1. FanaticSankey

    Chord Electronics Qutest

    #WTS - Selling a mint condition Chord Qutest DAC. - 6 months old. India purchase. - All accessories, bill, box available. Open to slight negotiations. Shipping charges and risk on buyer. I'll handle the PayPal fees. Kindly PM me for any information. More images on request. Stay Safe!!!!
  2. abraxas

    SOLD: CHORD Qutest DAC mint condition (half price!)

    Greetings :) I'm now selling my CHORD Qutest DAC at more than half price (600€) since I'm going full portable: - price 600€ - first owner - mint condition - comes with all accessories original double box etc. - bought 03.02.2019 at ears at earsunlimited.com the netherlands - shipping in Europe -...
  3. jambaj0e

    Suggestion of endgame/near endgame Amp for Qutest/Audeze LCD-3?

    So I'm looking to upgrade the Amp for my LCD-3 to an endgame/near-endgame Amp. I think I'm leaning towards a 300B tube Amp. My Dac is the Chord Qutest DAC. I have heard the Wood Audio WA5-LE with the LCD-4 at Shelley's Stereo, and I was blown away. The other amps at the store couldn't...
  4. lcasadonte

    Found: Chord Qutest

    Found. Thanks and Happy New Year, Lou.
  5. jambaj0e

    WTB: Chord Qutest

    I'm also looking for a Chord Qutest in good condition. I live in Los Angeles
  6. iceanddice

    Chord Qutest

    No issues encountered Bought May 2018, used for about a year. Not sure what warranty applies but bought from an authorized dealer here in the Philippines. Payment via Paypal, price includes fees. I can split shipping via UPS. RFS: Upgraded to the TT2
  7. Belgarathian

    Chord Qutest | Gumby | Gustard X-22 - DAC Recommendation

    Hey team... Thinking about a DAC upgrade. Will feed a Deckard amp via analogue input, upgrade will be a Schiit Audio Mjolnir (or Lyr 3 if I fail at saving) paired with Audeze LCD-X. Source is Tidal via USB for the most part. Thoughts on Schiit Audio Gungnir Multibit v Chord Qutest v Gustard...
  8. Spidermeng

    [SOLD] Chord Qutest

    Up for sale is my mint condition Chord Qutest. Comes with all original packaging + accessories. Those accessories always keep in box never take out. *SOLD ---
  9. PopGenie


    t is in mint condition. Only one-month-old that I purchased brand new from eBay. Includes all the original accessories and box. SOLD includes shipping, I accept EMT or PayPal (+4%). I purchased Hugo2 that is the reason for the sale. Thanks for viewing.
  10. ChordElectronics

    Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

    CHORD ELECTRONICS ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE Qutest is a UK-made standalone digital-to-analogue converter based on our multi-award-winning Hugo 2 technology. Qutest doesn’t follow the norm, it sets the standard with a brand new compact chassis design by John Franks with a stunning black...