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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Torq
    No idea, I'm afraid.

    I haven't seen specs for the GSX-Mini so don't know what sort of power it can push to give you a theoretical answer, nor have I heard one (obviously) driving the Susvara to give you a subjective opinion.
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  2. tunes
    What are currently considered the most “transparent “ amps for the DAVE in any price range?
  3. dac64
    Krell 450Mcx. I got a pair, it's pair of wonderful amps, and you can get it from US easily. 750Mcx is good too!
  4. tunes
    For headphones?
  5. dac64
    I have misread your post! :wink:
  6. Galm
    Does anyone know where a good place to pick up the ensemble stand is in the U.S.? Or even just the nickel legs (if that can be done...?)

    Got my hopes up on a stand before realizing the color was wrong now I want to hunt a little at least... It was like 1/3 the price too...
  7. Triode User
    Is this for speakers? I have settled on Pass Labs XA60.8 after trying many including the Chord SCM 1200 Mk2 power amp.
  8. jarnopp
    Has anyone tried the Etude?
  9. jonstatt
    I wanted the stand for my DAVE and Blu2 in black with nickel legs before I was quoted a price in the UK that was half the price of a new DAVE. Quickly gave up on that idea! The cost is ludicrous.
  10. Triode User
    I just put them on a nice table and they look great. (in fact better than the stands IMHO)
  11. ecwl
    I have been using Etude for a few months now. I use speakers. I really enjoy Etude. It is way more transparent than my old Sanders Magtech. It is also very musical (unlike some neutral and ultra transparent amps that can sound harsh).
    I know @tunes wanted a headphone amp. For me, most of the high-end (well-reviewed) headphone amps I've heard at my local head-fi meet tend to add extra warmth to the sound (probably with 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortions) and it's not really my thing as I hear lots of speaker amps do the same thing which I also don't like. For me, for speaker amps, I gravitated towards more neutral (some might call drier) and transparent sound. Of those amps, I found Bryston 4B3, Benchmark AHB2 and Chord Etude to be very neutral and transparent yet musical (most importantly without sounding harsh). Funnily enough, I have seen people at my local head-fi meet drive their headphones with Benchmark AHB2 and Bryston amps. Hence, I suspect one can also drive headphones with Chord Etude.
    I think there are many great amplifiers out there. They are all different in their own way. Ultimately, I think people should try different amps out with DAVE and see what they like (if they need amplifiers). For me, for headphones, I just use DAVE because it is still to me the most transparent and musical.
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  12. MaggotBrain
    F3E42BAE-A3F8-442A-86CB-80115B4DDE99.jpeg 41A0F3F4-4F06-41BD-9685-ABFC2C8A889E.jpeg
    I recognize that this is a headphone forum, but I respect and value the opinions of those who have the Chord Dave amplifier and seek to have input on a potential speaker amp pairing with the Chord Dave. I should stay in advance that my ““ listening room is a, ahem, unique one. As pictures speak louder than words, Above is the picture of my rig. You will notice that it is adjacent to, thing of all things, exercise equipment! Specifically it is a Precor AMT, an adaptive motion trainer - which is an elliptical which is easier on the knees, but for the purposes of this forum, puts myself in a listening position between seven and 8 feet in height. You may notice the Abyss 1266 headphones, which is excellent in its own right,
    Recently, I have made some modifications to my rig which facilitate some listening to speakers as well, which is useful when I’m using my exercise equipment to read a book or surf the Internet. The monitor you see there is not a TV but actually a touchscreen computer - A Microsoft surface studio two, which is kind of like a giant iPad and it is glorious. (Sidebar - you know what I missed about the newspaper - it’s the actual size of the newspaper which makes it so easy to read. Using a tablet or, heaven forbid, An iphone gets weary on these aging eyes and reading on the surface studio is truly a delight. Plus you can stream xbox, play computer games, or, if you fancy, actually get some work done!) And don’t worry, the computer is tucked into a security case into custom made wood stand so it won’t move unless you strike it with a baseball bat. The reason for this kooky set up is, to be totally honest, in the name of fun but also in the name of health. My doctor told me last year that my cholesterol was borderline high so I made some changes to my lifestyle. Once I got the M scaler, I decided to dust off an old home theater, a Geneva XXL iPod. Yes, that rectangular black monstrosity is a 200 pound behemoth perched on top of the estate sale cabinets from a neighborhood artist. The fact that it has iPad in this name attest to its age. Even though it looks like an entertainment console, it is actually a sub woofer and with speakers right in the middle of it. Which works pretty great, for watching HBO or Netflix on the computer, but the imaging stinks for music. So I am looking for a quality bookshelf speaker/amp or an active speaker to perch on top of the old Geneva so I can actually listen to music directed at my ears and not my belly button. Moving it from the floor to the elevated stand on top of the cabinets made a a big difference, but it was putting lipstick on a pig - I should comment that the sub woofer is actually quite good and I can use the RCA connection from the Dave to add just the subwoofer if I wished to the new setup. I can also use the master 9 headphone amp for a preamp so additional connections if need be. The low bass extension sounds meatier and deeper than the Kii three speakers I have for my main listening room/ 2 channel home theater. Make no mistake, I find the Kii three speakers to be nothing short of amazing. I have never entertained moving them to this room - because the DAC is also great in the Kii and I want to make the Dave earn its keep.

    So in addition to listening to the Abyss, I want to have a proper speaker set up for what is, for all intents and purposes, near field listening. It has to be four figures and no more, or else Mrs Maggotbrain will decapitate the head that is listening to the setup, thus defeating the purpose of listening pleasure.
    The options I have come up with so far:

    1. Kef Reference 1/Lyndorf SDA 2400 Stereo Power Amp - i listened to a Kef LS50 once and was impressed - I figure the reference 1 would handily beat it’s little brother.
    2. ATC SCM25A Pro - like the Kii with an amp inside, but analog inside so the Dave could work its magic.
    3. Klipsch Fortes and a Macintosh solid state power amp - for rocking out. I know tat I’m supposed to use tubes with these, but a lot of time I use these at five in the morning and I don’t wanna wait for tubes to warm up without any caffeine in my system

    I should note that I live in Hawaii, over two thousand miles away from civilization, so I do not have ready access to a robust audiophile store. Whatever I get here basically has to get shipped here, so I hope to inform my decision with the opinions of the enlightened minds here before wasting hundreds of dollars on shipping on unnecessary returns.

    Since pairing the m scaler with Dave, I am happy to say I am down twenty pounds and multiple belt notches - due in no small part to the crazy setup I have that has been enlivened by the Chord duo.
  13. MaggotBrain
    I should also mention that the room isn’t air conditioned so I was hoping to avoid a big heat generating amp if possible. Thank you so much!
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2019
  14. miketlse
    I suggest using the DAVE to direct drive nearfield speakers, because you could then avoid the need for a heat generating amp.

    There are quite a few posts on the DAVE thread about direct driving speakers, so you will be able to find some more detailed information.

    I don't use a DAVE, but I direct drive speakers using a Hugo 2. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/cho...official-thread.831345/page-928#post-14423757
    I have managed good results using the Wharfedales, some Monitor Audio Silvers, plus Focal Aria 936 floorstanders, - the least efficient of these are 86 dB.

    The DAVE has twice the output power of the Hugo 2, so you should be able to direct drive a wide variety of speakers with no difficulty - the biggest constraint will be your budget.
    You will get many suggestions for speakers, but I suggest first trying the concept, with speakers that you already have, or a pair that you can borrow, or buy cheaply second hand.
    If you like the concept of direct driving, you would then have time to decide on your long-term choice of speakers, that align with your budget.
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  15. skootb

    The xa60.8 is the best amp I ever owned. I only sold them because I had to downsize
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