours.
    If they sounded better, and didnt make creaky plastic noises, and especially the PRICE. (im asking 70$ as a good price)
  5. mbamg
    I wonder how much overall cost per headphone would drop if the package was just some plain cardboard box, and all the accessories separated like what they do with laptops.
  6. pickleweed
    there is always a backlash for the things at the top by knowledgeable users.  apple, beats, gibson.......all share similar traits.  they are overpriced for what they actually provide.  but with that said they also offer some other things with that.  simplicity and design generally.  they cut through the ********.  not everyone is a tech head, or an audiophile.  they want something they can plug into their ipod and enjoy.  most people arent mastering records or critiquing music.  they dont want to be concerned with or lug around dacs and amps and flac files.  beats cut through the ****, and gave people a phone that can accomplish that, and at a quality that most people have never experienced in a headphone.  and atop that, they made it so you dont look like a nerdy ******* while they did it.  they started a trend that headphones can actually have pleasing design aesthetics, to which im grateful.  
    now, everyone on here is going to claim how bad and overpriced they are.  and they are.  overpriced at least.  value-wise, they are not good.  but they accomplish exactly what theyve set out to do.  they cut through the audiophile glossary and cut straight to the heart of it.  they make it "dumb proof" and cool.  
    thats a strategy for success that will always come under attack from people knowledgeable about the mediums.
  7. thedips
    yea i agree.  ive always thought it was pretty funny on any given "audiophile headphone" i found it very very easy to find a plethora of specs stats and all that jazz... and when you visit the beats site... well lets just say there isnt much to read but lots to look at.
  8. machoboy
    Meh, the looks are even more subjective than sound. I think Beats look extremely dorky.
    See someone in glossy plastic Beats: "What's that dude doing wearing his daughter's hello kitty headphones in public? Is he getting into a PT cruiser with a hope&change bumper sticker on it? Man I better stop looking at him or someone might think I know him."
    See someone in gigantic black and gold AKGs: "Wow I wonder how many pink floyd records that guy has been engineer on... Is he getting into a rolls royce phantom with those supermodels? Are those deluxe oversized aviator shades!?!? Maybe if I stand around next to him it will look like I know him."
    AKGs + 62mm aviator shades = looking pro
    zephyrre likes this.
  9. Lan647
    Agreed! I think Beats look dorky, the glossy plastic doesnt exactly breathe quality and when I had the Studio I thought they just looked silly on my head and I didn't like to wear them outside. The Mixrs are cool looking I must day, nice discrete stealth look.

    The Studio look nice around the neck though, but thats not where they're supposed to be :wink:
  10. streetdragon
    beats studio designs are really toy like, when i see someone wearing them its hard to convince myself that they make good sound ASSUMING they actually sound good, it just doesnt have the sound good look, also when i hold it in hand they jiggle harder faster louder clumsier

    and you are not hearing all the music, researchers have shown that they are hidden nerves in the neck where audio signals can be picked up so you can listen to all the music when you place them around your neck too, there is a terribly high amount of information in the low notes which our ears cannot detect and only our oesohpagus can

    hope this helps^^
    I came up with the idea to make a music album of all the creekes and nasty plastic sound of touching beats studios.
  12. streetdragon
    i wonder why i didn't see dr dre doing a performance with beats headphones as instruments, would do well i suppose
  13. PinoyPogiman

    are you saying that if i place my *List Headphone* around my neck, music can play out of my mouth?
    well, i do hear its possible if you stick IEM's up your nose... but that cant be sanitary
  14. streetdragon
    maybe? who knows? [​IMG]

    mucus has antibacterial properties by the way, thats why the nose even produces mucus, so in fact it will sanitize your iem's![​IMG]
  15. PinoyPogiman
    haha when i was a Audio Newbie starting out this very addicting hobby
    in Freshman year High School i was peer pressured into buying SkullCandy Uprocks.. which i regret..(i sold them later on)
    funny thing is, is that one classmate said "Mine are better, they are in Rasta colours" while mine is in Blue.
    i suppose the same arguments go on with kids, with Beats in dazzling glorious colours.
    Though.. if i do find myself buying a pair for NO apparent reason other than just getting it for no reason. id definitely get it in Pink.
    side note: I could see the discontinued Beats Monster becoming valuable in this time, since Monster/ Beats is at its marketing-prime
    but the god awful msrp pricetag... geez at 500$ id get me a Sennheiser HD600 which is similar in price. BUT BETTER in sound and quality
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