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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Zzt231gr
    I recently purchased the Lifatec optical and it is excellent!
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  2. Doom0
    I was browsing this thread but I did not see you reporting back as your promised. But looking at your current signature, it seems like you preferred Gumby over Qutest after all.
  3. kumar402
    Ya I ended up keeping Gumby but to be quite honest it’s just preference. Here is what I posted in Gumby thread
    “I like the denser tonality in vocals in Gumby. In contrast Qutest has the extension in the vocals but the way Gumby rounds off the vocals gives it a nice denser tonality.
    Also I am enjoying the holographic soundstage, it fills the big cups of empyrean with sound and it engulfs you. It’s a nice experience.The stage seems pushed back compared to Qutest which has more upfront staging. The layering and separation is fantastic in Gumby. Although Gumby gives that 3D soundstage , I feel Qutest has bit more depth due to more extension in treble?
    I feel better micro dynamics in Gumby as I can hear instruments at different level within a passage of play. However if you are fan of details Qutest pulls ahead as every little detail of music pops up at you but is it at the cost of dynamics, I am not sure? However I wouldn’t say I missed any detail in Gumby it’s just that every background instrument seems louder and easier to pick on in Qutest. Also with my listening level I didn’t find any difference in black background of Gumby and Qutest. Both are dead silent”

    Most of the amp that I have or is in preorder stage are balanced and that also tilted the favor towards Gumby. Form factor wise Gumby is quite big and heavy. Almost 11Lb
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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  4. GreenBow
    When I put a Jitterbug on the USB with Mojo I found it changed the sound. It needs noise removal, just the same as how you have your power cable set up. Noise gets into the analogue parts of the DAC and causes brightness.

    I have Jitterbugs by default now.

    Having said that though, Rob Watts put noise filtering on the USB input of the Hugo 2. I still have a Jitterbug in place when I use Hugo 2 from PC though.
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  5. GreenBow
    By the way, if anyone is wondering, since I have Hugo 2 and Qutest. I did a short ten minutes with each comparison. I didn't hear a single note of difference between the two.

    Neither did I head a difference when I put an iFi Nano USB power supply on the Qutest. (It's meant to have excellent measurements of RFI and noise. Military grade level measurements.) I might need to spend longer comparing. Or leaving the Qutest on one PS for a week and then another. I generally finding it easier to asses changes in sound signatures that way. That means my A-B listening of the tests I mentioned (Hugo 2/Qutest and Qutest power supplies) is not definitive.

    I for sure did not notice any extra brightness when using either power supply. Not did I detect any brightness using Qutest on PS, compared to Hugo 2 on battery. Some folk do say on here that they do, and I am not saying they are wrong. Just that I saw no difference, in the short tests that I did.

    However it's not likely that I will be making any more comparative listening tests. I use a TT2 when I am listening to music. Therefore listening to music on the Qutest/Hugo 2, with set pieces of music isn't really going to happen.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
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  6. cotic54
    Just reporting back on how everything went.

    I checked the consumer unit and found the ofending fridge breaker next to the hifi breakers so I moved the feed to the opposite side, now the supply does hifi first then fridge , this made no difference, also other breakers that were on the offending list
    are well away from the hifibreakers . Then I put all hifi onto one single, feed so all on the same earth this also made no difference so then I installed a Toslink cable and most of the pauses in sound dissapeard completly leaving only the slightest occasional pop from the
    electric sun blide stopping. The sound is slightly different with the toslink but not in any detrimental way. I may well try a battery in the future just to find out if it improves the the sound, from other posters it seems it works for some people and not for others.
    Bearing that in mind could anyone verifiy that this battery is compatible with the Quetest. https://www.amazon.fr/Anker-PowerCo...locphy=9055061&hvtargid=pla-122879971686&th=1

    Thanks for all your input and help sorting out my problem.

    P.S I would just like to say how reasuring it is that Rob Watts is paticipating in the Chord threads and ready to answer peoples questions, it is a big plus point to any purchasers .
  7. GreenBow
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2019
  8. cotic54
    Thanks, just wanted to be sure about it.
  9. GreenBow
    Actually just had a second thought about these current results. Qutest was pulling just under 0.6A.

    However I had Qutest set to 2V output.
    • At 3V Qutest would draw more power.
    • Secondly if you were running M-Scaler into Qutest at 768KHz, then that might also draw more power.
  10. Triode User
    Are these currents at the mains voltage or at the dc output from the power supply?
  11. miketlse
    Yes if qutest is outputting a higher voltage/power, then the input current/power to qutest could rise.
    Not sure about the second case, because using mscaler means that you are replacing the Qutest internal upscaling, by the mscaler external upscaling. If this switches off the Qutest internal upscaling, then you could see the current to the Qutest decrease.
  12. Qute Beats
    I concur, while some battery packs may sound cleaner, but as long as 5 V supplied you should be Kool and the Gang. I've ran mine off a battery charger I used for my 3000MAh 18650 ecig batteries and it was fine (has 5V USB out). But went back to PSU as heard no benefits.

    edit: just a note though, trying to have battery pack charging at the same same caused Qutest to play up, running off the batteries alone was grand.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  13. GreenBow
    Actually found it ran at the same current when running at 3V output. Just under 0.6A. (Sorry about camera quality. Still have not bought a good one yet.)


    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
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  14. GreenBow
    Have a question though please. I normally unplug the Qutest overnight, but left it plugged in for maybe two days. It runs on my PC.

    Today I started up my PC twice. The second time (after I had been out for a walk) the Qutest did not register the PC. I could not get sound, and after looking at settings and whatever I could think of. I looked in the port window and noticed that there was no sampling rate light. I restarted the Qutest and all was good.

    However I think this is incorrect behaviour. I know Rob has said that you can leave the Qutest on all the time. I was not expecting to have to restart the Qutest. I was not expecting the sampling rate light to go out.

    Normally when I start up the PC and maybe go to YouTube it will play anything I send to it. Today not the case. Does anyone know if this is a fault? Or is this OK.

    It might be a one off. It could be something that I have done. The TT2 does still have an effect on my PC even when on stand-by. It's because the processor is still running, while it's on stand-by.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  15. kerisabe
    I wonder how is the qutest powered with an ifi ipower compared to powered using a powerbank. The only issue ive heard was the ipower spreading noise to the rest of the components connected to the same power line? *Why comparing the ifi ipower and powerbank cause they run on similar price point.
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