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Constructive "Anti-Beats" headphone discussion

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by pinoypogiman, Jun 9, 2012.
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  1. streetdragon
    my local shopping mall has a shop where they sell fake beats where their sound is almost the same as the genuine but they cost 1/3 the retail price, its a better deal, makes it become from absoloutely rediculesly overpriced shet to not good value, thats an improvement :p
  2. PinoyPogiman

    from the sound they reproduce; i say they are worth more 50-70$ instead of a whooping 200$ pricetag!
    truly, most Beats headphones have a bad Price/Performance ratio.
    whereas a pair of Grado Sr80i has VERY good price/performance ratio
    did i forget that it costs only 99$?
  3. streetdragon
    solos are not even worth $30 imo. studios probably about $50-60, pro i haven't had a chance to hear them yet

    did i mention that the solo hd driver is GOLD in colour? like gold leaf kind of driver, with dents all over it (a brick and motar shop's demo unit)
  4. Ishcabible

    Now plug the Beats in the same source. They're one of the most source-tolerant headphones I've heard, but they really improve with more power. One more thing. Were the environments you tried both the HD518 and Beats the same?
  5. Nestroit

    just like I said before I can't tell if the cx300 (30euros) sound as poor as the Solo HD.
  6. Nestroit
    Sorry, double post due connection problems
  7. Nestroit

    yes the same place and the impedance is low, 32 ohms on the detox so they are supposed to perform well on portable devices but all the beats models have failed.
    there are general problems with the sound, don't focus too much on the source. It was a fair contest and the beats are nowhere near the 300 euros akgs, beyers, sennis and so on... let alone the westone 2---> different universe.
  8. Phos
    They distort so much the source doesn't matter.  There's no upside to the performance of these phones.  
  9. streetdragon
    they are designed to run out of an average phone using youtube rip kind of quality files anyway, probably cause of so they decided to retard the performance so much to get extra profit money
  10. Ishcabible
    I'm sure you know this, but ohms doesn't mean what you're saying it means. They're actually 18ohms and some unknown sensitivity, so theoretically, the shouldn't be the easiest to drive, since they need more power. You'll get volume yes, but not very much control from a DAP. Of course there are general "problems" to the sound when comparing them to the HD518. That's like comparing an apple to a frying pan and testing which one skis better. The Pros are meant to be for modern, poppy music. If you're comparing them to the semi-neutral HD518, you're doing it wrong. Really wrong. Nobody here compares the HD598 and PRO900, why would we do so in this situation?
    See above. And uhh, I've heard about 5 different pairs because I refused to believe that they actually aren't that bad at what they're good at, and there really wasn't "so much" distortion. 
    Seriously, the bias here is disgusting. I'm not advocating that people buy these, and I'm not saying I love them (the only headphones I've "loved" are the HE500 and DX1000) but for what they are, they're not the worst things in the world. The Solos are where I draw the line, and I probably wouldn't ever buy a pair of Studios, but if given the chance, I'd definitely buy a pair of Pros at like $150.
  11. machoboy
    Well I got to try out the Beats Pros today. I almost started a new thread about it but then I remembered how I myself roll my eyes at the constant Beats threads so I'll be brief...
    They're really, really, really bad. I wouldn't pay $20 for them. The fanatical anti-beats people on this forum weren't exaggerating about what a ridiculous scam these things are.
    I also tried the Studios again and was amazed at how bad they are as well. I've actually tried the Studios before but this time I really had time to experience them and man, if I had no previous knowledge of what Beats were and I was on a gameshow guessing what they're worth I'd guess $10-20 max.
    I guess the most shocking thing wasn't the muddy bass or cartoonish sound signature (expected those), but the build quality. They're built like something you'd get as a free promotional gift with a room at Motel 6... yet they were $400!!
  12. machoboy
    Also tried the Sennheiser HD 380s and I really liked the sound sig but they didn't seem worth $200
    Feeling like my Shures are an amazing bargain right now
    For how many negative comments the HD 280s get on here I didn't find anything offensive about them and they seemed to be a break from Sennheiser's generally flimsy-feeling sub $100 stuff. The 380s weren't exactly lightyears ahead in clarity or anything that made them sound twice as much $$$. Just more bass.
    but man the beats are really disappointing, I'd say their sound is equivalent to buying the cheapest toughest steak you can find then covering it in marinade and seasonings and char broiling it but the meat underneath still tastes/sounds like poo poo
  13. Ishcabible
    I feel a nice cool breeze in hell right about now...didn't think I'd ever be defending Beats ever, but man, the Pros aren't that bad if we treat them like we treat even an M50 (amping them). If someone ranted about how much an HD650 sucked off a kiosk they tried them on, they'd be flamed to death. Why not for Beats?
  14. machoboy
    While I didn't like the sound and it sounded exaggerated beyond the point of return, and inferior to all the other models on display, I couldn't even really concentrate on that. I was amazed at how junky the headphones themselves were. $300-400+ headphones and they sincerely feel like something you would get with a McDs kidsmeal or by redeeming chuck e cheese tickets.
    It was like watching people walk into a Lamborghini dealership, obliviously walk by all of the Lambos and buy a repainted used Datsun for $600,000 because it says "Platinum Gangsta Edition" on the window sticker.
  15. thedips
    i had the pleasure of sampling the special limited edition detox versions from one of my cousins friends.... and lets just say wow.. ive never really been one to slam on a product, but after i found out how much he paid i felt really bad... i guess not knowing i was somewhat of a headphone nut myself, he was totally trying to sell me on them, but not only that to make things worst he was blasting some of the worst quality mp3s ive ever heard in my life. i think some were even under 100kbps, which i didnt even know was possible. it sounded like it was recorded with a potato and played on a dixie cup attached with a string amped by a car battery. 
    after handing it back i did tell him that they sure did look "stealthy"
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