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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. roskodan
    While the hd800 really do reveal how nice the Hugo is, and vice versa i guess too :p. The hd800 really need a beefier output to get em to sound 'real' across the bands. That impedance bump at 100Hz doesn't do the Hugo any favors.
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  2. MacAlwin
    Hi montanari, which portable amp would you recommend for the HD800 ? Thanks, Alwin
  3. MacAlwin
    Hi roskodan, which amp would you recommend ? Thanks,Alwin
  4. montanari
    I like and I had the hd800, all the times that I listen them to their best is with valve amplifiers and/or otl.. so not very portable at all..
    They sound ok from the Hugo, but they can reach much further
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  5. JaZZ Contributor
    And I already thought the Head-Fi forum have finally outlived this misconception...

    ...because the HD 800 is one of the easiest loads, electrically speaking: high efficency, high impedance. The Hugo has more than enough power to drive it. What you actually mean is that the HD 800 needs a full and warm sounding amp to compensate for its brightish and leanish characteristic. Most tube amps will certainly fulfill this precondition, also some solid-state amps. But the coloration comes at a price: reduced resolution and missing microdetail.

    I have lived quite a while with the Hugo/HD 800 combo and liked it very much, way better than with any of my amps switched in between – but I wasn't relying on the «factory setting»: Firstly I installed some dampening material into the ear cups (which already removed some of the high-frequency excess), secondly I used an equalizer to flatten the perceived amplitude response by ear. The resulting curve looks like this:

    Foobar-xnor-EQ-curve for HD 800 'unmodified' (Lavri Master Silver).JPG

    Or more precisely: that's the projected curve for an unmodified HD 800. If you try it, you will be surprised how good the HD 800 can sound through a neutral, ultra-transparent amp, not to speak of an ultra-revealing source like the Hugo.

    BTW, the so-called critical load characteristic in the form of the impedance hump at the resonance frequency is a red herring: The Hugo can even drive loads as high as 100,000 Ω – that's the case if you attach an amp to it. Moreover, the «critical» 100 Hz region is where the HD 800 has a particularly high efficiency, which means low current flow anyway.

    Don't get me wrong: I'm all for tayloring the sound to the own sonic ideal, and not everyone is an audio purist who wants the most honest sound he/she can get. And I certainly like tube sound myself. It's just that I think even if you want some coloration now and then or here and there, you're better off to use an equalizer instead of amplifier colorations. This with the goal of maximum musicality (yes, absolutely!) and enjoyment. Also, with the amplifier route you would need different headphone amps for different headphones... and still the amp wouldn't really care for the headphone's flaws (e.g. limited bandwidth), just make them less obvious.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
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  6. roskodan
    From my experience the hugo just loses it at higher volumes. The system response just changes. With the hd800 that is, but not so much with the hd650, idk maybe it's my ears/brain. Like rising the volume after a certain level just makes the highs sound louder but the lows kind of remain the same.
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  7. JaZZ Contributor
    Now try equalizing, it's a wholly different experience! Amps add harmonic distortion with the ability to mask the headphone's flaws, while equalizing and using the most transparent signal path reveals its strengths. And no worries: The Hugo handles the additional power requirements from the low-frequency enhancement with ease and still extremely low harmonic distortion (compared to an additional amplification stage).
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  8. MacAlwin
    Thank you for your answer @JaZZ. I am very happy with the Hugo/HD800 combo. Simply fantastic !
  9. Xinlisupreme
    Hi Guys,
    Would someone suggest me an USB cable for Hugo
  10. fiascogarcia
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon works great! Contact them, tell them what equipment you want to connect, and they'll set you up. There are others out there (cheaper ones on Ebay), but communication with Moon is painless, and they ship quickly.
  11. montanari
    I have an audioquest differences are slight to none, but is Red and Black, very good looking!
  12. Xinlisupreme
    @montanari do you have Cinnamon usb cable with Hugo V1 or V2?
  13. montanari
  14. Xinlisupreme
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