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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. Sonic77
    Retire? He's just getting started [​IMG]
  2. Torq
    I said "pretty much", which is a qualifier not an absolute.
    DAVE can't drive interesting speakers, nor can it act as a phone stage, and in a multi-source system a pre-amp is required - otherwise we're switching cables to change sources.
    So while a pre-amp might be undesirable, that doesn't mean it isn't necessary.
    Irrelevant if you're only using headphones ... I'm not.
  3. Torq
    And now I really am out.
    PM me if you expect a response.
  4. Mojo ideas

    Really concerning support issues you first point of contact should be your dealer although they may be new to Chord as the PNW has not been a area that we have had incredibly long dealer relationships and if they are not helpful then the distributor which is Bluebird based in Toronto. However if you feel you have not received the support you required even from Edd at Chord who is indeed our Media manager. you of course may ask to speak with myself of Matt our director of Manufacturing or better still write, as we are usually busy and we will be happy to reply.
  5. Crgreen
    But how many of those will there be? Even if DAVINA is a huge success and used by all recording studios, am I right in thinking that it can be used for digitising analogue recordings and making new digital recording, but what about everything in between - existing digital recordings? Might it not be some years before the benefits of the A/D conversion can be heard on a significant number of recordings? Nice, but I might well be dead by then!
  6. x RELIC x Contributor

    Well, I had the opportunity to test the first HDRI TV in 2002, which used an array of dimmable LEDs in a very tight/dense configuration (unlike the crap they have now). The unit would get face melting hot and was about 3 feet thick, but the native contrast on this prototype was STUNNING compared to every other display I've seen until OLED was released. Even with the 864x486 content we were producing back then it was glorious. The blacks were completely black because the back light shut off completely behind that pixel. The whites were incredibly brilliant because of the intensity of the LEDs they chose. So, as you may guess it isn't always the resolution but the fundamental portrayal of the content that can make the most impact. Somewhat like the DAVE with audio, from 16/44.1 to DXD.
  7. romaz
    Come back any time. Debate is good as long as it is respectful.  Often times, there isn't right or wrong, just personal preference but be prepared to be challenged if you make claims that others don't agree with.  
    As for the DAVE not being able to be improved upon, I'm not sure where that came from.  Nothing is perfect and I think we all expect better from Rob and from Chord as technology improves.  It's the anticipation of what tomorrow brings that excites many of us and why "end game" is not a realistic term.
    As for preamps being unnecessary, you're right, sometimes they are and my post included component switching and adding tone as two good reasons.  In fact, I think the preamp is a more suitable tone control device than the DAC.
    The next time I make it up to Seattle, I'll give you a ping.  Maybe we invite @shuttlepod along and catch a live event.
  8. Mojo ideas
    We plan to map Robs brain and up load him into a new Dac designing program :wink:
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  9. bigfatpaulie
    It might just end up like Ferrari after Sergio Pininfarina.
    It could be much worse :)
  10. JaZZ Contributor
    Analogue EQ? No way! – I do my equalizing before the DAC (in the X5 II or in foobar).
    Make sure to have a large enough memory at your disposal!
  11. romaz
    I'm talking about tubes.  Equalizing before the DAC works, too.
  12. Jawed
    Rob's said himself that to obtain 16-bit resolution in filtering requires about a million taps. The problem is how to code that. 164,000 taps was difficult, apparently.

    How many of the biggest FPGAs are required to get to a million taps? Maybe in 7 years' time it'll be possible with a single FPGA? About the time that DAVE is due to be replaced, in the same way as DAVE replaced QBD76 (which dates from 2009)?
  13. Beolab

    Yes, that was what i meant if you read again:wink:, it is not about the resolution of the tracks, its all about the raw studio A/D recording quality, and i think DAVE got more potential to reveal the full potential with great recordings nevertheless what resolution they got. But i think i can only count like 20-30 really good recordings, that are almost flawless, of all 100.000+ of tracks i have heard, so DAVE are a litte before its time in my opinion, because it is so transparent and revealing so you hear all flaws in the recording production from the studio / concert hall, i need better recordings for sure, to be fully delighted.

    Yes the TV you are discussing where a Canadian brand named BrightView and Dolby Labs bought them up just to get benefit of their HDR technology just 4 years later.
  14. Jawed
    To be fair, work on DAVINA (ADC) might lead Rob in a new direction. Hugo lead him in a new direction...
  15. x RELIC x Contributor

    Yup, you know about the tech. :wink:

    And yes, I got your point precisely initially. :)
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