Chord Electronics 2Qute DAC announced

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ok-guy, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. ttimon
    Any chance to see 2Qute 2 this year?

    Does anyone compare it to LKS 004?
  2. Arniesb
    I very much doubt. Its their tradition to present new gear at CES, so i think they gonna release new qute and hugo 2 tt... Now there is no talk because any news about these products comming up would destroy sales of present gear.
  3. elviscaprice
    As you can see the 2Qute was announced 1 year after the release of the Hugo @ CES. But, considering the Hugo 2 was delayed so long this year, it may not happen in January? Your guess is as good as mine.
  4. gad1
    I have a dream.....

    Had a chance to test a mojo with my 2 channel system. Liked what I heard. With a
    chord 3qute on the horizon I'm hoping for a thanksgiving day sale steal of a price for
    the 2qute. Best price new I've seen is $1,295. A sale price of $1,000 would be
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  5. claud W
    Got up this morning and decided to listen to some tunes on my computer system. Dug out some Sony IEMs I bought, but had not used yet. Cut on LC amp and plugged them in using a plug adapter. Crappiest Fuzziest sounds you ever heard. You could barely tell what song it was. Scared the everliving Schiit out of me !!!!!
    Pulled IEMs and plugged in ETHER Cs and it was not better. As an old audiophile of advanced years I remembered that a DAC is a computer of sorts, SOoooo I unplugged the 2Qute, counted to 10 and plugged it back in. End of scary story. Lovely music again.
  6. Arniesb
    Lol, good read. Thank god its up and running :D
  7. dawktah2
    I'm definitely in the market for a 2Qute 2 or 3Qute! Would adding balanced output make it a Dave Jr.?
  8. gad1
    3Qute might be close. lists 2Qute as " currently unavailable,
    don't know when or if this item will be available. " Hmmmmmmmm.
  9. dawktah2
    How many others are interested in the possible 2Qute 2/3Qute? I was thinking about starting an anticipation thread.
  10. michaelvv
    Think we're all are interested, at least I would buy It, 14 days money back returns in Denmark, evaluate it carefully,
    and hopefully find it a great upgrade ( from my 2Qute ).
    It's hopefully out before 2020, in the meantime I'm listening to my 2Qute...
  11. miketlse
    I think there are quite a few forum members interested in the successor to the 2Qute, plus the 2Qute (and Hugo) proved quite popular on the Naim forum as well.

    The 2Qute is based on the Chordette form factor, and was originally marketed as the Hugo dac internals + galvanic isolation - headphone output - volume control.
    I am assuming that 3Qute will be designed with the same philosophy, but based on the Hugo 2.
    I think Mojo ideas posted a few days ago, that after Poly and 2Go, the plan was to produce streamers for the other Chord dacs (several were listed, but I cannot find the post now). This probably means that 3Qute would not incorporate the components for streaming music, but I can visualise Chord producing a streamer within a Chordette form factor.
    Overall this covers everything that I anticipate for the 3Qute.
  12. elviscaprice
    No loss. For a desktop DAC, I don't anticipate many folks being interested in a Chord streamer. If their going to do so, just make sure it's a separate component. A mini Blu would be nice without the transport. I'm still hoping for a digitally controlled amp section on the 3Qute with remote. Be worth the extra cost. Otherwise everything else can remain the same with the new added Hugo 2 guts.
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  13. gad1
    The minimalist 2Qute feature set is perfect for my system.
    Recently there have been used 2Qutes selling around
    $835 usd; less than 1/2 the release date price with a not
    too distant further price slash due when the 3 is announced.
    Unless the 3 is a game changer, a 2Cheap 2Qute might
    be in my future.
  14. OctavianH
    Honestly 2Qute is perfect for me. I do not really know what they can do better. I guess I will wait until I decide to change something.
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  15. dawktah2
    Balanced output or is that not really what's it's chalked up to be? Some say output line volume is a little high at 3v?
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