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Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by magiccabbage, May 14, 2015.
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  1. spotforscott
    dave setup sub.jpg
    Yes, you can. I am running that set up with the same sub and Rethm Maarga speakers.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
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  2. ecwl
    As DAC64 says, for sure. The real challenge is volume matching because XLR outputs already has higher gain than RCA so your subwoofers would need to be able to attenuate sufficiently to ensure it matches your speakers. The good news is that real-time analyzers with microphones nowadays are super cheap so integrating the subwoofers properly with speakers are much easier. Moreover, worst case scenario, you can probably buy XLR audio attenuators if the XLR outputs are too loud for the subwoofer to handle.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
  3. Jawed
    So, I'm now going to recommend these:

    10x Topnisus 9mm Ferrites

    for the power cable on DAVE. I am using 40 ferrites.

    I've spent an hour or so comparing two mains cables of the same basic design (that comes with DAVE) and find that the cable with ferrites has a richer tonality and in musical terms makes it easier to follow individual instruments and comprehend lyrics. Some examples:

    In Little Plastic Castle by Ani DiFranco the guitar at the start chimes more than it twangs and her voice has a slight guttural quality instead of being airy. Without the ferrites the guitar tends to sound more like a banjo and overall there's a feeling that lower harmonics in instruments and voices are victims of asceticism.

    In Rag Sindhu Bhairavi by Ali Akbar Khan the physicality of both sarod and tabla is much more apparent. Comparatively the drum has mass and the strings have resistance, bringing out the expressiveness of the playing in a way that's hard to ignore. There's more grace and more deliberation in the playing, the dynamics and rhythms flowing back and forth sing and dance more freely.

    I've had DAVE configured this way for over three months now and while I initially found no value in the addition of the ferrites, over the last 2 months or so I've been feeling that the nature of my system has changed, mostly a sense that there is more gravitas and physicality. So tonight I decided to find out.

    Overall there is a sense of richness in the sound of instruments - it's not that the balance of the sound has become darker, more that lower harmonics are more present. This also seems to give more shape to notes, with a stronger sense from transients such as plucks or beats. But this goes both ways, so that notes that are lightly or softly played are more different from notes that are heavily or firmly played.

    The 9mm inner diameter ferrites fit tightly on the mains cable that comes with DAVE, without being difficult to "click" them shut, though a kink in the cable will give a bit of trouble. All the ferrites should be close to DAVE.
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  4. Emerald Core
    Gents, I am sorry if this is irrelevant, but i know most of you know about the Hugo TT.
    I am getting an offer of a demo HugoTT for 2000 GBP from an authorized dealer with warranty.
    1- Should I get Hugo TT for 2k pounds?
    2- Or Should i go with Qutest+ quality headamp ?
    3- Suck it with a mojo and save up for the Dave?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
  5. jcn3
    i don't own a dave, but have heard them. if it's possible, i'd save for the dave.
  6. miketlse
    Nobody can definitively answer you, because you have not told us your needs/requirements:
    • if you only want a mobile solution, then the TT, DAVE or Qutest would be the wrong choice
    • if you are only interested in a desktop solution, then the TT, DAVE, Qutest or Mojo could be right for you, but there are some things to bear in mind:
      • that is a cracking price for a demo TT, and many regular posters would be tempted.
      • there is a caveat, that the TT was announced one year after the original Hugo, so some posters are hoping that the TT2 with extra taps, will be announced this autumn, or next spring. There has been no hint from Chord about a TT2, so buying a new full price TT now could represent a bit of a gamble. Against that there are many fans of the TT, and at a demo price, the risk is much reduced because you could probably sell it later, for virtually the same price that you bought it.
      • don't get blinded by the DAVE. On its own the DAVE will beat virtually everything, and when combined with Blu2/MScaler will beat everything. But bear in mind that all the recent chord desktop dacs (dave, hugo 2, qutest, will work with Blu2/MScaler) and so i assume the TT2 will also. There are posts on the DAVE/Blu2 threads about trials using the Hugo 2/Blu2/MScaler proving more enjoyable than DAVE on its own.
    • Don't think that i am trying to be negative. You could be spending a lot of money, so my aim is just to help you make an informed decision, and a demo is essential. Firstly that is a great price for the demo TT, so demo it plus a Mojo and a qutest, and then think about a timeline (short term and long term). Decide which would keep you happiest in the short term for the next say two years, and you can always worry about the long term in two years.
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  7. mozes
    My best advice is:
    Mojo now and Dave later. Used Daves always pop up here and then.
    If you want the best performance for the $, then get a H2.
    Just my $0.02
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  8. Accoustic
    I own the TT, Hugo2, Dave.
    Dave is a much better one. Also if you want dsd.
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  9. etnt
    Think about where you want to be eventually.

    If you are susceptible to upgraditis, then eventually you'll end up with the bludave and anything in between is going to be a waste of money.

    The demo price for the TT will reduce this wastage, but still, it'll only be temporary.
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  10. maxh22
    FYI, there is a Hugo TT going for $2,300 on the FS forum right now.

    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
  11. draytonklammer
    Just started using the Dave with the Focal Aria 936 loudspeakers.
    ****ing stunning, as if it weren't amazing enough with my Abyss.
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  12. DMck2000
    I'm actually looking into getting Dave later in the year and some new loudspeakers. How is the Aria 936 and how do they compare to the other Focal Loudspeakers (if you've heard the other Focals of course)?
  13. marcmccalmont
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  14. draytonklammer
    I personally preferred them to the 948 and every Totem in existence (yes, including their 14,000 dollar Element loudspeakers)
    Also preferred them to a couple Martin Logans and B&W's I tried.

    Fantastic, well balanced speakers. They feel like reference and if I close my eyes with the right recordings it's like I am there.
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  15. doraymon
    Pictures, pictures!
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