Chord Electronics 2Qute DAC announced

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ok-guy, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. elviscaprice
    Can't read a whole lot into your observations without some indication of your entire system. A simple flow chart in your signature would help. Are you adding any galvanic isolator to the Hugo 2 when you make this comparison?
  2. michaelvv
  3. miketlse
    Makes me wonder if you have recently read the new issue of HIFI News, because Mahler is the composer of the month.
  4. elviscaprice
    What is steaming to the DAC is more important, thus your flow chart above still doesn't help.

    Hugo 2, being mobile, does not have galvanic isolation. The 2Qute does.

    How clean of a stream with power and clocks can make a huge difference in SQ.
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  5. Music Alchemist
    If you use the optical input (which should electrically isolate the DAC), it doesn't matter, right?
  6. elviscaprice
    It would be a more fair comparison.
    Personally, I've always found USB done correct, sounds the best, plus more versatility in format playback, component choice.
  7. Music Alchemist
    Yes, some of the best network players (like the SOtM sMS-200ultra) do connect to the DAC via USB, so I know what you mean. (Though they use Ethernet etc. upstream.)

    It's a shame I got rid of my 2Qute before upgrading to floorstanding speakers. I'll probably do another speaker upgrade before getting either the Hugo 2 or 2Qute successor.
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  8. GraveNoX
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  9. Rob Watts
    Let's be clear about this - I have never said that replacing the SMPS supplied with 2 Qute will not make a difference in your system, as YMWV. I have said that 2 Qute is insensitive to the PSU, and this is true; when you hear an improvement it is because the amp is sensitive to the PSU not 2 Qute. A power amp that has very sophisticated RF filtering (like my power amps) is insensitive to local RF noise sources on the mains; unfortunately, most amps have no or inadequate RF filtering, and thus would be sensitive to any SMPS that is close to the amp. So again - YMWV depending upon the rest of the equipment 2 Qute is paired with.

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  10. michaelvv
    I have made my own system a lot like

    Streaming from a Laptop , ubuntu linux server 17.04 , squeezelite , LMS on the same system using USB.
    Running on a Linux realtime compiled kernel (4.11.x). All unnecessary programs/services is either stopped or removed.
    Files is on a quite powerful server and streaming is over SMB ( Samba).

    I have wrote my frontend in php, which communicate directly with the LMS. Have tried anything regards MPD but this setup
    is less resource hungry and gives me a better performance when streaming DSD.

    I have made a "stream from memory function", which moves the desired files from the Server (SMB) to Linux /dev/shm ramdisk.
    Then I can play from Ram/Memory which is the most optimal solution I know of.

    Next week I'll build a even more powerful computer 100% passive cooled, basen upon the Intel Kaby Lake i5-7600t 35watt TPD.

    The Linux realtime kernel ensures low latency..
  11. michaelvv
    No actually not. But I really like him as a composer, never get tied of him.
  12. michaelvv
    Fair enough. As long as it help a tube guy as I'm. Again we have all different setups, and this makes thinks very complicated.

    I also means that the 2qute is serving better in my setup than the Hugo2, and this should be completely insane.

    So the next DAC I'll try from Chord, can not afford the DAVE so no point in trying it, might be 3qute.
  13. claud W
    I installed 2Qute on Sunday afternoon and listened to it a bit on Monday. Sounded nice, about as good as my Modimultibyte. Listened again late yesterday afternoon and its now more resolving and more musical than Mimby. There is a definite break in period. Also I think it was designed to be left powered on all the time, or there would be a power switch. I am very pleased with this combo.
  14. michaelvv
    I have had mine on for 6 month. Sometimes I remember to switch it off, but mostly not.

    Mine with my LPS PSU , consumps exactly 6 watt , so it's not a big deal.
  15. paradoxper
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