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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
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  1. jamestux
    Apple is a closed ecosystem and has always been designed that way. You can jump off the upgrade cycle (as you have done) but unlike Windows and Android Apple went down the route of creating software, OS and hardware together. In fact this is the biggest reason I got out of the ecosystem at the time of Snow Leopard, I had a hardware issue and paid over £300 to watch apple do the same support on an imac I'd already done (and not fix it)... I'm quite a hands on guy and build my own computers (including a hackintosh) so I went back to Windows where I could do that properly and found that as I detached parts of my digital self the apple tie ups and integrations became less and less compelling :)
  2. music4mhell
    So if i am connecting to Active speakers, is it advisable to use Line out always ?
  3. mjdutton
    The TotalDAC is more musically than the Mojo (IMHO), but doesn't have as much detail, so it might cost him a bottle of bolly
  4. jamestux
    I would because then you know the starting volume of the source, changing volume on my Genelec speakers themselves was always a recipe for sore ears when I switched to a line out source next time!
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    Again, to be clear, the Mojo is always line out. If your speakers can handle the 3V setting then just set it to the line level shortcut of 3V when powering on. If 3V is too much for the active speakers then press the volume down about four times to output approximately 2V which is more standard for a line out voltage.
  6. music4mhell
    Thanks a lott, now i got all my answers :)
  7. music4mhell
    Thanks, i hope my Genelec can survive 3V line out :)
  8. xtr4
    I think Relic will be a millionaire if he got a penny for every time he had to mention the analogue output stage and line out haha
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  9. Light - Man
    slide04.jpg [​IMG]
    CjSHAiHt.jpg [​IMG]
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  10. headwhacker

    Yes they have the same output power.
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    Strictly speaking I won't call it as a 'always line-out'. To be line level, it usually means the signal is at its strongest and cleanest (highest SNR / dynamic with lowest distortion), so clearly it should only be at a particular level of signal strength. I am more inclined to call it a variable output with near line level quality. But I guess this is probably more of a question on semantic.
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  12. Currawong Contributor
    I just set my active speakers at the default volume and use the Mojo to control the volume instead. The line out setting is just a fixed volume setting, nothing more. It is rather redundant IMO as you may as well just set an appropriate volume and it will stay at that volume even when switched off and on again.
  13. Ike1985
    I found a usb-b cable that I can connect to mojo- it came with one of my cameras. It has one of those built in magnets in the cable. Would that help with RF interference?

    Update: I'm noticing a little less RF bu most importantly the RF I do notice is at a much lower volume. This cable is about 2ft long with magnet about 3.5" from the mojo with the cable plugged in. I never stack.
  14. Heartsmart
    Is it my brain. Or is it that Mojo just gets better and better the longer I use it? This little gadget is really stunning.
  15. rkt31
    has anybody tried feeding mojo directly to a power amp ? how difficult it is to use the mojo volume control in such set up ? since mojo has only headphone out, how common ground of left and right channel of mojo's headphone out would affect the soundstage and small spatial cues ?
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