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Coffee Anyone?

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  1. grokit

    For myself, I try to let the grounded beans go for a "maximum soak" in the hot water, I do this with a pretty fine grind that just lets me still use the plunger so I fill it pretty high initially and give it a quick stir with a chopstick.
    I've noticed in aeropress-specific forums that many are using a technique that involves turning the aeropress upside-down, with the plunger just inserted for maximum soaking time without draining.
  2. AltairDusk

    Hmm, I'll have to pull it back out and experiment with it sometime.  I always tried to follow the instructions given with it exactly.  I suspect my grind may not have been quite fine enough either, it sometimes felt like a race to quickly stir and get the plunger in as the water level was dropping.
  3. rroseperry
    That sounds like a bad seal or something. I have never had a lot of water drip through in the 10 - 20 seconds I spend letting the grounds soak.
  4. JadeEast
    I always flip the aeropress so the filter is up for filling and brewing then flip it over for the press. 
  5. grokit

    The instructions recommend 30 seconds (I think), and many are experimenting with much longer soaking times for more full-bodied flavor.
  6. AltairDusk
    I did give it another shot, starting with the press upside down.  The result still wasn't quite up to my other methods but definitely better than I remember it doing before.  I think I may not have ground fine enough and plunged it too soon, it wasn't as rich as I normally like my coffee.  If I find the time I'll experiment with it a little more this weekend.
  7. JadeEast
    If you are used to coffee from a French press, the body of an aeropress brew may come up a bit short. The filtration of the aeropress seems to take allot of the solids out of the brew. 
  8. rroseperry
    Sweet Maria's has a good page on the Aeropress. I think that if you want a stronger cup, the trick is more coffee, less water, not more time.
  9. beerguy0


    Increasing the steep time can lead to over extraction, which can make a bitter cup. More coffee is the way to go. A finer grind can help as well, but that can also lead to over extraction.
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  10. Borgbox


    ...Says the beer guy... [​IMG]
  11. grokit
    I don't even do it Americano-style with the Aeropress. I use a nice pro grinder that measures out a timed dose, and fill that sucker right up with just a little less water than what my cup holds and give it a stir.
    After a few minutes when there's about 25 - 30% left undrained, I "take the plunge", and top it off with a little more hot water.
    It makes a great cup[​IMG]
  12. Rossinator
    Oh, there's a coffee thread here.

    Okay, so I have a noobish question here. I really need to stay away from caffeine for certain reasons, but I could probably handle a little decaf every once in while. How does decaf compare to "regular"? I'm assuming it might not be worth it. I did once have some decaf and it was terrible.
  13. grokit
    Decaf will never taste the same, but there are two different processes. The American process uses formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and would never qualify as organic. The Swiss Water Process is fine as far as toxins go but the taste suffers a bit more IMO.
    You might want to look into cold water brewing, it's not decaf but the caffeine as well as acidity are significantly reduced.
  14. Br777
    Discovered the process of French Press Cold Brewing today.
    Experiment in process.  Exciting!
  15. Jubei
    I'm not really a coffee connoisseur but over the years, I've used a coffee maker, French press and am now using a stainless steel Bialetti. I find the Bialetti gives me the best combo of aroma, body, and ease of cleaning. 
    My sister recently gave me a coffee bean grinder for Christmas, so I've gone from buying grounded coffee to coffee beans later. The only downside is it is a blade grinder and not a burr. Despite my lack of knowledge of coffee, I can definitely say it tastes fresher and my whole apartment definitely smells like coffee has been brewed. Nice.
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