1. gshadow

    SOL Republic Tracks HD or Monster Inspiration or Beats Studio HD?

    Hi there,   I'm a pretty noob head-fier and just started getting into the world of audio and just wondering out of these 3 headphones, which ones should I get?:   - Monster Inspiration (also considered the Purities) - SOL Republic Tracks HD - Beats Studio HD   I know i've read...
  2. HiFiGuy528

    "First Look" at the NEW revised 2012 Beats by Dr Dre Beats Studio headphones unboxing video & impressions to come.

    I decided to get the entire Beats by Dr Dre headphones line to do a complete UNBIASED review of the line. Below is the unboxing video on the new revised Beats Studio without Monster branding and new accessories. Stay subscribed for my impressions. I will update this thread. Please don't turn...
  3. KodaO

    Beats by Dre, Street by 50, Souls, ect...

    Are they dying out? I've started to notice that prices for them everywhere are starting to fall. I'm seeing the Beats Studios going for around ~250 dollars new now. Has the ne headphone craze started to loose momentum?
  4. torred charger

    Good over ear headphones for under $200. What's the best?

    Hey fellas, I'm harnessing the knowledge of the experts here....   So I wanted a good pair of over ear headphones that have good bass, but I don't want to break the bank at the same time. What do you guys recommend?    I was looking at some skullcandy headphones lately...   ...
  5. D-Cone

    Which would you choose? Free Beats Studio or free V-Moda M80's.

    If you could get either for free, which would you choose? Why? Which do you think has better sound?
  6. PinoyPogiman

    Constructive "Anti-Beats" headphone discussion

    i can understand how many people dislike and Even Hate Beats headphones by Dr.Dre and Monster.   i too have gone a phase where i really wanted to show how much i hated Beats headphones. but really we should all understand that no headphone is too perfect... jk.     i still DONT like...
  7. The noob

    Research about beats by dre

    Hello, Implying my username, I am a noob at the whole audiophile community and I am doing research for my blog about consumer electronics. I am just wondering that are beats really that bad in terms of sound quality? Are the sony MDR XB-500 actually better in terms of sound quality? I would...
  8. jcarrz1

    Beats as a gift- keep?

    Got beats studios for free, prize gift type thing.  Should i keep them? Noise cancelling worth it? What instead? Keep in mind that the status symbol of the cans doesnt mean a ton to me, but some.  Replacements cant be ugly.     Thanks, jcarrz1
  9. Akin


    This post was very ignorant. Sorry for that. Deleted
  10. Player1josh46

    Saving Equalized Songs to iPod(Bump up mids/vocals on ATH-M50s)

    So as many people have said the M50s have recessed mids. I initially didn't know what that meant cause I didn't know all that audiophile stuff until now. I find myself liking the vocals to stand out rather than it to be more towards bass. The M50s are great but I did really want the mids to be...
  11. Tryndamere

    Monster Beats By Dr.Dre Studio vs V-moda Crossfade LP vs Sennhesier HD428 review .

    Hello headfiers , I guess the title explains what am I going to do . This is a short review , I am not going to talk about the contents in the box . I am only going to review a few factors , and that is mainly portability , the sound , durability ,value for money and lastly , the looks.    ...
  12. astroid

    What set of cans has the best earpads?

    I have had loads of pairs of cans, the disparity in quality of pads is something that i find annoying. Now i always try to get a feel of the pads before a purchase.   The best i have had were (ahem) Bose AE1 pads, they are soft beyond belief but unfortunately  sound meh. Beats...
  13. ucdavisboy

    Dre Beats Studio.....authentic and like new for $115. Take em or leave em

    I consider myself a casual audiophile....JDS Labs cMoy, low compression files (if not lossless), I use UE Triple Fi IEM's and Audio Technica M50's. I know the pros and cons of the Beats and I know the rep here on this forum. I also have read posts by many on this forum and others stating that if...
  14. AmeerSeven30

    Beats Studio vs. Denon AH-D2000 vs. else?

    Hi guys,   I am new to this forum :]. I have a home studio and I am currently looking for better headphones than the ones I have at the moment. At first I was thinking about getting Beats studios from Monster but read a few reviews and Monster being known for overpriced items. It is logical...
  15. jobryan

    Suggest me some headphones from best buy

    So a few months ago i bought a pair of Studio Beats by Dre (ill probably be made fun of for this...) from best buy. I got some service though were i can trade them in whenever i want to. I think im going to do that because ive been having some problems with them and im sure there are better...
  16. Peruvian96

    Beats by Dr. Dre Alternatives?

    I just came over to my friend's house yesterday and brought over my Sennheisers with my PA2V2 amp. He says he likes them, but they have "no bass". And then he goes and says he likes Beats, and I try to convince him to buy something better. At the moment, he has 200$ to spend, uses a Blackberryy...
  17. mastershake2393

    Getting "called-out" for not wearing the Beats

    I was just interested in seeing how many Head-Fi-er's get asked about not wearing the Beats (Studio, Solo, etc.). Whenever I'm wearing my AH-D1001K's, it feels like someone always asks me why I didn't buy the Beats. Just curious to see if there is a staggering number of people that constantly...
  18. dudzy

    m50's vs studio beats

    what do you guys think, comfort is huge in what i am going to buy as well as bass.
  19. poppyswes

    Are Beats worth it?

    I am looking to buy some new headphones. they need to be able to handle the bass of dubstep and rap but still sound good for metal rock alternative and folk so pretty much they need to sound good for everything except country i recently tried on my friends beats hds and they sounded great...
  20. akakiller07

    Been Going crazy!!

    Hey, so im a huge music fan, mostly deep Bass, i was planning on buying Dr Dre's Studios, but after reading a few posts, alot of people are saying, they're over priced and not worth buying. Can you please suggest any good headphones with clear voice and deep Bass?  
  21. MusicLover457

    Best Headphones For $200 or Less?

    Hey, I'm new here. So just to let you all know, I'm 13. And anyways, I've been saving my money for my first pair of headphones. And I've looked through this forum, and it seems there are many experienced headphone users. So I figured you guys could help me to decide on my first real pair of...
  22. WhiteCrow

    Beats Studio pro full sized, mini reveiw.

    Well I was at best buy today, also I'm anti best buy now they totally screwed me charging me a 25$ restocking fee for a never opened item I returned. anyways I was looking for some IEM's the UE7, Klishp Image 2 and S4. Some lady comes up with the beats and says they will blow me away, not...
  23. aCanadianDude

    XB500 vs Studio Beats?

    Hey all, I just bought some Monster Studio Beats today at best buy, I needed a new pair of headphones for listening to music on my PC and iPhone while laying in bed. I only bought these because these were $100 off with the Boxing Day sales. They do sound pretty good, I guess.. I was under the...
  24. l2aven

    Looking for headphone amp - I'm a newbie please help!!!

    Well, now I own Beats - Studio (I got it for 200US still expensive though). I know a lot of people here don't like beats but I have already owned it for a year.  Back to the topic, I wanna know whether Beats Studio ,which already has integrated amp inside is capable for using with amp/DAC? I...
  25. jacobap100

    Monster Turbines Pro Gold Vs Beats By Dre Studio

    Which ones better for sound comfort and durability