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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Matt Bartlett
    Fair enough. I should say that in order to make just an SD card player then we would still have needed some sort of wireless connection for control. WiFi is still the best way of doing this when you have very large numbers of tracks stored on an SD card. Our only other option would have been to add buttons and a display which would have added a different layer of complexity. I accept in your case you don't need everything that Poly has to offer but it does give it a lot of flexibility that many people have found they didn't think they would need until they started using it.
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  2. GreenBow
    Yeah, I'd use a phone for control.

    An example of why I would only use SD-card with Poly. I have a DAP and some BT capable AKG N5005. I could use the headphones wirelessly, but I never do. I don't even use my N5005 with my DAP, I use my cheaper wired N40.

    There is the possibility of using other functions of the Poly. Like a while ago I realised I could stream BT from my DAP to Hugo 2. (I loved the wire-free experience for the short time I used it.) However I noticed the drop in sound quality compared to USB into the Hugo 2.

    If I bought a Poly, yes I could stream redbook to Poly/Mojo from PC or phone. The convenience of no wires is amazing. However why would I when I have the Hugo 2? I will use Hugo 2 for better sound quality, because it is a lot better than Mojo. I will only ever use a Poly for out of the home, and not very often. I only need its SD-card function with Mojo on rare occasions. The reason for that is because most of the time I will use my DAP. The reason for that is because often there is no point using a Mojo, like when walking along a main road. (I go for walks a lot.)

    Under noisy conditions I have found that Mojo vs DAP has no sound advantage. You can only hear the thick of the sound, and less of the detail when it's noisy. Secondly Mojo/poly is expensive to lose. Thirdly battery life on Mojo/Poly is a lot less than my DAP.

    The only time I would take Mojo/Poly is if I were going somewhere quiet. I think Mojo sound quality is worth it though, even for minimal use. (By a lucky twist of fate, I already ended up with a Mojo/Poly Chord made hard case. Funny though, it only says Mojo on it, and the word Poly is missing. Might have been an off print, or an early one.)
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
  3. headmanPL
    I also have this problem. I've not been able to add any URLs to Poly. How should this be done?
  4. Yourmomm
    Ok. Got mine working passably now, but still struggling with minor issues...one of them is this URL issue...I can now enter new URL's into gofigure's "launch radio" function, and get them to play, (although not 100% of the time, sometimes it randomly just doesnt work), but they are never stored and saved, which means re-entering them, every time I use them...annoying, but not the end of the world. @headmanPL, I found that sometimes gofigure just wont let you do it, but if you exit, and reconnect to poly, launch radio, then wait for all the presaved radio stations to load and show up, then cut and paste a new url, name the station, then press "add station", then press play, it eventually works....it just takes some fiddling, and a lot of repetition, if you want to log off at any point...

    Had some niggles with hotspotting whilst out on the road today (away from wifi) but eventually got these sorted in phone settings (via separate "enable wifi sharing" option on android hotspotting setup). Also have an sd card problem, whereby gofigure says "there were no playlists found on sd card", on an sd card filled with music. Had to go around again, using mconnect, which is clunky, but works.

    Now, I have tidal and sd card music up and running, both at home and on the road, and both via mconnect (neither work, via gofigure). I have internet radio at home, and on the road, via gofigure, with above url problems and workaround noted.

    Overall, now I've got through the trauma of setting the thing up, I'm happy. The sound quality is great through my open ether flows, (actually sounds much better on these headphones, than my uber expensive eddie current zana deux super amp does, although the zds still wins by a long shot with my hd800's), and the niggles which remain, although annoying, can be worked around.

    Next step, when I have the energy, is to try to figure out how to store and play offline radio content (can do this already with tidal), and get roon sorted...

    Overall, my advice is, notwithstanding the niggles, (and the price), if you've got the right headphones, this is definitely worth buying :)

    Any recommendations for other client apps than mconnect, (particularly for internet radio) would be much appreciated!
  5. Srgyoel
    Is there a way that i can play a movie on my pc and stream the audio over wifi to my mojo+poly, the same quastion goes for the computer audio output in general so that mojo+poly will become in a sense a soundcard over wifi?
  6. Matt Bartlett
    Hi. On the Gofigure launch radio function we are not seeing the issue you have. However once you have entered the new radio station details and hit save you do need to exit the radio page in Gofigure and go back in again to refresh the radio station list (you don't need to close Gofigure though). I'll see if this can be made more intuitive.
    If you have an example of a radio station that does not play then let me know and I would be happy to check it here to see if I can find out why.
    Chord Electronics Stay updated on Chord Electronics at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/chordelectronics https://twitter.com/chordaudio http://www.chordelectronics.co.uk/
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  7. miketlse
    You need to create playlists, and save them to the SD card, before gofigure can play them. Having the music files on the SD card, is not enough on its own. Try cantata for creating playlists, but there are a few other apps also mentioned on this thread as well.
  8. joshnor713
    Thanks Chord for making my KSE1200 manageable :heart:
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  9. captblaze
    very nice rig... what (in your opinion) does the KSE add to the stack?
  10. joshnor713
    You mean the KSE's amp? Just the ability to run the earphones. Doesn't add any sound effect to the stack.
  11. captblaze
    the earphones also... never had the opportunity to give a listen
  12. joshnor713
    Oh, okay. I think the Mojo is a fab pairing with the KSE. It's an electrostat, so leans on neutrality (some may call sterile or cold). The Mojo adds slight warmth that it benefits from (in my opinion) and musicality, and makes the upper treble slightly less sharp (which I can be sensitive to).
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
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  13. captblaze
    thanks... I have a similar pairing with my UERR (neutral) and Mojo/Poly although not electrostatic. I do think the synergy for my ears is spot on although it will someday get a listen to that particular set. thanks again I can feel my wallet trying to hide in my pocket as I type
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  14. CyHifiMan
    While on the subject of SD cards and the such, I need your expertise on the different players particularly neuron.
    I've recently repurposed an old Samsung Note 4 phone to use as a DAP, instead of my iphone, for both Mo-Poly and
    my *other* DAC.

    First of all I have to state that, with the latest update, if you have a solid wifi network or use your phone as a hotspot
    then the experience is indeed very good both ios and android.

    ** Anyway, to my question. **

    I have installed both BubblePNP and Neutron. I have used Neutron to play from the in-phone SD card to the other DAC
    and BubblePNP to play from poly to mojo.

    Yesterday I've decided to run a test installing a wifi traffic monitor on the phone. I've played songs from Poly to Mojo with
    the BPnP and as expected I only saw residual traffic both uplink and downlink of only a few kbps. When setting up
    Neutron and played songs to the from poly to mojo the traffic was in the region of >1.5 Mbps both uplink and in the
    downlink. I've run the test several times trying to figure out if any setting was causing this but couldn't figure out if
    any was relevant.

    Any ideas as to what is causing this or this is the standard?
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  15. Yourmomm
    Radio Paradise regularly doesn't play, I'm using flac stream:


    But the same problem occurs on all paradise streams. Sometimes, even some of the prepopulated bbc radio stations dont play (6 music is particularly hit and miss), at the very same session that others, do play (so not a connection problem). Usually restarting gofigure (sometimes a few times) solves the problem., but not always. I've been paradise-less all night, tonight, and remain so.

    Also, not a single radio station can be permanently added on my setup. When new radio stations are added, they show up in gofigure list (sometimes playing, sometimes refusing to), but as soon as you leave the gofigure radio page, they fail to repopulate, and have to be added again.
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