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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. kumar402
    Well I definitely streamed 24/192 from Qobuz with Amazon basics optical cable from my MacBook pro2013
  2. dac64
    I have battery powered the HMS and Qutest, and I didn't like the sound.

    It sounded unnatural, maybe these china-made generated huge distortions.

    On the contrary, playing with the resonoses of the equipment bringing biggest impacts to the sounds!

    The changes to the sound were more prominent after the addition of the HMS!
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2019
  3. nwavesailor
    Just got my Qutest today and it is quite impressive! I am using it with a HeadAmp GS-X Mini and Cavalli Liquid Platinum and primarily Empy hp as well as some E2.

    Is the OEM USB cable a USB A to USB B? Anything special I should be looking for in a shorter version of this cable?
  4. Gibson59
    Not that anyone needs to spend this much on an optical cable, but I can confirm that I’ve been successfully using an Audioquest Carbon optical cable to stream 24/192 via Qobuz/Roon from my Mac Mini for some time now without any issues. Sounds fantastic!
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
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  5. Yeesh. For that price you can get a Lifatek glass.
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  6. Gibson59
    Wasn’t aware of Lifatek back when I bought the AQ Carbon. No regrets as the Carbon sounds great. If I needed another optical cable I’d definitely give Lifatek a took.
  7. nwavesailor
    Could any Supra USB 2.0 A to B owners comment regarding the flexibility (or stiffness) of this Supra USB in 1 meter length?

  8. Triode User
    I would say it is pretty flexible. Not perhaps what I would call supple but still quite flexible. It is my USB cable of choice.
  9. Paul Bjernklo
    I think you can trust Triode user’s recommendation. I would also recommend it as it won a Hi-fi Choice shoot out a few years ago (and it sounds great in my view), with a comment that it sounded darker than the other cables, probably/ possibly due to better emi or rfi suppression. In any case to your question I don’t think it is super flexible but flexible enough to bend somewhat for my Hugo 2 without putting strain on the input or lifting it, so should be fine with the Qutest as that is heavier (and larger footprint) I would think. Hope that helps,
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
  10. Reactcore

    Who else is playing direct out of Qutest?
    Ive been playing through my 32ohm tomahawk earbuds. Have set Qutest level to 1v to be safe and have a smoother volume regulation. On foobar remote control im ok under 20.
    A RCA to female 1/4 jack is cheap to get.
    HP users should really try this.
    No groundloops to amp possible.
  11. betula
    I would have loved to try this when I had my Qutest even though it looks a bit quirky.
    Anyone can compare this direct use of Qutest to Hugo2?
  12. Reactcore
    You basically get a Hugo2 dac with Mojo's op stage.(as to read at start of this thread)
    I have been thinking of terminating a HD800 cable with RCA's, minimizing used couplings. Might order another set of HP side plugs..
    One of the strenghts of eg a TT is no need for external amp and therefore no losses. Well Qutest has one inside also ..sadly with only 3 step volume which cant be live adjusted.
    I only miss a smooth feeling rotating volume knob. But foobar works nice linear with enough steps.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2019
  13. nwavesailor
    Thanks to both @Paul Bjernklo and @Triode User for the cable flex answer!

    I will be using the Supra USB cable, routed to the front of the Qutest, with the newest 7th Gen version iPod Touch.
  14. RKClem
    I've had the Qutest for 3 weeks now and loving the step up from my Firestone Spitfire DAC. I have been using the supplied power supply as I saw many posts referencing Rob Watts' comments on the subject. I have an old Welborne labs DIY LPS lying around that I had used for my Allo Digione Signature, so I thought I would give it a try. I didn't expect much if any change. However to me the difference was big. I don't want to contradict Rob Watts (because I think he is a genius) but to me with the LPS the sound stage was much deeper the vocals and instruments were more focused and realistic sounding. Am I just fooling myself? Who knows? I wanted to prefer the stock PS but to me The LPS was an improvement. I trust Rob's ears more than mine so I'm a bit confused.
  15. Reactcore
    Just done reading through this whole thread. Sometimes i wished Qutest had a built in psu.. it would have cut the # of posts immensely. and i do like the 5v microB for mobile purposes.
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