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Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Mython, Oct 14, 2015.
  1. Torq
    Using a good optical cable (e.g. from Sys Concept or from Lifatec) I have found the Mojo sounds significantly better than either Coax or USB.
    Now, using a cheap, long, plastic fiber things were very different, but as soon as you switch to a decent quality cable then optical should beat out the USB quite handily.  Mojo seems quite sensitive to noise via USB, even using very high-spec cables.
    I believe Rob has posted in this thread that his preferred interface for Mojo is optical.
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  2. maxh22
    You have cables from both companies? I like the one from Lifeatec. Which do you think is better?
  3. Torq
    I use the Sys Concept cables with the Mojo and my AK120, since they make an excellent form-fit short cable for that (I acutally have two, for different orientations of the AK120).
    From my Mac to my Yggdrasil I ran a glass Lifatec cable, which I thought was excellent (though now I have the Yggdrasil driven from an Auralic Aries via AES/EBU XLR).
    If you're using it from your PC in a fixed location I'd go with the glass Lifatec one.
  4. tenedosian
    Hi everybody. I was just thinking of using the dac of Mojo through pc and connect it to Yamaha HS7 active studio monitors (which have their amplifiers inside).
    Can I do that..?
    In the situation of a "no-go" my other alternative would be to buy an Odac and connect it to Yamaha's through (most probably) rca jacks.
    pc -> mojo dac -> yamaha hs7..?
    pc -> odac -> yamaha hs7..?
  5. maxh22

    Yeah. Mojo would connect using the line out to rca.
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  6. Penshurst
    Just purchased this cable to connect an iPhone directly to the mojo. Any reviews on it yet?
    Seems a pretty worthy purchase.
  7. Rob Watts
    Yes Mojo has the same USB as Dave - but with Dave it is glavanically isolated, so RF noise and signal correlated currents from the source can't upset Dave at all. I can't do this with Mojo as it draws too much power from the device connected to the USB - but the upside is that mobile sources create much less noise as they are power efficient and there is no ground loops either due to battery operation.
    So Mojo like Dave has solved the jitter problem via USB, as the timing for the data comes from Mojo not the source.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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  8. Slaphead
    One thing I've noticed about the Mojo is that when it's charging it can hiss a bit - especially when it's in the final trickle charge. This is normal and I understand that, but it does kick out quite a bit of EMI when it's in this stage as my active monitors also hiss very audibly when it's doing this - unplug the charging cable from the Mojo and they stop hissing. After the Mojo has finished charging the interference stops. The outputs from the Mojo remain absolutely 100% clean regardless of charging situation.

    OK, I'll admit that the Mojo is stacked on top of my audio interface, which is the pre-amp for the monitors, so that may well be the reason, but the audio interface is cased in steel, and the connections to my monitors are balanced.

    It's no big deal as normally when I'm using the monitors the Mojo is off and unplugged, but if any of you are charging your Mojo in the near vicinity of other audio equipment you might experience a little interference.
  9. Arpiben
    My Mojo also hisses a  bit in the final trickle charge phases whatever 2A charger I am using. It usually length for around 10 minutes before the charge ends. I also perceive it as normal and it has been explained by Rob (Cf.post #3).
    But during that hissing status I never noticed interferences to other equipment.
    Actually,my DAC is staying right under my HS7 active monitors,in between isoacoustic monitor stands, 24h/24h plugged to AC charger.
    Luckily, I never noticed any interference but I do agree with you that in some situations you might experience them.
    Since Mojo has not been designed purposely for desktop usage I am living with it. As for a desktop utilisation the benefits are greater than the few drawbacks:
     ° No USB galvanic isolation ( small RF noise with some desktops, Rob already provide the reason of such implementation cf. post #3)
     ° Not possible to switch inputs USB/TOSLINK/Coaxial by use of key combination (for next upgrade if any[​IMG])
    Anyhow, I like Mojo so much that I am considering buying a second one for portabilty.
    In one of your previous posts you were questionning the benefits of Mojo in a nomad usage vs smartphones or other appliances due to Signal to ambiant Noise Ratio. Again I agree with you but, even though you still may appreciate the instruments separation it brings compare to others.
    Personnaly I need to commute for couple of hours in Trains & Undergrounds and rarely used it in Trains only but I really appreciate to use Mojo at my office or even anywhere ouside in a quiet place.
  10. jmills8
    I put my Mojo to charge and I step away to do ither things. When Im finished I will view from a distance if the Mojo charging has completed. So I have no idea of a hiss or when the hiss even starts or ends. OCD ?
  11. taz23

    I bought the Intona USB Isolator to achieve galvanic isolation recently, but I have yet to test it with Mojo. (Currently using it for the desktop Geek Pulse Xfi.) But I should test it tonight to get a sense of the feature.

    Who knows, maybe it will sound as good as the Dave! Haha!
  12. Arpiben

    Hi @taz23,
    I don't want to destroy your dreams or expectations, but I have the feeling that you will get closer to Dave let's say one or two steps out of the 1000 steps remaining [​IMG]
    Kidding and teasing...but interested in your findings with Intona. [​IMG]
  13. Delayeed
    Please let us know your impressions :)
  14. Currawong Contributor
    It was a while ago (and how many pages before) but I bought an AK100 to use as a transport for the Mojo, but in the end using Onkyo HF Player on my phone sounded vastly better. The AK100 for some reason simply isn't a good transport, even with a good optical cable. I have no idea why to be honest.
  15. jmills8
    Yeah, my first player with the Mojo was the AK100II, 120II and then the X3. The X3 sounded similar to the AKs but then I tried tablet then a phone and I was sold.

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