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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Victorr
    Chord Company & Chord Electronics - same, relatives or namesakes? :thinking:
    I buy wires for Qutest and I just had a question about this. Although it does not matter .. :slight_smile:
  2. Triode User
    As far as I am aware there is no connection at all between the two companies and the only thing they have in common is the word 'Chord' in their names.
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  3. Victorr
    Well, okay. So they are namesake. And both from the United Kingdom. But they make a cable of decent quality (Chord Company).
  4. greenblured
    Very strange. on my Qutest on upstart the cycle goes red-blue- green when switching. So it switch red(1v)>blue(3v)>green(2v)? If so, the 3v is the best sounding on my set up.
  5. greenblured
    oh well, the colour settings/display on Chord products can be confusing lol.
  6. JezR
    I think the confusion arises when you look at the manual and assume the colours move from left to right as per the manual, just read the colours from the manual right to left and it makes sense.

    Whatever voltage you're on it will always be, Blue > Green > Red
  7. kerisabe
    i would suggest using them combined. The function of ac ipurifier used alongside the ipower is to “isolate” / “separate” the ipower from the rest of the components.

  8. greenblured
    Got it, but using colour as indicator for voltage out may seem not to be optimal. There should be a dedicatet bulb for the v-output. That would make things intuitivet. That said; not a fan of the bulb and collours, Change it wih a more direct display; Let say a red letter 1v etc. Cryptic display is not a good thing. Gives me a headache.
  9. IAIA
    Should it be isolated because it iPower is impulse ps?
  10. kerisabe
    in general it would be preferable for each component to be isolated from each other.
  11. Romi54
    @Rob Watts

    Is sufficient for the Qutest 4.9V as a performance or you then have disadvantages?
  12. Rob Watts
    I am not sure I fully understand your question - I assume you are referring to the PSU voltage on the micro USB. 4.9v is fine as a USB input voltage. All power rails are regulated internally, so the absolute value of the PSU voltage is unimportant - as long as it meets USB specs of 5v +/- 0.25v.
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  13. Richardhoos
    I currently have a Qutest that I’m using with a Gilmore Lite amp and my ZMF Verite.

    I do love what I’m hearing but I just came into a balanced cable and am considering the AURALiC Taurus amp (used) as upgrade over the GL. I had considered the HeadAmp GSX-mini but it’s out of my price range. Any thoughts on the qutest + taurus pair?

    I’m concerned it would be too bright? Any thoughts? Thanks friends!

  14. betula
    I used to own the Qutest Taurus pairing. I was also expecting it to sound a bit bright, but it is not. It is actually on the warmish side of neutral with a solid amount of bass. I never heard the Gilmore, so can't compare. I was going to buy the Mini too, but ended up with a TT2 instead and not looking back.
    One more thought on the Taurus, that the balanced out sounds better (cleaner, tighter) than the SE output, so you will want a balanced cable as well.
  15. Richardhoos
    Thanks, Butela! Great to hear your thoughts.
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