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Chord Electronics 2Qute DAC announced

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ok-guy, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. OK-Guy
    The all new Chord Chordette 2Qute DAC announced at CES... details to follow
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  2. Zoop
    price at 995GBP according to what hi fi.
  3. hugoboss
    this is just what iam waiting for new cute series replacement
    hope it will beat hugo sq with not so far different price
    waiting for the review , cmon who ever got this in the first plz post your impression
  4. RoundRound
    I doubt it will be sonically better than the Hugo considering the Hugo TT isn't Sonically better (as far as I understand),
    But still, if it matched the Hugo's sounds for 30% less money that can only be a good thing!
  5. Dobrescu George
    would it not still need an amp?..
  6. RoundRound
    Though I'm using it mainly as a source in a proper Hifi setup so have a proper amp anyway.

    Just noticed the new cute doesn't have a volume control - so you'll need a preamp or an integrated, won't be able to just plug it into a poweramp...

    Unless you could control the volume through Jriver...?
  7. OK-Guy
    for those looking for a DAC to plug into the headphone/hi-fi set-ups the 2Qute fits the bill and is also a part of Chord's 'Chordette' range, hth
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  8. OK-Guy
    Chord 2Cute in Silver & Black at CES
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  9. Shini44
    the main question for me is, does it have same or downgraded or better SQ than the Hugo's DAC ?  i mainly used the Hugo as a DAC but sold it later, yet it was the best dac i ever had
    so if the 2Qute will have at least the same SQ then the world will be able to enjoy the epicness of that great dac for just nearly 1500$ . 

    waiting for impressions ^^ 
  10. dallan Contributor
    Does it have a battery or does it need to be plugged in? Looks like it has a digital optical input. Could use with the AK120 and portable amp maybe?
  11. CosmicHolyGhost
    I believe this product is fairly priced assuming this is targeting for people who only wish to use it as a DAC with their existing amps and having the desire for PSU upgrade. However, it was mentioned in the Hugo thread that the Hugo sounds its best without the use of pre-amp for 2ch setup. Without the pre-amp function of 2Qute, does it mean it would not sound as good as Hugo TT (using only its DAC function)?
  12. OK-Guy
    Head-Fi Update: Rob has told me he will answer any technical stuff about the Hugo-TT & 2Qute upon his return from CES next week... [​IMG]
  13. seeteeyou
    Quoting Ted Brady's post below:
    So i spent a nice time with Rob Watts and John Franks of Chord today. We talked about many things. Some highlights:

    * the TT and the 2Qute both have USB inputs that are galvanically isolated, with 2 picofarads separating/cutting the grounds.

    * because of this Rob now prefers the USB over the toslink as his favorite input (read: no more need to do things like use the Hugo sd USB input and the Olimex isolator)

    * unlike the HD and EX in the Qute series, the 2Qute now uses the same drivers and same chip (UAC2) as the Hugo, that allows driverless lLinux and OSX implementations

    * when I asked which of the new Hugo platforms would have better SQ John answered very Frankly (sorry, couldn't resist) that it depends on the setup....that those users like me who have little need for a headphone preamp or digital preamp function (i.e use their own preamp) that the SQ of the 2Qute will come very close to that of the TT. They are simply intended for two different audiences (TT adding a legit remote controlled-preamp amd headphone amp plus state of the art battery power using supercapacitors). Rob added that he worked some magic on the more robust ps in the 2Qute and doubted I would find better sound with an external linear like i did especially with the Qute HD.
    Two announcements I am allowed to make:

    1) Chord will have a Qute replacement/upgrade program for the 2Qute, but my feeling is that, like many upgrade programs, the Qute owner may rather find better dollars doing a sell, rebuy. Plus then one doesn't own a "hybrid" (new board, old case) a more difficult value prop for resale down the line.

    2) Chord has moved the QBD announcement until the Munich Show, when they will be ready to deliver this new generation of Rob's WTA filter technology. 

    Holy Cow, just add an Uptone Audio or Paul Hynes Linear Power Supply to 2Qute and that's basically a killer combo for such an incredible price range. A smoking deal for those of us who don't need the extra features.
  14. CosmicHolyGhost
    Thanks for the info.
    Add an oppo 103 + vanity hd board, we can also spin SACD via DoP over coaxial into the 2Qute. yummy [​IMG]
  15. OK-Guy
     Chord have received a 'Star of CES' from What HiFi... [​IMG]
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