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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. theveterans
    Yggdrasil and Qutest both in division 1 BTW. The line up is arranged alphabetically. Hugo 2 is higher because it can act as headphone amp plus you can extend its features with 2Go even though its equal or lesser (non-galvanic isolation inputs) the sound quality of Qutest.

    Still curious on how would M Scaler + DAVE fair against the dCS Bartok sitting at the Uber throne
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  2. Liu Junyuan
    Dave + M Scaler is my dream setup for Utopia. But there are so many great options at lower "divisions." Some of my best memories in the hobby were with sub $600 chans + HE-500/HD650
  3. BlakeT
    I agree with you in general terms on general topics. Like you, I also read every review I can get my hands on when considering audio purchases. After all, I don't have the time, interest or money to try every available option within my budget and I use reviews to narrow my lists. I always consider the source when reading reviews and comments. However, on this specific topic, I suppose I would also say that not all opinions should be weighted equally. I believe Torq's opinion with respect to DAC's is worth more than pretty much anyone else I am aware of.

    1. Torq has the time, interest and money needed to buy the majority of all of the higher performing DAC's people are interested in. From reasonably priced to cost-no-object. (dCS, MSB, TotalDac, etc.)
    2. This is Torq's money, he didn't accept free gear or discounts as he wanted no bias or favoritism. He bought them all, and then had to sell them off, taking the financial hit.
    3. He was willing to go through the painstaking process of comparing all these DAC's and then taking huge amounts of time to provide a write-up with his results for all to see.
    4. Torq's headphone and speaker rigs are absolutely SOTA systems, capable of revealing everything.
    5. These DAC's were tested in his systems, with his music. This is absolutely key, and something people gloss over. They hear a DAC at a headphone meet, with an unfamiliar amp or music and then try to draw conclusions about the DAC.
    6. At some level, listening for, and then comparing sonic attributes is a learned skill, gained through personal experience of conducting these experiments.

    Now, lest anyone question Torq's sonic tastes or hearing abilities all Chord fans should also know that after listening to the majority of the greatest DAC's in the world, Torq ended up with Chord DAC's (Dave with Blu-MK2 and TT2 with Hugo M-Scaler) as his references and preferred DAC's, and he can afford to buy any DAC on the planet. Although he indicates he still has and very much enjoys the Yggy A2 when he just wants to listen to music, and also uses the RME ADI-2 for a reference for comparison purposes.

    See e.g.



    I personally believe Torq's DAC thread is right up there with the greatest contributions from any forum member on any audio forum, of all time. Joining others like this one: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/battle-of-the-flagships-58-headphones-compared.634201/
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  4. Richardhoos
    Probably a silly question but something I can’t figure out and has me confused.

    How do I use a Bluesound Node 2i with the Qutest via coax to the BNC ports? Is there a special adapter needed?

    Right now I’m using optical but I was curious to try coaxial as well, I’m just unfamiliar with “BNC” ...

  5. BlakeT
    You will need a coax to bnc adaptor in order to use your coax cable.
  6. Triode User
    if you have bnc at both ends of the cable then a simple converter like this will sort you out at the Node 2i end.

    4 x BNC FEMALE TO RCA PHONO MALE CONNECTORS CCTV CABLE DVR https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00DUEDDLG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_FVWYDbJK6G69N
  7. Hooster
    I just had a look at that list and I would take it with a huge grain of salt. If the Mojo is in division 2, then the stuff in division 5 and below must be really really bad... I think you have to try these for yourself rather than believe such a list.
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  8. nwavesailor
    I just received a notice that The Cable Company has added the Hugo TT2 and M Scaler to their lending library. This could be a way to have an in house demo if you don't have a Chord dealer in your area. 5% is the non refundable deposit good for any purchase.
    I have no affiliation with the Cable Co.
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  9. miketlse
    Yes i agree. The use of the phrase 'subjective value quotient' means that Darko's ranking will be contested, by virtually everyone else, because everyone is almost guaranteed to allocate different values for some of the subjective criteria. Maybe that achieves Darko's goal, of getting a lot of readers so annoyed by the rankings, that they click links and generate advertising income for him.

    I am surprised that for the Premier League, the Hugo2 is ranked equal with the DAVE, although it certainly represents good value for money.
    Unfortunately the ranking excludes the TT2, because it would be interesting to see whether he ranked it higher than the Hugo2.
  10. greenblured
    First post! Hi! My set-up is ; Qobus>IpadPro 10.5 ,512gb>cca>supra usb>Qutest>Beyerdynamic A20>Hd800&650. Using the 2 V out from Qutest. Qutest replaced my old Dac-magic 100 and Aune dac/amp combo. Not yet tried the 3 V .Did 1 V. Killed the 800, no bass, anemic. Fine with the 650 at very low listening levels. Will oc test it with 3 V op. With highres clasical recording will prob be exelent, but will prob clipp? Listening to King Crimson 44.1 by Qutest vs Dac- magic 100 with same amp(a20) is a for me huge diference. My question is; Whitch se st amp will make a solide improvement under 2 k?
  11. dinus777
    sell Qutest and Beyerdynamic A20 and buy Hugo TT2
  12. greenblured
    Thank you for the response. Yes, will start up saving. TT2 it will be
  13. Lodwales81
    I have similar setup however my amp is the beyerdynamic a20 and headphones the beyerdynamic t1 g2. I believe the beyerdynamic amps all seem to add compression to the sound to kind of balance out all low middle and high gains, this is why they are popular with mastering.
  14. greenblured
    Yea, afraid something like the v200 will make no improvment in my set up. TT2 I am sure will.
  15. betula
    A different amp with the Qutest could be an improvement, but not as much as the TT2. IMO in your case the V200 would just bring a different taste. I used Qutest with CMA600i and Taurus MKII. The Taurus was a clear improvement in clarity and bass/treble extension, authority to the 600i. Still, my TT2 is on another level compared to both these Qutest combos.
    I tried the Taurus with the TT2 too just out of curiosity and I found it was just degrading the sound, killing transparency, balance and resolution (added distortion).
    Go for TT2 if you can afford it. It was a relatively big investment for me too, but keeping TT2 as my DAC/amp for headphone listening for the years to come might actually be a more budget conscious decision instead of buying and selling other DACs and amps in the 1-2K category.
    Up to 4K it doesn't really get better than the TT2.
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