Chord Electronics 2Qute DAC announced

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by ok-guy, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. soundkist
  2. Starcruncher
    3V being too much depends on your amp. The best thing to do is consult the manufacturer of your gear and ask if 3V is ok or not. I used 2Qute with iFi iCan Pro with no issues at all. iFi told me that the amp could handle 18V(!!) (I can't find my communication with them, but I believe that it was 18V.)
  3. gad1
    Greetings dreamers and schemers,

    Anyone enjoying software upsampling to 2Qute? If so,
    what software, what setting and what hardware?
  4. Deftone
    No need, let robs code do the heavy lifting.
  5. Music Alchemist
    Yes, in terms of fidelity, it's best to send bit-perfect data to Chord DACs. Upsampling on the software side will only mess things up since Chord already provides the most advanced upsampling available.

    With other DACs, HQPlayer is the best DSP player I've used. It does things similar to Chord (oversampling, noise shaping, etc.) but nowhere near as advanced. Unfortunately, its interface is atrocious and it's not cheap. Bug Head Emperor / Infinity Blade is a free alternative. (Which also has a cumbersome interface.)
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  6. panditji
    Hi, anyone found any difference in sound between using the 2Qute power supply wall wart or using the laptop's USB port to power it?
  7. Music Alchemist
    The only way to power the 2Qute is with an external power supply connected to an outlet. It doesn't even have an on/off switch.
  8. panditji
    If the wall wart plug is not attached, the 2Qute takes the power from the USB input... Wanted to know if there is a difference in sound when using either of the 2 sources..
  9. elviscaprice
    The 2Qute needs a 12V DC source to power up. Your thinking of the galvanic isolation which needs the 5V VBUS, which has nothing to do with powering the DAC itself.
  10. dawktah2
    Since the 2Qute doesn't have a power switch does it tolerate bring plugged into a switched outlet? Just curious. Also wondering whether it's replacement will have a switch?
  11. elviscaprice
    Why not? 2Qute receives power it's on, it doesn't, it's off. We haven't even been told there will be a 3Qute, so no idea about added possible future features. Pure speculation at this time until Chord/Rob confirm.
  12. iAudio365
    I just ordered a satin black chord 2qute today should be with me on Friday.

    The funny part is I just sold my Hugo 2 and essentially downgraded? Haha, but here’s the thing, I never used the filters on the hugo 2 and to my ears they didn’t make that much of a change to anything I was ever listening to, I never used the remote, I never used the amp as I have a Mcintosh MHA100 which is just amazing, I never used the pre outs and I hated those stupid gawdy glowing rubber balls whether they be on or off.

    I just cam to the realisation that most of what made up the Hugo 2 which added significant amounts to the cost I just never used and all I really ever needed was just a darn dac, no dac/amp combo with bells and whistles etc just a decent dac so a friend introduced me to the 2qute, I new they existed but never once looked into it as I fell on the hugo 2 hype train to fast and did not realise that for less than half the cost of a hugo 2 I could order one of these that did everything I needed so a local retailer gave me a very price and I jumped on it and I’m talking roughly just over a 500$ discount off retail.

    Now when I heard a 2qute for the first time I couldn’t tell the difference from the Hugo 2 apart from 2 key things, the sound stage if you want to call it that was wider on the 2qute and everytging seemed faster on the hugo 2 and thats it. These are just my very very initial impeasions that lead me to making my decission to dump the hugo 2 put some cash back in my pocket for other things whilst getting what I need out of a dac and still being in a position to have a beautifull chord product on my desk.

    Oh and the fact that it has a dedicated built in power supply was a big plus for me as well over the hugo 2 as essentially the hugo 2 battery is portable/rechargable which I don’t like as that gives it a lifespan in my opinion shorter than that of a 2qute.

    Anyway these are just my opinions take it for what it’s worth but I just don’t see the point in the hugo 2 tbh after finding out more about the 2qute unless your gonna use all its features or just love the asthetic of plastic glowing balls it just seems like a waste to me in comparison looking at price to performance.

    I’m looking forward at pairing it with my Mcintosh MHA100 I really cant wait :)
  13. iAudio365
    Can anyone tell me if I will have access to Windows 10 Spatial settings when plugging a 2qute into my pc when I get it? I use dolby atmos for headphones when I game.

    When I plugged my mcintosh mha100 into my pc via usb I lost all access to the spatial settings and couldn’t use dolby atmos as it wouldn’t even show up. Does it work with 2qute can someone tell me please?
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
  14. Music Alchemist
    Which retail price are you referring to? It was originally $1,795 in the US and is currently ~$1,345. In the UK it seems to have always been £995, which is roughly $1,300.

    Thanks for sharing your impressions, however brief they may be.

    May I ask which equipment you used in the comparison? (You don't have it listed on your profile or signature.)

    The 2Qute has an external power supply. (The included wall wart.)

    Most of us are interested in the Hugo 2 due to the advances in digital technology that Rob Watts has made. (Such as nearly twice as many taps, which relate to timing accuracy and the precision of the interpolation filter.) Some of us want to wait until the 2Qute successor with Hugo 2 tech comes out.

    I am torn between them because I like the ability to drive headphones directly from Chord DAC/amps (owned the Mojo twice in addition to the 2Qute) as well as use them as digital preamps for speakers. (They can even drive sensitive passive speakers with the right cable, though I haven't tried that.)

    Were you using a bit-perfect output mode (such as ASIO, WASAPI, or KS) with the DAC that didn't work?

    Since (I think) this is a Windows setting, you'll probably need to use DS (DirectSound; the Windows default) instead.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
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  15. iAudio365
    Were you using a bit-perfect output mode (such as ASIO, WASAPI, or KS) with the DAC that didn't work?

    Since (I think) this is a Windows setting, you'll probably need to use DS (DirectSound; the Windows default) instead.[/QUOTE]

    Hi mate, no I don't use any audio programs I stream directly from Google Play Music app on my pc.

    The MHA100 has a built in dac but for some reason I can't use the Windows 10 Spatial settings, dolby atmos doesn't even show up and Windows Sonic for Headphone surround 7.1 will not work it just says "something went wrong when trying to turn on spatial sound" when I try to apply/enable it.

    It's like it detects my amp as a speaker system when the McIntosh MHA100 is a headphone amp with built in dac, it works fine and music plays and sounds great but for gaming where I use the Windows 10 spatial settings it will not work for dolby atmos or surround sound like my hugo 2 did etc.
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