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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. daveathall
    I bought a Mojo yesterday ago, it is fabulous, I never bought a Poly at the same time because they didn't have them in stock. I would really love one but I am a dinosaur when it comes to setting things up over wifi etc, if it is simple, which seems the norm now, I have no problems, attach to ones home wifi, enter password and that seems to be it. I really am having second thoughts about buying one of these (not cheap)devices. There seems to be so many problems it is untrue. When I first started looking at this thread, I noticed that I had started reading posts that had be submitted over a year ago, but problems still abound. I really want one of these but it looks like I will pass.
  2. jldevo
    I’d go for a poly if it fits your use case. I’ve had mine since day 1 and it’s perfect. Recent software improvements have helped tremendously. What is your use case?
  3. jldevo
    I’ve just signed up to the amazon hd 90 day free trial. Listening to Tangerine Dream-Phaedra via mojopoly. Sublime
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  4. daveathall
    Thank you, I don't understand "use case" I love music and subscribe to Tidal and Qobuz, I, like you have started a free trial with Amazon and concur, it's fabulous. I always have music with me, being retired, I now have more time to spend on this wonderful but never ending hobby.
  5. jldevo
    By use case, I mean how do you wish to use the mojopoly? At home or away from home. Via pc, iOS or android phone?
  6. ZappaMan
    Maybe you can buy it online, then you have a 14 day refund period if you get stuck during setup.
  7. Matt Bartlett
    Thanks for the link. I've been running Radio Paradise all day now and it has been ok. Mind you I am using Gofigure for iOS but that shouldn't make any difference as the radio player is in Poly and not in Gofigure. Does Gofigure show you have a strong WiFi connection? I know you mentioned that it isn't a connection problem but the majority of internet radio issues are due to some sort of internet connectivity or station availability issue.

    By the way I forgot to ask what Android phone and Android OS version you are using as I would like to check this saving radio stations issue.
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  8. Yourmomm
    Yes wireless connection strong, (happens when sitting a metre from the router), but same inconsistent radio sration connection problem also happens when on the road, using phone as hotspot and mobile data. Last night, (on wireless), I was trying for hours to get paradise through gofigure, without success. The closest I got was being able to hear it intermittently connect, play for about 4 seconds, then disconnect again. Meanwhile bbc radio 4fm through gofigure was fine. This morning, (same location, same wireless connection), radio paradise connected first time through gofigure, with no issues, whatsoever. As I say, its hit and miss.

    Phone is a samsung note 8 (SM-N950F), android version 9, baseband version N950FXXS70DG1, Kernel Version 4.4.111-16168780 Build Number PPR1.180610.011.N950FXXS7DSH1
  9. Mightygrey
    Hey Poly-crew, day #1 Poly owner checking-in here hoping to find some assistance from anyone who may have experienced similar troubles to me.

    I went to turn on my Poly today - the light blinked and then went solid-blue (as per usual) when it found my wifi network, but then went completely black for about ten/fifteen seconds, and then continued to blink / turn solid blue repeatedly ad nauseum. While the blue light is on, I'm unable to connect with it via bluetooth or GoFigure, and no voice / status is audible when the 'config' is pressed.

    Any leads or suggestions? I'm absolutely stumped. Battery is definitely charged.
  10. daveathall
    Ahh, got ya. It would be mainly at home but enough time away to justify the price, I would be using it at home in conjunction with a Mac Book pro as the core for Roon, away from home using a Samsung Galaxy S10+.
  11. Yourmomm
    Ok I think i'm making progress. Gofigure wouldnt pickup radio paradise again tonight...it occurred to me that whenever this specific problem happens, it only seemed happen to radio stations I have attempted (unsuccessfully) to add...when the new station is added, and an attempt is then made to try to play it, gofigure instead plays whatever WAS playing successfully, most recently; either the most recent (preconfigured) radio station, or even the most recent sd card track (even if mconnect isnt running, which is weird). So it seems that when gofigure has something in the cache, it seems to be interfering with the recognition/streaming/adding of added stations but NOT the preconfigured ones.

    Anyhow, so I cleared the cache by resetting everything, including phone, and hey presto! Radio paradise works first time again on startup, and seems to be remembered in the added stations list (so far). So this seems possibly related to the "inability of gofigure to remember added radio stations" problem.

    Whether concidence or not, and whether I've found a workaround by resetting everything every time I want to add a new radio station, I'll have to wait to see....(all I know is that resetting poly/mojo, and their connection with my phone had no effects on their own, or together...my phone needed resetting too).

    Hope that's helpful in tracking the problem.
  12. jldevo
    My experience with mojopoly is with using an iPhone 8+ And sd card/ streaming from phone. I know android phones and mojopoly work well but are a little bit more complicated. I’m sure there are many people on this forum with experience with android phones that can advise and help your journey.
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  13. daveathall
    Thank you very much, I have just ordered one, will arrive on Tuesday. Really appreciate your help and encouragement.
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  14. jarnopp
    Roon has been fantastic for me with Poly from day one, and I’ve had it since launch. (I know some others have had Roon issues). That use case alone can can justify Poly if you want to move about the house while listening.
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  15. captblaze
    I have taken advantage of the 2 month trial included with my Poly purchase. When it expires I will convert to lifetime. It will stop any further Audio purchases until after the new year, but im good with it. now I wait till my UERR are repaired and my #2 portable rig will be reunited
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