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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Qute Beats
    I certainly read about differing jitter with different cables. But other than jitter, are there other effects at play I wonder? An obvious one I guess is the efficiency of light transmission, with plastic fibre perhaps not being as transparent and absorbing some tiny amounts of the energy and converting it to heat. Probably discussed before but my memory is a bit mushy today..
  2. Deftone
    Are you sure about that?

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  3. digitaldufferme
    Hi I'm a retiree who took a leap of faith in a small business. I did extensive research on an affordable option for an audio streamer. Like a fair number of people in the hobby my age, I don't have extensive IT knowledge so a standard Pi based streamer wasn't an option. After seeing a long and complimentary YouTube video review from Hans Beekhuyzen, on the Stach Audio The Link Audio Streamer I contacted Theo of Stack Audio via email with product enquiries. He was very responsive in our extended dialogue, replying within 24 hours each time. He was very helpful and encouraging. I made a purchase and had a unit delivered to Singapore. The unit is very well constructed and setting it up was not difficult EXCEPT that it WON'T LOG into SPOTIFY. It streams from TIDAL and my PC and a USB drive beautifully. I have made repeated email requests for help from THEO and he does not help. He answers only after about a week or more saying he will respond the next day but never does. He has now stopped answering at all! As a retiree, funds for my hobby are hard to come by. I am deeply disappointed in Theo and his abysmal service attitude. I would warn off all potential buyers NOT to buy the Audio Link Streamer as it does not function correctly and worse still, the after sales service is non existent. I will be warning off other would be customers on all channels or posts I can find online to protect others against his business practices.
  4. digitaldufferme
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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  5. MagnusH
    Yes, I am pretty sure. But it might remove enough not to show up on a measurment of a 12khz testtone, so if I liked to listen to sine-wave testtones all day I would be happy to use a plastic cable :)
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  6. AC-12
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
  7. digitaldufferme
    The issue is being resolved by Stack Audio to my satisfaction. The owner is now trying very hard to give me an equitable solution. This was an internal glitch in a small business and I don't want it to suffer disproportionately. I hope you will delete your post so an unhappy but one off incident does not spread on this or other forum threads. Cheers mate.
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  8. AC-12
    ^^ Done... Glad things worked out...

    I recommend you edit out my reply on your post #3997.
  9. Lodwales81
    Can anyone advise if my qutest would match a pair of klipsch heresy III speakers, at the moment I have a tube amp connected to some DALI OPTICON 1's.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
  10. Daniel Johnston
    Mojo sounds great on Klipsch RF7 II and PrimaLuna dialogue HP. Qutest is a better DAC. I’m betting (and hopefully soon getting) It’ll be a great pairing.
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  11. Qute Beats
    Moved my Qutest to the TV for the 1st time this weekend while watching Glastonbury coverage. Sounds real nice via the Sony TVs optical out. Mightily enjoyed The Cure's set. :ksc75smile:
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  12. cotic54
    Hello everyone on Head-fi ,

    This is my first post here but I have lurked and followed the various Chord product threads. A couple of months ago I took the plunge, and am very pleased with my M-scaler/Quetest combo.
    I would like to echo the praise from many of the posters about the Chord range, for anyone thinking about a purchase I have found many of the comments on these pages to be true and accurate when describing what you can expect from these DACs and the M-scaler.
    I would like some advice as since installation I have many pauses in playback due to my fridge, light switches, plugs etc I realise this is not any problem with the units themselves and am wondering what product would cure the problem. I found this possibility for the Quetest, but am not sure if the electrical interference will still get through.
    Another option could be this battery pack but I,m not sold on the idea of having to recharge every couple of days.
    Any advice on possible solutions?

    Thanks .
  13. Zzt231gr

    I personally find both of your solutions average quality at best.And then,linear supplys for Qutest don't seem to work...

    I would invest in a good powerbank eg. Poweradd Pilot Pro2,which many people seem to have success in the audio quality,too!
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  14. kerisabe
    I would invest in installing a dedicated line from your main panel for your audio system.
  15. dinus777


    Welcome on board. I also have similar problems, but in my case - i hear a lot of electrical noise ( e.g. if i set amplifier volume at 11 o'clock, Qutest output 2V ). It turned out to be coming from mains electrical line. I've tried with Anker PowerCore 26800 , it does not only removed noise, but it changed sound of Qutest - everything is even more separated in mid range, voises are pushed in front.

    I'm thinking of bying Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 5-6V MKII for Chord Qutest. It is linear PSU.

    I found a review here with Chord Qutest

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