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Coffee Anyone?

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  1. mrarroyo Contributor
    Frankly I do not know if I am addicted to coffee or ...

  2. Suntory_Times

    Originally Posted by kwkarth /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    One cup of coffee should not cause you to be addicted. I generally have only one cup a day, sometimes none. I can take it or leave it. 3 or 4 cups a day is probably enough to "hook" you, so be careful.

    There's nothing wrong with bieng hooked, I have at least four cups a day (double shot espresso, usually, but sometimes a late etc). I have started getting my first caffine headaches after drinking as above for over ten years. Though it's not really a caffine headache, as if I have decaffinated coffee it goes away, I think it's more my body misses out on the moments of relaxation I ensure I have when I drink coffee. Anyway, life without coffee, wouldn't be life at all.
  3. MD1032 Contributor
    Caffeine is definitely addictive, but I've embraced the addiction. I pound down four cups of coffee each morning (fills my little travel mug nicely), and man does it give me an amazing energy rush! I can go all day on the buzz I get off my morning coffee... I don't crash like most people.

    I don't get headaches if I don't have caffeine (I didn't have coffee at all over the weekend), but I do feel sluggish. I did quit coffee for a couple weeks during the summer because I thought it would be good for my health, but all I got was two weeks of decreased productivity. Meh, coffee it is.
  4. Br777
    reviving this thread b/c coffee is sooooooooooooooo good!
    My favorite is French Roast. black and oily beans!
    Everything else tastes weak and watery.
    3 heaping tbs of fresh beans Fresh ground until they are dust
    12 oz french press
    water just under boiling
    steep 3-5 minutes
    1/2 and 1/2 until its anywhere from a muddy color to a creamy tan color.
    I can make glass last a day or two.. I'm very sensitive to caffeine.
    I love decaf too!
  5. squall343
    addicted to Nespresso Kazaar
    Drink around 4 capsules of that per day!
  6. beerguy0
    I love coffee, although I do limit my intake. I roast my own beans, and have numerous ways to brew. During the week I do manual pour-over, but on weekends I use a Yama vacuum pot. It's tricky to get everything right (grind, extraction time, amount of agitation, and getting the burner at just the right flame), but it can make a spectacular cup of coffee.
  7. cantsleep Contributor
    usually go with pour over on hario v60 when im home.
    several good coffee shops are near by so i just go there whenever i get a chance.
    usually intelligentsia or spring coffee. 
  8. AltairDusk
    I did french press for awhile, hand grinding just before brewing with a Camano Coffee Mill and I got some great coffee that way but I just don't have the time/motivation to do that most mornings.  I've found a great solution to my laziness though.  Sweet Marias Clever Coffee Dripper (http://www.sweetmarias.com/sweetmarias/coffee-brewers/filtercones/clever-dripper-with-lid.html) with the Filtropa filters and a decent electric conical burr grinder.  It's not quite as good as the coffee mill and french press but it's quite close and so much easier when I'm still in zombie mode in the morning.  I'll still break out the french press on occasion but 90% of the time this gets me off to a great start.  Raven's Brew Dead Man's Reach is my usual bean of choice, I haven't found any local roasters in my area unfortunately but the Raven's Brew is great stuff.
  9. grokit
    My daily fix, from the guy that came up with the Frisbee.
  10. Br777


    name and link please :wink:
  11. grokit
  12. AltairDusk
    Maybe I'm just not doing it right but I never got the aeropress to give me a cup of coffee as good as the french press or even the clever coffee dripper.  I see people everywhere rave about them though so I just assume either I'm weird or I haven't figured out how to use it right.
  13. Borgbox
    I'll take my medium roast kona black, thank you.
  14. wink
  15. rroseperry
    Home roasted, aerropress, can't beat it.

    I think the trick is that what they call 2 cups is maybe a single cup Americano, once you've added water.
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