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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
  1. malcolm.mcintyre
    Suitable batteries are MORE likely to be available in the States than the UK, because the market is much larger. Obviously, it might require a bit of research to find them, using; the capacity, voltage and size, that is if a simple Google of the part number doesn’t produce results. I agree that soldering the new batteries to the board is tricky, but instead, the old battery leads can be left attached to the board, and then you are just joining wires.
    I completely disagree that DIY is a counter productive waste of time, but the majority is with you, which is why there is a market for hugely expensive interconnects for those who are foolish enough to allow someone else to solder a couple of RCA or XLR plugs to a length of wire at a thousand percent mark up.
  2. roskodan
    Chord will ship any spear parts you need, batteries, knobs, pots etc. From my experience with them, they only charge the parts cost and shipping. If you send the device in for repair you gonna pay more for shipping than the repair service (unless the device is still under warranty), so that is why i did the repairs myself (or once you get the parts, find a local pro to do it for you).
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  3. miketlse
    Chord have posted that they learnt from the Hugo (soldered connections), and for the Mojo onwards they used plug connections.
    If you rely on a repair service, bear in mind that they will probably charge 15 mins to read your mail about your issues, then probably charge 15 mins to read the Chord guidance regarding the issue (always remember that Chord issues are relatively rare, and this may be the first time that the service centre has seen a Chord dac), and only then will they start to look at your equipment that they have received.
    Hugo was ground breaking, and did suffer from battery issues etc, but in the intervening years a useful volume of knowledge has built up on Head-fi and other forums, explaining how to optimise the Hugo experience.
  4. elicohen
    Did you ever get a reply for this? I am also interested in the Chord C-line RCA, to go between Hugo and amp
  5. makne
    The coax does not fit my revised chassis Hugo (with the bigger coax hole). I ended up with Audioquest cinnamon coax cable and using the Hugo’s extender/adapter thingy. Works perfectly fine, but would’ve looked nicer without the extender.
    Can’t remember if they fit the line-out rca sockets or not, in the end I went with another cable anyway.
  6. Audiofiend1
    Can anyone explain the key differences between the hugo and hugo 2 please?
  7. musickid
    Hugo 2 sounds twice as good.
  8. muscleking
    ive been looking into chord and thinking about picking up a used hugo 1 in the future. maybe version 2. so are these night and day difference compare to chips like ess9018? i have a smsl m8 with a linear power supply. been using that for a long time and pretty happy with it. just wonder how much sound can be better? recent purchases of headphones around 1000 bucks haven't yield any "wow" factor. just different sound. but i did find out i like Audeze sound for some reason just like a lot of other people.
  9. Whazzzup
    Hugo is perfect for iem, portable use. Easy drive headphones like th900. lcd,or hd800, or abyss, hifi man may not scale properly. Don’t know what you got but yes, it’s about sounding different. Whether you think it’s better will depend, lots of us chord users do, but some prefer warmth and distortion. Some say jeez the analogue transparency and depth are nice. Used Hugo’s are cheap, good value, but lipo battery’s so realize that.
    The step up is to TT undeniable good.
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  10. WilliamLeonhart
    I've come to believe that your first proper DAC will be the one that "wow" you the most. To appreciate the Hugo you need to spend some time listening carefully and pick out all the differences from your last DAC. I suggest you buy an used Hugo 1 first, as the price has dropped substantially.
  11. makne
    My old Hugo1 still keeps me 100% satisfied with it’s sound quality, even after hearing a lot of more expensive dacs, and it’s flexibility/multiple usage areas gives it a lot of playtime for me.
    Imo a used hugo1 is a great value and personally I view it as my end-game dac (I’ll probably get a Hugo2 when the Hugo1 dies).
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  12. makne
    Hugo does sound amazing with easily driven headphones and IEMs yeah, I use it to drive Focal Clear (it’s the best pairing I’ve found with the Clear yet).
    I actually liked the HD800S straight from the Hugo aswell, but definitely pushing it in terms of power/headroom. Audeze LCD-series doesn’t sound too great straight from the hugo imo, but does great as a pure dac with for example a Jotunheim in between
  13. Nik74
    The 800s are ok straight from the Hugo but they do need a bit more juice in my opinion. As a DAC I think the Hugo is really special. Im sure there s better out there including Hugo 2 but for me it has this rare ability to convey music and completely immerse you, it is not just a great technical performer. I m considering and trying to decide whether to upgrade to a Qutest but for the time being I don't feel like i m missing out on anything sound and music wise with my current set up.
    For anyone considering it as a second hand purchase, I think that it's superb value for money
  14. WilliamLeonhart
    For me the Hugo still leans on the "dry" side. It's not as dry as the other reference DACs I've been able to audition, but in the end I decided to go for the Aune S16 for even more "musicality". At least the Hugo doesn't suck the joys out of my music.

    As for the HD800 yep I don't feel the Hugo's amp unit is sufficient. It works great as a DAC though, you get all those details and can tune the sound to your liking by changing amp and headphones.
  15. cscales
    There's not much action on this thread, I hope somebody is listening...

    I recently picked up a Hugo (V1) and am loving it. Of course, I'm already thinking about the next headphone to go with. One option that looks intriguing is the Shure KSE1200 electrostats, as long as I can use the Hugo as DAC.

    So, two questions:

    1) on Hugo, is the RCA the only line out? (Unlike Mojo and Hugo 2, which use 3.5mm outputs.)

    If yes, then

    2) The 3.5mm>>RCA cable I own is DIRECTIONAL, with the signal direction going from 3.5 at the source end to RCA on the amp. Which obviously doesn't help me here, lol. Any NON-directional cables like this?

    Thanks in advance...

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