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Chord Electronics Qutest DAC - Official Thread

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  1. AC-12
    Cheers! I just re-tested. Glass wins out. No graniness like with the POF. Cannot go wrong with the Lifatec glass. It's a bigger difference than my initial impressions. Taking back my statement. I prefer glass > POF.
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  2. Zzt231gr
    Is the difference worth the price?Is it noticeable easily?
  3. Joe-Siow
    Can't speak for others, but the difference was quite noticeable to me
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  4. Zzt231gr
    If the difference is the same or better when you change from coaxial to optical,it's definately worth it!

    Anyone knows a European dealer?
  5. kerisabe
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  6. Zzt231gr
    Thank you.I will read it later when I will finish work.

    The thing is,I haven't read a single negative review on this cable so far.The hype must be real.
  7. jwbrent
    I used a Lifatec back when I owned the original Hugo, and it was the best sounding toslink I’ve ever used. I’m glad it passes 24/192 now.
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  8. kerisabe
    No problem, you wont be disappointed once you installed the lifatec in your system :L3000:
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  9. AC-12
    My sample size is small since my optimised source is only a few weeks old, but I would have to say it is worth the price. There was a good amount of difference when I swapped the Lifatec POF with the Lifatec Glass. I wasn't expecting the difference as the POF was quite enjoyable when I recently unboxed. There was a week gap between receiving both products, so only yesterday did I get around to testing them both at the same time.

    I think the Lifatec Glass and the HiFiBerry (Switzerland) Digi+ Pro should be a standard starter kit for Qutest/Hugo2 owners. The High-End Chord can have their fun with the 4-digit price sources, but both these products represent a solid value for our target group. The Digi+ Pro plus a Raspberry Pi plus a case is actually less than a Lifatec Glass with shipping.

    For the Lifatec Glass, you are looking at around $30 shipping I estimate. You will probably pay less than I as I had to pay $35 to re-terminate plus shipping fees back and forth.

    With this optimised source, RBCD does it for me now. Before I could not get into CDs and only SACDs provided that magic. Now I'm redisocovering CDs. I think it's the synergy of a quality dedicated source plus the Lifatec. So this alone makes it well worth the price.

    With the HiFiBerry source, the supplied Chord Toslink played 192 and 1-bit fine. No problems either with the Lifatec POF or Lifatec Glass. I converted 192 and DSD both to WAV since WAV is just a container. The Hugo2 displayed a blue light for the 192 and white light for DSD off WAV native files.




    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
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  10. I personally noticed it quite easily.
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  11. Zzt231gr
    Thanks,I am buying it in the near future!
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  12. It really is worth it. plus, it feels like silk :wink:
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  13. Chop-Top
    This is turning into a Lifatec love fest :sweat_smile:
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  14. Qute Beats
    Praise for Lifatec heating up - I was asking about this a little while back and we ruled out any cable effect on jitter with the Qutest, so what is it that can make one Toslink cable sound better than another, given as I understand it, it's a purely digital transmission? There must be some physical effect taking place - anyone able to explain what's going on? Thanks!
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  15. MagnusH
    Toslink cables causes different amount of jitter, and no DAC removes all jitter, only lessens the effect. So even with a Chord DAC you get some benefit from a better toslink cable.
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