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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. Baten
    Are you a bat?? All that effort :D

    I can't hear any noise on qutest
  2. kerisabe

    Whats your qutest setup?
  3. Qute Beats
    Just curious because of all the effort you've gone too, did you try Hugo TT2 or Dave prior to Qutest purchase? Higher up the range the Chord products have better analogue stages and I do wonder if an upgrade is more useful than lots of Qutest tweaks, not that it's not an admirable pursuit to squeeze as much out of Qutest as possible of course :wink:
  4. Qute Beats
    General question: does opening up Qutest void warranty?
  5. Deftone
    opening it up wouldnt but any tinkering and modding would.
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  6. maxh22
    Why go through the effort of physically taking out the WiFi/Bluetooth chip when one could simply just turn it off in settings?
  7. maxh22
    Also regarding the lifeatec and hearing more air, I once thought that too. Eventually the sound become brittle and harsh and that’s when I noticed the connector was not fully inserted. You should hear a click when it’s fully inserted.
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  8. kerisabe
    So i can isolate things i dont use, and also the connectors. From what ive learned there are a lot of power switchings inside the mbp for the components. So tryin to eliminate as much unused components as possible and covered up/plugged off those connections.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  9. kerisabe
    Thats correct, the toslink connector needs to click into the qutest’s optical input.
  10. kerisabe

    No more direct lan connection from airport extreme to mbp. So wifi from airport extreme to the room via an airport express (floating ground + connected to the active grounding unit via it’s 3.5mm jack) —> lan to mbp. Major improvement in reducing noise from its internal switching psu and disconnecting from lan grounding from the router. Will move one of the bnc line from one off qutest’s bnc input to the mbp second usb input. Also will be adding more active grounding box line to the airport express’ usb input. Mpb’s bigger logic board compared to qutest (more noise creation). But very happy with the sound now.
  11. Zzt231gr
    So,did anybody compared Lifatec optical cable vs another decent one??
  12. AC-12
    Hugo2 user here. I come in peace.

    I ordered the Lifatec Plastic (POF) for future experiments, but ended up preferring it over the glass for some reason. It's not worth it to return the glass, but if my glass gives out; going with the POF going forward. It plays 24/192 and 1-bit just fine.

    But my use case is portable... so YMMV. Hoping it's just a case of needing more brain burn-in with the glass...


    My build:

  13. kerisabe
    Not sure about another decent one, only thing ive compared to is the EMK fiber optical which ive purchased suggested by my local audio shop. I prefer the glass lifatec, no more clicks and smoother compared to the EMK fiber.
  14. Zzt231gr
    In peace we accept you!

    I use a Belkin POF,too.

    The clicks are not a cable quality issue.It is a problematic connection.
  15. kerisabe
    The clicks come when transmitting certain bitrates, and the emk was pretty much brand new when it did it. Made sure connection clicked and clean. Never had it once the lifatec was installed.
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