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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. estreeter
    I seem to recall that there was much gnashing of teeth on both the Linn and Naim forums when the Hugo was released, but seriously - better than a Klimax D$ ? I know sticker price is no guarantee of a performance increment, but that is one very highly regarded piece of kit. The best DAC I've heard to date is the Weiss DAC202 via Firewire (effortless in a manner that the Hugo just cant match) but even the sticker on that doesnt compare to the Linn flagship. Clarification of the areas where you feel the Hugo excelled would be great. 
  2. Lannie

    Well I know it is amazing but I have no doubt that I prefer the Hugo. The sound is less digital and not as fatiguing. It is a close thing, but I am certain which I prefer. I am not saying necessarily that the Hugo is better than the Linn, as when put through the Klimax Kontrol and the Klimax speakers, the Linn sounds fuller and has more bottom end control - although this is comparing balanced to single ended. Maybe the Hugo is just a great match to my particular headphones.
  3. ted_b
    I answered as many as I know.  :) 
  4. dallan Contributor
    My only issue so far is the lack of bluetooth range actually. In all other areas the Hugo outperforms my expectations. So that answers one of the questions at least. How often I want to use the bluetooth inpu though.....almost never.
  5. eugenius
    Thanks for trying but you're right, I sent them an e-mail.
    So the Bluetooth is bad ... that's a shame ... :frowning2:
  6. estreeter
    Define 'bad'. I've never had an issue with it, but my expectations have never been high for Bluetooth anyway, Even the kids who expect technology to be seamless here in Thailand smile when I stream the music from their phone into the Hugo with minimal effort - the smiles only disappear when I tell them what the thing cost. 
  7. eugenius
    I already defined bad. Dropouts at 2m.
  8. dallan Contributor
    Yes, I have dropouts at two meters too, I was very surprised. I do use a Bluetooth with my iPad mini because I hat holding it and using it with a cord but that is usually YouTube or videos not hi res music files.
  9. Sam Edwards

    Glad you like the Hugo. Sorry about your wallet!
  10. dallan Contributor
    [​IMG] Yeah…...[​IMG]
  11. Rob Watts

    Thanks Ted, filling in the spaces:
    1. Hugo has an OP relay, so no turn on/off thumps.
    2. Sorry to be pedantic, but decimation is not the correct term - decimation is where samples are removed in order to reduce sample rate. The term you are looking for is truncation, where bits are reduced. In the case of Hugo, the volume control is in the central WTA filter core, and has an internal accuracy of 51 bits. But it then gets passed to the cross-feed dsp, then on to the 3 stage interpolation filters to take it to 2048FS, then into the OP noise shapers. So the 51 bits has to be truncated. But since the signal is at 16FS, the truncation is done via noise shaping and dithering. This means that the signal is not lost, but perfectly preserved, as this process adds zero distortion - just a fixed noise at -180dB. This has been verified with Verilog simulation.  
    6. The impedance is 75 milli-ohms (0.075 ohm).
    7. The black stuff is dye used in the anodizing process - for the silver, a silver dye is used, the black is black dye. Its a wee bit more complex than that, but the black is as tough as the silver is.
    8. BT was intended for mobile in one pocket, Hugo in another one.
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  12. dsincere
    Mr. Watts is the man... ☺️.... I can not wait to take possession of this ultimate device ......I just keep counting the days down ......should be two weeks hopefully sooner....dealer just waiting on delivery, as I missed out on the Christmas delivery.... everyone snatched them up before I could get one .......because we all waited on the Hugo Black....now just have to hold on a little while longer :confounded:.......
  13. eugenius
    Thanks for the answers mr. Watts. I already got the answers in an e-mail, that was quick. :)
    But I have to say, a 4$ super-tiny CSR Bluetooth dongle doesn't have this problem ... maybe there's more work to be done.
    Is his super-short Bluetooth range because of the metal case blocking reception or because of limited power to save battery?
  14. Dobrescu George
    you can also consider short bluetooth due to very high rate of transfer. a flac plays until and over 1mbps while most bluetooth devices were designed with slower speeds in mind.
  15. eugenius
    APT-X as it is used right now is not lossless, it's just better compression  and higher bit rate than before.
    When you see "APT-X Lossless" on it, then it's lossless but I'm not aware of any device with that yet.
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