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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. miketlse
    Four years ago, the initial Hugos had small apertures for the RCA outputs, so some owners experienced difficulty fitting RCA cables.
    In response to this, Chord updated the case design to feature larger apertures, to allow all RCA cables to fit.

    I assume that 4 years ago, an owner removed the original RCA sockets, and replaced them with external RCA sockets connected by a cable to the circuit board. This is an assumption, because we cannot see the photos.
    If the Hugo still worked, and has worked ok for the past 3+ years, before the owner sold it to @bloodhound212 - then maybe the damage to components is cosmetic only.
    On the other hand, if the mod damaged the circuit board and components, then the Hugo could have sat around non-functioning for 3+ years, before being sold to @bloodhound212 .

    If the Hugo is non-functioning, then @bloodhound212 has two main options:
    1. return the Hugo to the seller, and ask for his money back
    2. contact chord support and ask for their advice. Chord support have a reputation for going the extra mile to try and solve issues, so maybe they could suggest something.
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  2. bloodhound212
    Thank You very much for all your responses! I realy appreciate your assistance. I re-aploaded photos with another file hosting so that You can see them in appropriate scale.
    Actually a microchip has a severe damage. So I don't think it works properly but Hugo works itself. I tested it with only a couple of hours before had it disassambled.
  3. miketlse
    I have looked at the new photos.
    I would be embarrassed if I had caused such damage when soldering.
    This picture shows what the circuit board should look like.
    I think the Hugo was popular with modders (especially regarding batteries), and it does look like the coil has been modded for some reason.

    You say the Hugo works - have you checked all the possible inputs and outputs?
    Was the Hugo advertised as damaged?
    Only you can decide what to do - if the Hugo works properly, and was sold to you at an attractive price, then maybe you are happy to keep it.
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  4. miketlse
    duplicate post
  5. Triode User
    I guess it depends on whether you are lucky and the damage is just superficial, which it might be. The damage to the coil/choke might just be to the cover. Likewise with the chip it might just be the case which is damaged. Obviously you don't show batteries attached to the pc board. Do you have them or new ones?

    The basic question to ask you is whether it works? Sometimes beat up old cars work just fine. If it doesn't work then I doubt that it is economic to repair. If it does work then probably leave alone?
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  6. adobotj
    Recently purchased a bnew hugo for a discounted price .Using both angie and layla I can hear a very audible, somewhat loud hiss right about 2-4min of listening from hugo using optical from a&k100ii. Most of the time after another 2-4 minutes the hissing disappears but sometimes it doesn't. Tried using micro USB but it doesn't change the situation.

    Any ideas on a workaround for this? I really wanted to enjoy using hugo with my iems .Have the mojo since it's launch and it never gave me any hiss on whatever iem I use. I can't seem to figure out an algorithm to arrive at the no hissing part. I can wait for it to disappear but sometimes it doesn't disappear.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks!
  7. mathi8vadhanan
    Hugo does hiss with sensitive multi-BA iems. But, it's continuous, not intermittent (for/after 2-4 mins).
    Are you able to hear this hiss with any other dynamic driver iem/headphones?
    Mojo was the iem friendly Hugo we were asking for back in 2015.

  8. x RELIC x Contributor
    @mathi8vadhanan, the Mojo has the exact same power output as the Hugo(1) so from a noise floor perspective it makes no sense. Also, given that the hiss is intermittent I would guess something may be wrong.

    @adobotj, I have the Angie as well and don’t hear any hiss with Mojo (reference above for why I mention the Mojo). When the Mojo was released I was heading up the Canadian leg of the tour and the tour-unit had intermittent hiss (loud-ish hiss) and it needed to be sent back to Chord before the tour could begin. Perhaps something similar is going on with your new Hugo. Before you go back to your dealer are you able to try connecting to a different source to check for hiss? It could be something (inconveniently) happened with the AK100ii.
  9. mathi8vadhanan
    @x RELIC x , Yeah the Day-1 Mojo's. Never head anyone with Hugo experiencing the same issue.

  10. adobotj
    There's a very faint hiss or maybe this is the noise floor I'm hearing that is continuous AND then there's this very audible hiss as I've described earlier that shows itself and then disappear after a few minutes and sometimes it stays that loud.

    No hiss with dynamic or planers only with my angie and layla :frowning2:
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  11. adobotj
    Hi relic! Tried usb and it did the same. Will try and repeat this later.

    Just now: turned off then on my hugo and set the volume to RED before I selected the input and so far... no HISS. Will continue observing .somehow when I select the xfeed the hiss will come out... weird.
  12. lurk
    hi, i am thinking to hv a simple wireless setup for my movie watching
    will the bluetooth modules from Fiio eg btr3, btr1k work with the Hugo?
  13. x RELIC x Contributor
    Keep trying variables and hopefully you can nail it down. The big red flag for me is the louder hiss that comes and goes... this obviously should not happen. Given that the Hugo you purchased was new can you exchange it? As mentioned, this may be the only reported instance of the anomaly.
  14. adobotj
    Further testing and observation revealed: (seems like a delayed start-up hiss)

    TLDR; I might have a defective unit

    1. Hiss is only temporary IF its not connected to a power source .

    2. At full battery (blue), Hiss will show at about 3 minute mark upon starting up and playing some music and will last for about 4 minutes and disappear permanently .

    3. At battery (green), hiss will show at about 2 minute mark and last for about 2-3 minutes and disappear permanently.

    4. (start-up) Hiss is will increase if there's no music playing and will decrease progressively with music until it disappears .

    This "delayed" start-up hiss can be consistently reproduced if I turn off hugo and turn it on again after a long time (about 10 minutes) and when it disappears it doesn't come back until you repeat the process (turn off then on).

    My theory is the hugo is transmitting "excess" current that increases the floor noise and heard as a very audible hiss and recalibrate itself to a stable voltage to match the load's impedance. I think there's a problem in either the battery or the regulator (if there's some). But then I might be wrong. All of these are just my theories.

    Instrument used:

    A&K 100ii
    Optical cable (mojo cable accessory)
    Chord Hugo
    Jh audio Angie1 and Layla1 (bass pod setting to 2pm for both)

    In short... I might have a defective unit? Will try and bring it back to the dealer and try for an exchange BUT I think this is their last unit :frowning2:
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  15. x RELIC x Contributor
    Sounds defective and shouldn’t do that at all. It is under warranty so I’m sure your dealer will work with Chord to sort you out.
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